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Hello handsome,
Great letter last week! All your letters are great and it is so nice to hear from you weekly! I'm so thankful I don't have to wait for weeks for a letter, letters from missionaries have come a long way. It's nice that members are feeding you, do you like it when they do or do you get weird food. Crazy when you hear that some people have never seen snow, kinda like some people never ever see the ocean. Did everything come to a stand still because of the snow? Was there enough for them to play in or shovel? Speaking of snow we got quite a bit yesterday, it started snowing around 1030am and pretty much snowed all day, about 7 or 8 inches. Now it is pretty cold so the trees are holding on to the snow so everything is all white. So glad to hear you love the area and that people are willing to listen. We ran into joe wirthlins mom and sis last night. He is doing great she said, but Germany is a tough place. Freezing cold and no baptisms. Today is drew huffmans farewell, dad conducts so we can't go but we will go over and visit tonight. Olivia money's farewell today also, didn't go but I bet she nailed it. Looks like you are going to get some sun this week, do you miss seeing the sun often? As to your question, I dont have favs but I would have to say I do love in Matthew, and Luke how we talk about the journey and birth of the savior. Of the wise men and the star, it all just gives me goosebumps and gets me teary eyed. Such an amazing story. I think of Mary and Joseph and the faith they had to have and the love and trust. Can't imagine as a mother watching your son be persecuted and crucified. What is yours and why? Is it hard to find ways to contact? Pretty cool to get referrals from children, does that happen often? Reading through your letter again and it sounds like the week was just outstanding and I hope this week is the same. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!!! We sure love you, stay happy and healthy and let us know how we can help. Be safe, love you much mama "Send a knee mail, when you send an instant message to Heavenly Father he is always there." Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)  sorry for all the same pics of the trees I didn't think it sent so I sent them again. Sorry, still trying to figure Out technology!

Hi Caden
Hope you had a great week, snow in Taiwan last week, that's nuts! We had quite a bit this weekend, it was snowing Saturday so we opted not to go sledding because of bad roads and visibility, no need to roll another trailer haha 
My week was pretty busy, Monday through Wednesday I had a business roundtable with  lumber folks from all over  the country, I had to go to dinner with them them Monday to "Texas de Brazil" and Tuesday to "The Roof" on top of Joseph smith building, good eats but I missed not having mom along. Wednesday after we finished up the meetings we took the group sledding, rented sleds from strawberry bay marina and did the warming hut loop on groomed roads, good times Smiling face with smiling eyes
After snowmobiling Wednesday I got home in time for  mom and me to pick up some Jimmy Johns. Thursday we went out to brick oven for the feast for two meal. Friday we chilled here at home, mom fixed that chicken stuffing casserole, we watched the movie "night and day".
Saturday grandpa and I worked on the office/family room project most the day then mom and I went shopping and then home for dinner and a marvel avengers movie. 
I conduct in church the next few Sunday's, this week's subject is temple work and attendance, the new Provo city temple sure has awakened many people's awareness, the open house goes till march, we walk through it this week. 
You asked about a favorite scripture, I'd go with Alma 32, I really appreciate and enjoy the discussion of faith, makes clear the reason we are here.

We saw tons of people this week that said to say "hi" to you, Wirthlins, Terry's, Donners, Clydes, Watkins, Youngs, Huffmans  are a few I remember talking with.
Hope things are going well, we are doing great! Thanks for all your hard work, we can feel the blessings Smiling face with smiling eyes
Love ya
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momma! glad to hear my letters arent too boring or too long! I love it when they feed us, I am pretty used to the food:) and we get to have fun with the members so it is great I love it! it is so funny when all of these people were like bringing the snow home and stuff I thought it was awesome!!!!! there was some it random places nothing too crazy but yeah they could make mini snow men, but that is it! that sounds super nice! snow snow snow that is so fun! such a great place! I bet Joe is doing awesome! and man, I hope that reputation changes! I bet Drew and Olivia both will nail it! I love the cloudy weather so it is all good, but sun will be cool! I like that that is a great story! and you all know that I love proverbs but also Mosiah 4 talks a ton about service and that chapter helped me out a ton in Junior high! a ton!!! but yeah! and no contacting is fun and just I love it ha! little kid referrals are super nice because they can come through english class such a good finding tool! this week was soo nuts! so good! ha it isn't me that is for sure it is all Him!!! I really like that quote, it is like a joke and a cool quote all at the same time! and pics are great:) no matter how many! love ya mama! 

pops! super great week! crazy with snow! rolling that trailer was nuts! lumber folks, sounds fun haha! sounds like good eats and a good trail ride ha! sounds fun! sounds like you had great eats all week! how is the avengers movie? so pumped to hear about that temple! that is a ton of people I say hi back! I love them all! hope they are doing well! I really like the discussion on faith too we read it in scripture study class this week! what do you think is the reason that it defines clearly? I am interested to hear your outlook, man I am realizing you and I are going to have some real good talks when I get back, you down? I have a lot to learn from both of you! and stories to hear and share! love you all! love you dad thank you for all you do! things are great here! glad that you are being blessed, love you! 

ok so before I tell you my week I need to have us all start to think of some things, me and Elder Liston got to talk about this last night, I really got to think clearly about careers, I dont want to be an anesthetist I really got to think about it and honestly I have three that I have really been running through my head, Architecture, Contracting, or Teaching, I know these are random and you may think that I am crazy and super wishy washy and changing, but I actually got to think about things that I like and I think that these would all be some thing I would like, I know there are definitely pros and cons to all especially the teaching one, but they are all also things that the U has good programs for, so then here comes the fun part! we get to start signing up for college and picking classes!!! yaaaaay! (there is a little sarcasm in that) the preference days are coming up, so if you could start researching that for me, that would be awesome! because I will not have any time to really think about any of this, but I just wanted to let you both know! I trust you both, if you have any opinions or suggestions I am open to hear, I love you both very much thank you for being such great examples for me! 

now here was my week :) This week has been unreal!!! There were so many incredible things that happened this past week, but the awesome part about it was we got a ton of service opportunities this week, we got to help an LA package candy she was giving out for the New Year, we got to set up chairs, tables, and food for 30000 homeless people, and we got to clean out our church's library with an LA. The service was awesome and all of them lead to great teaching opportunities! at the candy packaging, we got to meet her husband who usually doesn't like people visiting, but we got to talk to him for a little bit and next thing you know everyone was smiling! at the Homeless Party we got to meet a couple of the other volunteers, and they felt like our best friends by the end and were they are now awesome referrals, and then we got to hear what has actually been on an LA's mind and spend time with him, and even better a member showed up to help us! such an incredible week! We also got to attend some big meetings! the worldwide training was awesome! we were excited to receive training from such great leaders and we are stoked to use the things have learned, especially when it comes to relying more on the Spirit! This week we also got to go to the Stake Patriarch's mother's funeral, and we got to sing in a choir, that was a very spiritual experience, everyone really loved that lady and you could feel it for sure. We also felt like we got to give out a little love this week as we met an LA who has been really sick, we were able to talk with him and let him know that God still loves him, it was cool, as well as on the way home on the MRT(subway) we got to talk to another lady who just hadn't been treated very nice in life, it was cool to see her face light up as she was treated like a daughter of God. This week has been insane, incredible, and full of the Spirit! We are so happy to see the work continuing to look upward in the entire mission! and the connection with our ward has become so tight! This work is incredible, and we are excited to keep working to be Captained by Christ!  love you! talk to you soon!


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