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Hello son,
It's been fun emailing back and forth with Fiona, she sent us a great pic of you sitting on the shoulders of your comp by the Christmas tree. It's always great to get pics (hint, hint!) How was your week, they are just flying by! You are right about change, that's how we grow and progress is by changing and moving forward. Sounds like a great area, do you have a harder time with people wanting to listen because you are in a wealthier area? Still doing lots of walking? It the pic Fiona sent your shoes look pretty well worn, are they going to last the next 5 or so months? We are glad you have things to talk about when you come home we are excited to hear them, I think, unless it's scary things! I think we have the veil over our minds to kind of maybe protect us and test us, if we have the answers we won't learn or try. Hopefully this experience for you has been wonderful, I'm sure difficult at times but hope that the good far out weigh the bad. The lives you have helped and changed for the better, that in its self is incredible. Face looks good, very many break outs, it's probably used to the humidity so it's doing better! Love that face!!! Do you find in your mission more men or women are willing to listen and except the gospel or is it about equal? In your new area are you getting fed by members or yourselves? Weather looks like it's getting colder. We just got dumped on last night, thick really heavy snow. Back East it has brought everything to a stand still. Everything closed, it's the blizzard of 2016 in places like Washington and over that way. I asked dad last night if you would still know how to drive when you come home, he said it's like riding a bike, you will pick it back up easily. Hard to believe in just a couple of months some of the boys your age that left early will be coming home. Great group of kids, exciting times ahead for you all. Be safe keep Grinning face with smiling eyes and know how much we love you and appreciate you and what you are doingFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss. " If we stay within the lines God has marked, he will protect us, and we can arrive safely at our destination." Keep plugging away and have an incredible new week!Heavy black heartHeavy black heart live you much, mama

Hello Caden 
This week was pretty chill, the first three days i was in Vegas for work, mom stayed home to watch babies and perform her activities day calling, four of us drove down Monday night after the sales meeting, we ate at a Thai restaurant in St. George it was delicious. Tuesday we did the International builders show all day and took A couple customers out for lunch and dinner. Wednesday we toured a manufacturing plant, we are looking into making wall panels in our shop for framing houses. We got home Wednesday night around eight then mom and I grabbed some subway. Thursday mom and I went to Zuppas then chilled around the house. Friday we had a wedding reception for some kids in our YSA ward then we grabbed dinner at Chili's. I went sledding for a couple hours Saturday morning with Dave Doty up at the Cabin, Pat had a group of young women up, we were off the mountain by eleven, pretty good snow this year, I miss not riding with you. Saturday afternoon mom and I worked on our remodel project, like we do fairly regularly these days. The shower is now gone (lots of concrete and dust getting it out) Sunday was our YSA ward conference and then we met at Jensens for 3rd Sunday (it's 4th Sunday but they were in Panama last week) 
Thinking bout the veil thought you mentioned, I'd say the main reason the veil is placed over our eyes is because "life's a test" and without the veil, it would be like having all the answers. Plus I think that the harder we work for something the more we appreciate it. Like a testimony, when we work for it, it becomes a treasured gift and becomes stronger!  
Hope you have a great week, we sure appreciate the blessings we all receive from your service! Keep up the great work 
Love you!!
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Fiona is a great lady! sorry we should send some today! this week, well this transfer has flown by! I love change now! I love the area and no everyone still listens it is great! we walk sometimes and my shoes will last for sure! and there are only a few scary ones haha, but not like super scary moreso funny! and cool Spiritual ones:) i agree we have the fail to protect and test us I like that! of course this has been great and the great far outweigh the bad, the bad are only there if you focus on them! face is doing better it has been nice and cold so less sweat!!! and it is about equal men and women and we get fed quite a bit it is super nice I love SongShan!!! so great! it snowed here for the first time ever on the flat lands, sooooooo cooooooool so fun! first time a ton of people have ever seen snow! I bet it is nuts over there! and driving will come back I feel like! haha! griff will be home in about three! so nuts! I love that! love ya momma! have a great week! keep plugging away! love ya! 

hey pops! how was vegas? thai food for the win! we eat in on every exchange here soooooo goooooood! framing nice! subway good stuff! I actually know the guy who's dad made the zuppas menu! he is in the same zone as me! wow that is an early end to a sledding day! sounds like the winter has been a good one! and dont worry we will ride together soon haha! hope that Jensens was fun! I really like that! it helps us appreciate the knowledge we have gained! I like that! this weeks homework! what is one of your favorite scriptures, mom you too! love you both!
this past week was great! here it is!  super great week here in Song Shan! It started out great with a baptism! Ariel, she was so prepared and we are so grateful for the missionaries in Arizona who taught her, it has been super cool to see her keep progressing and bring her mom along with her! That same day we also got to find a new LA to meet with who has only been less active for a little bit and feels ready to come back and bring her son with her! This week we also got the joy of going on exchanges with the Assistants! we love them! Me and Elder Johnson had a blast finding and I learned a few new ways to contact! super fun! On Saturday we had the opportunity to do some baptismal interviews for Neihu and Xizhi, I went to the Xizhi interviews and we had a member who was willing to split with us all day and go with Elder Liston to Neihu, such a blessing! and the two interviews I got to do were for incredible ladies! They were both referrals from their children, it was awesome to hear their stories as they went from opposing their children's baptism, to eventually becoming converted themselves, they were both people that were very thoroughly taught about repentance and the Spirit was strong as they shared stories of overcoming commandment problems and as they discussed desire to continue to overcome questions! We got to see lots of people be strong this week, including an older Sister Miao, despite the fact that it snowed for the first time in Taiwan and was the coldest day in the last 40 years, she was willing to hop on her bike and bike to church with us! such a cool thing to see! the Lord is helping us see miracles this week! we also got to do so more service by helping one of our bishopric members move into his new house! We absolutely love their family! this week has been incredible and we look forward to all this next week will bring! super fun one, we also had great interviews! I love it out here! love you all have a great week and stay awesome! 

love ya! 



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