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On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 7:01 AM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Hello handsome,
Great letter last week! All your letters are great and it is so nice to hear from you weekly! I'm so thankful I don't have to wait for weeks for a letter, letters from missionaries have come a long way. It's nice that members are feeding you, do you like it when they do or do you get weird food. Crazy when you hear that some people have never seen snow, kinda like some people never ever see the ocean. Did everything come to a stand still because of the snow? Was there enough for them to play in or shovel? Speaking of snow we got quite a bit yesterday, it started snowing around 1030am and pretty much snowed all day, about 7 or 8 inches. Now it is pretty cold so the trees are holding on to the snow so everything is all white. So glad to hear you love the area and that people are willing to listen. We ran into joe wirthlins mom and sis last night. He is doing great she said, but Germany is a tough place. Freezing cold and no baptisms. Today is drew huffmans farewell, dad conducts so we can't go but we will go over and visit tonight. Olivia money's farewell today also, didn't go but I bet she nailed it. Looks like you are going to get some sun this week, do you miss seeing the sun often? As to your question, I dont have favs but I would have to say I do love in Matthew, and Luke how we talk about the journey and birth of the savior. Of the wise men and the star, it all just gives me goosebumps and gets me teary eyed. Such an amazing story. I think of Mary and Joseph and the faith they had to have and the love and trust. Can't imagine as a mother watching your son be persecuted and crucified. What is yours and why? Is it hard to find ways to contact? Pretty cool to get referrals from children, does that happen often? Reading through your letter again and it sounds like the week was just outstanding and I hope this week is the same. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!!! We sure love you, stay happy and healthy and let us know how we can help. Be safe, love you much mama "Send a knee mail, when you send an instant message to Heavenly Father he is always there." Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)  sorry for all the same pics of the trees I didn't think it sent so I sent them again. Sorry, still trying to figure Out technology!

Hi Caden
Hope you had a great week, snow in Taiwan last week, that's nuts! We had quite a bit this weekend, it was snowing Saturday so we opted not to go sledding because of bad roads and visibility, no need to roll another trailer haha 
My week was pretty busy, Monday through Wednesday I had a business roundtable with  lumber folks from all over  the country, I had to go to dinner with them them Monday to "Texas de Brazil" and Tuesday to "The Roof" on top of Joseph smith building, good eats but I missed not having mom along. Wednesday after we finished up the meetings we took the group sledding, rented sleds from strawberry bay marina and did the warming hut loop on groomed roads, good times Smiling face with smiling eyes
After snowmobiling Wednesday I got home in time for  mom and me to pick up some Jimmy Johns. Thursday we went out to brick oven for the feast for two meal. Friday we chilled here at home, mom fixed that chicken stuffing casserole, we watched the movie "night and day".
Saturday grandpa and I worked on the office/family room project most the day then mom and I went shopping and then home for dinner and a marvel avengers movie. 
I conduct in church the next few Sunday's, this week's subject is temple work and attendance, the new Provo city temple sure has awakened many people's awareness, the open house goes till march, we walk through it this week. 
You asked about a favorite scripture, I'd go with Alma 32, I really appreciate and enjoy the discussion of faith, makes clear the reason we are here.

We saw tons of people this week that said to say "hi" to you, Wirthlins, Terry's, Donners, Clydes, Watkins, Youngs, Huffmans  are a few I remember talking with.
Hope things are going well, we are doing great! Thanks for all your hard work, we can feel the blessings Smiling face with smiling eyes
Love ya
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momma! glad to hear my letters arent too boring or too long! I love it when they feed us, I am pretty used to the food:) and we get to have fun with the members so it is great I love it! it is so funny when all of these people were like bringing the snow home and stuff I thought it was awesome!!!!! there was some it random places nothing too crazy but yeah they could make mini snow men, but that is it! that sounds super nice! snow snow snow that is so fun! such a great place! I bet Joe is doing awesome! and man, I hope that reputation changes! I bet Drew and Olivia both will nail it! I love the cloudy weather so it is all good, but sun will be cool! I like that that is a great story! and you all know that I love proverbs but also Mosiah 4 talks a ton about service and that chapter helped me out a ton in Junior high! a ton!!! but yeah! and no contacting is fun and just I love it ha! little kid referrals are super nice because they can come through english class such a good finding tool! this week was soo nuts! so good! ha it isn't me that is for sure it is all Him!!! I really like that quote, it is like a joke and a cool quote all at the same time! and pics are great:) no matter how many! love ya mama! 

pops! super great week! crazy with snow! rolling that trailer was nuts! lumber folks, sounds fun haha! sounds like good eats and a good trail ride ha! sounds fun! sounds like you had great eats all week! how is the avengers movie? so pumped to hear about that temple! that is a ton of people I say hi back! I love them all! hope they are doing well! I really like the discussion on faith too we read it in scripture study class this week! what do you think is the reason that it defines clearly? I am interested to hear your outlook, man I am realizing you and I are going to have some real good talks when I get back, you down? I have a lot to learn from both of you! and stories to hear and share! love you all! love you dad thank you for all you do! things are great here! glad that you are being blessed, love you! 

ok so before I tell you my week I need to have us all start to think of some things, me and Elder Liston got to talk about this last night, I really got to think clearly about careers, I dont want to be an anesthetist I really got to think about it and honestly I have three that I have really been running through my head, Architecture, Contracting, or Teaching, I know these are random and you may think that I am crazy and super wishy washy and changing, but I actually got to think about things that I like and I think that these would all be some thing I would like, I know there are definitely pros and cons to all especially the teaching one, but they are all also things that the U has good programs for, so then here comes the fun part! we get to start signing up for college and picking classes!!! yaaaaay! (there is a little sarcasm in that) the preference days are coming up, so if you could start researching that for me, that would be awesome! because I will not have any time to really think about any of this, but I just wanted to let you both know! I trust you both, if you have any opinions or suggestions I am open to hear, I love you both very much thank you for being such great examples for me! 

now here was my week :) This week has been unreal!!! There were so many incredible things that happened this past week, but the awesome part about it was we got a ton of service opportunities this week, we got to help an LA package candy she was giving out for the New Year, we got to set up chairs, tables, and food for 30000 homeless people, and we got to clean out our church's library with an LA. The service was awesome and all of them lead to great teaching opportunities! at the candy packaging, we got to meet her husband who usually doesn't like people visiting, but we got to talk to him for a little bit and next thing you know everyone was smiling! at the Homeless Party we got to meet a couple of the other volunteers, and they felt like our best friends by the end and were they are now awesome referrals, and then we got to hear what has actually been on an LA's mind and spend time with him, and even better a member showed up to help us! such an incredible week! We also got to attend some big meetings! the worldwide training was awesome! we were excited to receive training from such great leaders and we are stoked to use the things have learned, especially when it comes to relying more on the Spirit! This week we also got to go to the Stake Patriarch's mother's funeral, and we got to sing in a choir, that was a very spiritual experience, everyone really loved that lady and you could feel it for sure. We also felt like we got to give out a little love this week as we met an LA who has been really sick, we were able to talk with him and let him know that God still loves him, it was cool, as well as on the way home on the MRT(subway) we got to talk to another lady who just hadn't been treated very nice in life, it was cool to see her face light up as she was treated like a daughter of God. This week has been insane, incredible, and full of the Spirit! We are so happy to see the work continuing to look upward in the entire mission! and the connection with our ward has become so tight! This work is incredible, and we are excited to keep working to be Captained by Christ!  love you! talk to you soon!


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On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 6:20 AM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Hello son,
It's been fun emailing back and forth with Fiona, she sent us a great pic of you sitting on the shoulders of your comp by the Christmas tree. It's always great to get pics (hint, hint!) How was your week, they are just flying by! You are right about change, that's how we grow and progress is by changing and moving forward. Sounds like a great area, do you have a harder time with people wanting to listen because you are in a wealthier area? Still doing lots of walking? It the pic Fiona sent your shoes look pretty well worn, are they going to last the next 5 or so months? We are glad you have things to talk about when you come home we are excited to hear them, I think, unless it's scary things! I think we have the veil over our minds to kind of maybe protect us and test us, if we have the answers we won't learn or try. Hopefully this experience for you has been wonderful, I'm sure difficult at times but hope that the good far out weigh the bad. The lives you have helped and changed for the better, that in its self is incredible. Face looks good, very many break outs, it's probably used to the humidity so it's doing better! Love that face!!! Do you find in your mission more men or women are willing to listen and except the gospel or is it about equal? In your new area are you getting fed by members or yourselves? Weather looks like it's getting colder. We just got dumped on last night, thick really heavy snow. Back East it has brought everything to a stand still. Everything closed, it's the blizzard of 2016 in places like Washington and over that way. I asked dad last night if you would still know how to drive when you come home, he said it's like riding a bike, you will pick it back up easily. Hard to believe in just a couple of months some of the boys your age that left early will be coming home. Great group of kids, exciting times ahead for you all. Be safe keep Grinning face with smiling eyes and know how much we love you and appreciate you and what you are doingFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss. " If we stay within the lines God has marked, he will protect us, and we can arrive safely at our destination." Keep plugging away and have an incredible new week!Heavy black heartHeavy black heart live you much, mama

Hello Caden 
This week was pretty chill, the first three days i was in Vegas for work, mom stayed home to watch babies and perform her activities day calling, four of us drove down Monday night after the sales meeting, we ate at a Thai restaurant in St. George it was delicious. Tuesday we did the International builders show all day and took A couple customers out for lunch and dinner. Wednesday we toured a manufacturing plant, we are looking into making wall panels in our shop for framing houses. We got home Wednesday night around eight then mom and I grabbed some subway. Thursday mom and I went to Zuppas then chilled around the house. Friday we had a wedding reception for some kids in our YSA ward then we grabbed dinner at Chili's. I went sledding for a couple hours Saturday morning with Dave Doty up at the Cabin, Pat had a group of young women up, we were off the mountain by eleven, pretty good snow this year, I miss not riding with you. Saturday afternoon mom and I worked on our remodel project, like we do fairly regularly these days. The shower is now gone (lots of concrete and dust getting it out) Sunday was our YSA ward conference and then we met at Jensens for 3rd Sunday (it's 4th Sunday but they were in Panama last week) 
Thinking bout the veil thought you mentioned, I'd say the main reason the veil is placed over our eyes is because "life's a test" and without the veil, it would be like having all the answers. Plus I think that the harder we work for something the more we appreciate it. Like a testimony, when we work for it, it becomes a treasured gift and becomes stronger!  
Hope you have a great week, we sure appreciate the blessings we all receive from your service! Keep up the great work 
Love you!!
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Fiona is a great lady! sorry we should send some today! this week, well this transfer has flown by! I love change now! I love the area and no everyone still listens it is great! we walk sometimes and my shoes will last for sure! and there are only a few scary ones haha, but not like super scary moreso funny! and cool Spiritual ones:) i agree we have the fail to protect and test us I like that! of course this has been great and the great far outweigh the bad, the bad are only there if you focus on them! face is doing better it has been nice and cold so less sweat!!! and it is about equal men and women and we get fed quite a bit it is super nice I love SongShan!!! so great! it snowed here for the first time ever on the flat lands, sooooooo cooooooool so fun! first time a ton of people have ever seen snow! I bet it is nuts over there! and driving will come back I feel like! haha! griff will be home in about three! so nuts! I love that! love ya momma! have a great week! keep plugging away! love ya! 

hey pops! how was vegas? thai food for the win! we eat in on every exchange here soooooo goooooood! framing nice! subway good stuff! I actually know the guy who's dad made the zuppas menu! he is in the same zone as me! wow that is an early end to a sledding day! sounds like the winter has been a good one! and dont worry we will ride together soon haha! hope that Jensens was fun! I really like that! it helps us appreciate the knowledge we have gained! I like that! this weeks homework! what is one of your favorite scriptures, mom you too! love you both!
this past week was great! here it is!  super great week here in Song Shan! It started out great with a baptism! Ariel, she was so prepared and we are so grateful for the missionaries in Arizona who taught her, it has been super cool to see her keep progressing and bring her mom along with her! That same day we also got to find a new LA to meet with who has only been less active for a little bit and feels ready to come back and bring her son with her! This week we also got the joy of going on exchanges with the Assistants! we love them! Me and Elder Johnson had a blast finding and I learned a few new ways to contact! super fun! On Saturday we had the opportunity to do some baptismal interviews for Neihu and Xizhi, I went to the Xizhi interviews and we had a member who was willing to split with us all day and go with Elder Liston to Neihu, such a blessing! and the two interviews I got to do were for incredible ladies! They were both referrals from their children, it was awesome to hear their stories as they went from opposing their children's baptism, to eventually becoming converted themselves, they were both people that were very thoroughly taught about repentance and the Spirit was strong as they shared stories of overcoming commandment problems and as they discussed desire to continue to overcome questions! We got to see lots of people be strong this week, including an older Sister Miao, despite the fact that it snowed for the first time in Taiwan and was the coldest day in the last 40 years, she was willing to hop on her bike and bike to church with us! such a cool thing to see! the Lord is helping us see miracles this week! we also got to do so more service by helping one of our bishopric members move into his new house! We absolutely love their family! this week has been incredible and we look forward to all this next week will bring! super fun one, we also had great interviews! I love it out here! love you all have a great week and stay awesome! 

love ya! 



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On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 4:06 AM, CRAIG JENSEN <jensencraig1@msn.com> wrote:
Hello son,
I sent you the email I sent Fiona so you could see if it was alright, thanks for that opportunity. How are ya doin? I loved your finding nemo reference, everyday we need to just keep swimming and focus on the good, positive and happy of this world! That's cool that the two of you went out to visit that man, stuff like that means a lot to people and builds great bonds with one another, especially when it's done out of love and not expectation. I watched a little seminar on how to build trust in people and that was one of the things that they said, not always the big things but the little unexpected things that builds that bond of trust, job well done Elder Jensen. Sounds like the stake is doing great and that all of you are working together to make it a strong and great place where people know they are welcomed and loved. To answer your homework, why do we teach people to repent, it's like saying I'm sorry when you have wronged someone. Usually you feel bad and want to right your wrong so asking for forgiveness is showing respect and love and that you have done the steps and are ready to forgive and move on. It kind of goes with the trust thing I said I listened to it's a must so you can enjoy and value everyday and progress. Saying your sorry and moving on and not committing the sin again is vital to progression. Sorry probably doesn't make sense. Homework for you, not that you don't have enough to do but, how has seeing how other people live the gospel or their religion helped you in your mission, and when you come home. I hope you look at everyday as a new day to grow and learn, I'm trying to and it's not always easy but worth it right. Hope everything is well and is there anything you need? Anyway we can help or any one specific who needs our prayers, of course you and your comp, we always pray for that. We will be sending a package this week for valentines and Easter, any requests? Have a great pday and week and stay safe and smilin, love you more than you can imagine son!Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss " thoughts lead to acts, acts lead to habits, habits lead to character- and our character will lead to our Eternal destiny." Thumbs up sign🏻 just keep swimming! Xoxo mom

Hi Caden
Hope you had a good week it's been a little less hectic here at home.. Monday we had family night, we played faith and fear factor with the YSA ward. I almost threw up eating chicken applesauce baby food. Tuesday and Wednesday night we worked on our office/family room project, we're still in the demolition phase. Thursday we took a break and went to dinner to Chili's and just hung out. Friday was crazy busy at work with meetings, then we took some customers skiing up to Sundance it was pretty good fun. Tons of new snow, worked muscles I'd forgotten about. That night mom and I went to dinner to Shoots, that Chinese restaurant we've told you about, it was really good. Saturday I got up pretty early to work on a presentation I have to give to all of Clyde companies Wasatch front sales teams. and then we worked on the office/family room project for a while, then dinner at Sakura. 
In my presentation I'm talking about the Pareto principle and the purpose  an elevator pitch, the Pareto principle is the 80/20 rule where 20% of your efforts usually account for 80% of results, this principle can be found in many areas of our lives. Understanding it helps me focus on what's important. The elevator pitch is like a quick definition or explanation of what we are about, this also helps keep focus in both personal and professional settings. 
To your question on teaching repentance, I think it's about sharing a reason and opportunity to change for the better. Most people, no matter their religion want to become better, repentance provides that vehicle. Often we get caught up in the confession portion of repentance, I believe that the 3 most important parts are: making changes that improve our lives (moving away from sin), forgiveness of ourselves and others, and most importantly the atonement (providing justice in the process)
Life here on earth is pretty cool when you think about it, so many great things to learn and enjoy, I'm so happy that you are enjoying the mission and learning lots. Have a great week!

Love you

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thank you! has she emailed you back? I am doing great! true that just keep going happily! you have to do the small things because the small things are the things no one sees but really matter! the stake is going to grow so fast! I love that quote and thank you for the answer to the homework, and I think it is cool to teach repentance because you give people a chance to feel the Spirit in their lives! you give them a chance to change which is one of the only ways to have joy! I think that seeing people live their religion or the gospel has just made me realize how much more important it actually is! it just gives me a desire to come home and visit all LA's in the ward, study everyday, go out with the missionaries and just never stop working for the Lord! I am very excited to have a calling and really just work my hardest to help out those who I am responsible for helping and for the chance to do more missionary work, even if it is with members! no requests! I love you all! you are so good to me thank you! and thank you for teaching me all you have! I love growing every day! you are doing a great job! I love you much! have a great week also you can pray for nicole lee, her parents oppose a little! but they are awesome! I got to talk to her mom! I love this work! have a great week mama! and something to think about this week: why do we have the Veil over our minds! love you! talk to you soon! 

pops! solid little less stress on ya! haha! I almost threw up two years ago at the one we did in our ward! but I bet I could do better now, haha! I bet the demolition phase is fun, just make sure you dont hit out supporting walls haha! sounds like a fun time and sundance! this years snow has been pretty great it sounds like! I am pumped to go to this shoots place! good luck with the presentation! praying for ya! you are just eating asian food all the time haha! we have totally been focusing on both of those things in our mission which is super awesome! we have been working on effectiveness so that the other 80 percent of our time can be used better, and we are focusing on the cloud bridge bang method of finding! super fun! I really like that! give them a reason to get excited about it! I agree with all of that! thank you very much pops! love you man!!! but yeah life here is incredible, we thought about that a lot this week, and boy have I got some things to talk to you about when i get home! love you pops! thank you for all you have taught me! keep learning keep being a missionary and know that I love you both so much! anything I can do to help yall? love ya!
here was my week! What a great week it has been again here in SongShan! It all started out with a great district meeting out in Yilan, Elder Clawson trained on finding as if it was your family and the Spirit was really strong it was cool to think about the different things we would do with family members than we do with people on the street! We then got to see awesome changes in our finding and teaching and awesome changes in our investigators and LA's. One of our LA's had a real big change of heart and he decided that in the new year he needed to be a more Spiritual person, so he has decided to study and pray more, attend church more and is taking a class on how to control his emotions! such a big change, then one investigator couple was able to meet the bishops wife, we took her over to teach with us, and she went off, she managed to teach them just about everything but did it in such a simple and powerful way that they accepted it, and started to progress! members are the best!!! We then got to see an english class miracle, as a new student we found on the street set up his family to meet with us! finally this weekend we were out with a member to visit an LA, who ended up not being home, for some reason this week we had been feeling like we should go to this place a little further away and this member had a car, so we decided to head out there, two of the three people out there weren't home and the last one we had to go into a gated community to talk to, the member told us that the security probably would not let us in, but we went and asked, they called him and he let us in!!! such a miracle! he has been a member for about 32 years, used to live in Logan, has the Melchizedek Priesthood and has only been LA for about 4 years, since he moved to this new house! he quickly became good friends with the member and was willing to set up a time for us to come visit him and his family! We really were blessed to take part in all phases of missionary work this week, and we saw miracles!!!  this week was awesome and to wrap it all up, this morning we had a great study on the Plan of Salvation, we can truly say that we learned a whole lot today, such a miracle, God has such perfect knowledge, and He has set us up for success!  love you talk to you soon! be safe and be happy and remember He didn't set us up to fail, He set us up to become like Him. love you! 


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Hello son,
Just heading over to Beccas welcome home, excited to hear her speak. Hope you have had a great week and a productive one as well. How have you been feeling, any colds or allergies? I know you said sometimes you have digestive issues. How are the glasses holding up and have you noticed much of a change in your prescription. Any wearing of the contacts yet? Don't wear them if it to much hassle, just do what works best. Back from the welcome home, she did excellent! So fun to hear of her experiences and to know you are having some similar onesThumbs up sign🏻Smiling Face with Halo. She said one of her favorite things there was the rice fields and talked about how they need water in the beginning and then they drain the fields. She talked about how much effort and care and work it takes to plant the rice ,take care of the rice, then I guess it's called thrush the rice. She compared it to life and growing spiritually, and even though it takes a lot of work in so many different areas, to not give up and to meet our spiritual growth.  Sister Snyder says hello and asked how you are doing , every time we see her she cries a little and is so glad  you are doing so great. At Beccas welcome home there was a mother there of Maddie Giles, sister Giles  comes home in two months she thinks you may know her. You are in a picture with her and Becca, she was companions with Becca for a little bit. So fun to meet these mothers and hear of their children's experiences, knowing you are having similar ones. The temple is beautiful, ready for people to start going through it. We are trying to get tickets. It is one of the most beautiful I hear. We had a fireside on it for our Ysa ward. They showed us what went into building it, pretty amazing architecture with all they had to fix. We got to meet the president and his wife who are in charge of seeing it get built. Can't wait to go through it. The outside and gazebo and yardwork is amazing as well, it's beautiful. I'm excited for you to get to share in your last Chinese new year, hope you enjoy it and it's a great one! So glad to hear last week was such a great week for you, and that you come out of these M LC meetings even more focused and even more ready to do the Lords work. So grateful for the experiences we get to share with you even if it is just through an email. We sure love you and appreciate your sacrifice and love of this true gospel. Please take good care of yourself keep happy and smiling we will talk again next week love you so much son, love mommaFace throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)
" If you fail remember to never give up because f.a.i.l means "first attempt in learning." End is not the end, in fact e.n.d means "effort never dies." If you get no as an answer, remember no means, " next opportunity." Enjoy 2016 with a positive attitudeWinking face

Hi Caden
Crazy busy week here at home, seems like just yesterday we were wrapping up the holidays, and now it's middle of January. Unfortunately we didn't have Roman candle wars on news years eve, just young kids holding them towards the sky.
We started this past week with FHE, the discussion was goals and resolutions, interesting idea brought up was Dobehave. I thought it was some sort of drug slang, but it's  "Do" "Be" and "Have".. When I think about what we want to have in life it's a pretty cool slogan, plus it's cool to say. Tuesday we tinkered around the house and watched this seasons first American idol episode. Wednesday we had a way cool institute opening social for our YSA members, we had the Provo city temple construction missionaries give us a report on the tabernacle to temple process. Very interesting and entertaining. Thursday we again tinkered on the house (you'll hear this quite often over the next few months as we make changes) Friday we had a bishopric party at Bertlesens. Saturday Dave Morrey and I went sledding up sheep creek, pretty good ride, best sheep creek ride since you left... Came home in time to work around the house and watch the grandkids why Katie and Dave went out.
Sunday is a busy day, becca woods homecoming, (sister Maddie Childs mom was there, we shared pics etc..)  I had bishopric and ward council meetings, Lincoln was blessed at 1 so we went to their sacrament meeting, then back to the YSA ward, then a YSA Fireside at Olivases, and then family visits  (gma gpa Jensen are on a  Panama cruise, so we won't see them for a couple weeks)
Anyhow that was our past week, good times overall!
We sure love you bro! Time has flown by because we all "Do Good, Be happy, and hope to Have eternal life"
Have a great week


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hey momma! hope Becca killed it! I am sure she did! this week was awesome! and other than sneezing every morning I am good! haha! and digestive stuff happens haha! the glasses are doing great, and not a major change, and I have decided that this is a contact transfer I have been using contacts a lot it is nice actually! I bet she did great! that is super cool, I have never really served in a rice place haha sorry! that is an awesome object lesson though!!! I love that! Hi Sister Snyder! I am doing great how are you? I definitely know Sister Giles, she was in the MTC with me and has served in some of the places I have she is a champ! so pumped to hear how the temple is I bet that was an awesome fireside! that is so awesome! so pumped for guonian!!! it is coming so fast! this past transfer has been flying! it is already half over! such a great experience to be trained by such great leaders so cool! I love them all and know they are called of God! love you momma thank you for your testimony! and also remember to just enjoy the little things in life! love ya! I love that quote! that is positivity right there! love it! love ya momma! Thank you:)

pops! crazy how fast it went but oh man that means we have to have wars on the 24th of july!!! sounds like a great FHE! I like that idea, also I thought you should know how much your awesome little sayings have helped me on my mission by the way, I will show you one that we used this week in just a sec! I like that thanks pops! oh man TV that is nuts so long ago ha! such a cool fireside I am so stoked for that temple! such a miracle!!! I saw the pic that is nuts! what all are you doing?! solid little party fun! and yeah for sledding!!! haha! that is fun! Link is blessed good! so cool! olivases? they are in it too? hope that they have fun in Panama! sounds like a great week! love ya pops! I like that one too! you both are full of great quotes! love you all here was my week!  this week was absolutely incredible! it started out with an incredible zone meeting! the Sister Training Leaders in the zone had such an excellent training on the Cloud, Bridge, Bang, effective finding, and on Repentance! it really gave everyone a really big desire to go out and ask inspired questions and get to work!!! This week in zone meeting we also got to focus on using members effectively and within just a week ward relations throughout the whole zone have increased! the Lord is blessing the East Stake!!! we especially saw miracles with this in our area, on saturday we spent most of the day on splits with different members and it was awesome to see them really get involved with our investigators instead of just playing a passive role! it also led to quite a few investigators coming to church and already having people ready to take care of them there! such a miracle! 
This week also included some very special visits with some of our investigators, one of them who is in the hospital seeing as he just had nose surgery! we went and biked a little ways to see him, and when we got their he was so touched by the fact that we would take time to go see him, we are excited to see him progress, there was such a cool Spirit in the room as we all just discussed life and how the gospel has blessed us! 
Lastly me and Elder Liston had the opportunity to study repentance a lot this past week, we also got to think about how to really help ourselves and other stay fired up! when we thought about repentance we realized that in order to help our investigators have experiences with the Atonement we need to give them a chance to see one, do one, and teach one. Which means we need to give them an opportunity to see us change daily! but then we also realized that in order to have the fire, we just need to stop thinking about not having the fire, we really just need to go to work, we realized that as we focus on planning and strictly on our investigators then do we get the fire! it was awesome! we love this so much! super fun week! love you both thank you for everything! just remember to just keep swimming! alright this weeks homework: how do you teach someone why we need to repent, we are open to all sort of suggestions! love you all have a great week talk to you next week! also mom this is an RC out it Taoyuan, her English is ok, and I think she would love it if you emailed her! she is so cool! if you call me Jensen she will know! you can email her fiona@minlan.com.tw ! love you all! her name is fiona you, I helped teach her son ryan and her husband kenny! love you all! 



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Hi Caden
So we were writing you a letter tonight and when I went to copy and paste into an email... I lost the whole thing.. Sometimes technology is cool, other times it just makes me angry and embarrassed Unamused face
We had a pretty good holiday week, Monday we had the YSA ward over for family night, crazy that we have so many people (25+) in our home, we played cranium and had ice cream birthday cake. Tuesday we did a little after Christmas shopping and visited with the Mitchell's, Wednesday we did a Costco run and chilled at home. Thursday for New Year's Eve we hung at gma gpa jensen said, Roman candles were pretty cool. We had bought some that had over 150 shots per candle, they lasted forever Smiling face with open mouth New Year's Day we went to the cabin, my folks sure are enjoying their new Polaris ranger with tracks, they had gone up earlier in the week and warmed things up and stuff. We'll send pics.. Saturday we had a pretty good ride and sledding time with Jensen. That night mom and I went to dinner at la dolce vita and then watched Forrest Gump. And wrote you letters (twice! Cuz I'm such a dork.) I've got a full day of church meetings Sunday, so we wrote you on Saturday night this week..
You asked about quick ideas to tell someone why the gospel is important. I think one solid example or proof of the importance of our religion is "by the fruits you will know them" the track record of the LDS church is amazing! Another biggy is the answer to the questions, where did we come, from why are we here, where are we going.. Plan of salvation explanations are very important!.. Another key element is the Book of Mormon and the importance of another witness of Jesus Christ and the atonement! I guess that is how I would spend my 10 minutes. Sharing testimony etc..
Hope you have a great week, looking forward to your letter. Love ya bro
Keep up the great work!!

> Happy new year!  hello son, hope your holidays have been wonderful. When do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? It's a big deal right. How is the area treating you guys? Good to hear that great things happened through the holidays for you. Dad was just teasing on the Syd thing, we don't care. Lots of amazing young ladies out there, you will find a wonderful one. As to your question, I think a testimony is a good starter, then maybe a spiritual personal experience or a story from the scriptures. I think your countenance says a lot and the way you act that can teach and speak volumes. Hard to believe that the holidays are here and gone, time to get busy on the house and tearing things apart. It will be nice to have the extra room in the family room. Everyone is hanging in there and keeping busy. Jake starts nursing school this week. It will be nice to get it done and get a job to provide for his family. Cool to hear that you are able to do some knocking, how come this area works better for that? Fun to have a little change. I just want you to know that I have a testimony of this wonderful gospel and I am so very thankful for my saviors attonement. I love my family and all the blessing bestowed upon us, some or should I say many because of your service. Stay happy, safe and obedient! We sure love you son!!! If you need anything please let us know how we can help. "If you want to find happiness, find gratitude." This one is for you "sing daily at least ten minutes,reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture and helps you live longer." Love you muchHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kiss have a wonderful and prayerful week. Keep up the great planning sessions and be willing to adjust to change if things don't go the way you planned. I'm sure you know that, that's what missionaries do right. Sparkling heartSparkling heart
> Love you!
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sorry big guy that is no fun! I just kinda did that, but i repasted haha! sounded like a solid week! after Christmas shopping haha! what does that include? costco!!! fun roman candles! i bet that was interesting! any wars? I bet that ranger is super slick! I bet jensen loved that too! forrest gump nice! haha! hope the meeting goes well! jiayou! love you big guy! thank you for the ideas those will definitely go to use! this week will be great love you big guy! 

mama! happy new year to both of you! they have been absolutely incredible! new year is in february! such a big deal and the area is great! and I know dont worry! I like those suggestions thank you so much! I am so excited to see this room! and also the temple is almost done! so cool! so sick that he starts! so cool! and I love knocking it is because there are more houses! it is nice! thank you for that testimony! I know those things too and am so thankful for a great family who cherishes that! love you all and am thankful for the unity and love we share! those are awesome quotes haha! love you momma!
here was my week!  what a great week this past week! one of the biggest miracles was a referral we got from mesa AZ her name is Ariel Zhuang, she got to stay at a members house in America for a school year and their family values surprised her, she realized she wanted that and then she started going to church and she loved it! We went to visit her we got their and she all but cried, she said she had been praying and that her prayer had been answered, she then said "This is the best Christmas present ever!" later on we got to go visit her and proceeded to not only set a baptismal date with her, but with her mother as well who then came with us to the fireside on Sunday night! such a miracle! this week we also got to split with some of our members and see incredible miracles, we went to visit three LA's in a little further place because our member could drive so we went out and two of the three answered and were super excited to see us, it also helped us develop better relationships with our members! This week has honestly been incredible! last but not least was this weeks MLC, such big changes are going to start happening in missionary work and I am so excited that I get to see it! we are super excited to develop a model proselyting area, and to teach, with the Spirit, repentance and baptize converts! Me and Elder Liston both left on Friday with a huge desire to improve and with such a Spirit of fire to do it! such a great week! This week we feel like we are really starting to not only understand that the vision is possible but also how to most effectively achieve it! so solid! love you all! 



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Hi bro
What an awesome week! We are so thankful for the technology that allowed us to see and talk with you on Christmas. Looks like you are doing everything right! And being blessed for it. White washing can be pretty cool right? And it looks like the area is way chill.
We've had a good week here at home, we have sent pictures that show parts of the good times.  Sunday night was our family Christmas with the 11 of us, good times opening presents and making pretzels. Monday for FHE was ice skating, Tuesday we did a little more shopping and hung with the kids a bit.. Wednesday we delivered friend gifts (pretzels and muddy buddies) Thursday we (Pat, Dave, Michael, grandpa, and I) went sledding up to sheep creek before the Christmas Eve events. A pretty good day except Michael was riding Daves old orange rev and it started on fire, we think he'd left the break on.. I rode double with him most of the day.. Christmas was pretty chill, highlight was your call, we sure enjoyed that, next time we will get the grandparents on with us, they were both sad we didn't share you with them, after your call we spent Christmas Eve at jensens then opened presents with dotys and grandparents Christmas morning, pretty small group of 7 of us. Later that day we met with rodens for dinner and present exchange - good times! Saturday we (pat, Dave,  grandpa, brad Ross and I) rode sheepcreek, finally enough snow to really enjoy the ride. (Top 25 type of ride) that night we chilled here at home. we are considering a little house remodel by combining the family room and kids office.. we worked on that a little bit, emptied the game closet and drew a few concepts.. Sunday we are going to the home ward because the YSA all meet together during the holidays. We sure are proud of you, mom shared a pic of us taking with you on social media and the comments of love and support from followers is Amazing! Everyone says how cool you are and how they are so excited for who you are what you are doing with your life! Good stuff bro!! Love and miss you!
Take care
> Caden I can't even tell you how great it was to so that face of yours, and smile! You look great and happy. You are doing great things and it shows in your countenance, what a blessing. I do talk to the missionaries and wave to them on the street. We have even fed the sister missionaries from our YSA ward. I am very aware and kind to them, I was before you left but even more so now that you are out. Crazy Christmas is here and done, getting ready to take it all down, and ready to get all my grand babies back, miss them. Sounds like you are excited to white wash this new area you are in. Sounds like a challenge, especially where it is a wealthier area. How was all the food you ate the day we talked to ya, sounds like you were going to eat well! I'm with ya on how music can really bring in the holiday as well as the spirit! It works both ways, it can also take the spirit away with the wrong kind. You know I love music, I get things done faster and better when I have back ground music, I think we are both that way. I'm so thankful that you have a great and motivated comp and that you are similar, cause I know you are a great and hard worker, so two like that is twice as good! Excited to hear how it goes in this new area. Does it get as much rain as the other areas you have been in. Great to watch the few mins of the Christmas video the presidents wife posted. Saw you singing, once again musicThumbs up signHope your week has been full of great opportunities and experiences. We are keeping busy here, we have a work trip to Vegas in January and then a rewards trip for work to Hawaii in February. Before you know it it will be March, Easter. Then just a few months we hear from you again on the phone. I love you being a missionary but I'm also glad that time has gone some what fast. I know it's going fast for you, but you are doing such an incredible job, and you are such a great example and missionaryBlack heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)️! Be safe and we are thinking of you and praying that great things can come in this new area!! Your comp sounds awesome and it was so nice to meet him. Tell him thank you for his service and for all he is doing? Same to you bub! Have a fab week, xoxoFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss. Hope you had the best Christmas and here's to a great new and wonderful new yearClapping hands sign🏻. I just realized I didn't send s quote last week, sorry. Here's two to make up for it."because of all the individual uniquenesses in all the world, be mindful that there are gifts that only you can give." And "He was the perfect gift from our loving Heavenly Father." Love you much, take careFace throwing a kiss love mommaSparkling heart
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so awesome! not quite everything but we are trying! and I love whitewashing! this is my fourth time haha! the area is great! looks like it was a super great week! iceskating! oh man, we might do that soon here:) we made muddy buddies for members here too! and we are gonna make more for this ward this week! such a sick sledding day! that stinks! but sounds like fun! and there is only one more call haha! that is fun the normal Christmas, that is awesome! everyone was probably happy! pumped to see the remodel! that will be sick! haha people are too nice to me! love you big guy! question this week, how do you think is a good way to help people feel the importance of the gospel in under ten minutes? hope you can answer that! love ya pops! 

momma! of course I am happy! haha! that is awesome! I hope that when I get home I can help them out! or at least the ward! that will be fun that you get to watch them! so pumped for this area! the food was great! we also got to give a blessing that day which was great! Christmas and Christmas Eve were full of miracles! so cool! one guy I knew from a past area got baptized on Christmas which was awesome! and yeah music so good! and yes this is super fun to be with Elder Liston! still rains haha! this week has been great! so nuts how fast that will all go! tht sounds like a fun couple of trips for ya though! thank you your prayers are felt! he says thank you! :)love ya momma! great quotes! and here is something I found out this week! the shepherds came to Christ because they needed to pay respects to the Master Shepherd! love you ! 

here is my week! what a week this week has been! First off we had the incredible Mission Conference there were so many Spiritual experiences there! A very special one to me was when we got to go off and do our own dedicatory prayers, it was really cool because about a year and a half ago, I went to the exact same spot and said a dedicatory prayer, and it was cool to reflect on the changes within myself from that time to now, and then to look forward! This week we also got to meet with the Stake President which was super helpful it was cool to know that he had a lot of the same vision that we were having! We have also found that our ward is awesome!!! there is support from the ward and they have tons of fire to do missionary work, we just need to figure out how to direct the fire so we can get tons of stuff done! This morning we were specifically pondering on how to hit the mission standards of excellence and we feel like we really received some revelation that gave us faith and will help us be more effective! we have found that we honestly just need to make sure that we are planning better, so we are going to make it so that every monday we are going to make some specific plans for our area for the next week! This past week we also got to see tons of miracles with knocking! it has been interesting because I have not knocked a lot of doors on my mission but this past week we just felt like we should do it! one night on exchanges with Elder Liao, we went up to a road and the second door let us in! we taught him, then we were able to knock all of his neighbors, we knocked about four of them and two of them said we could come back another day!!! then on Sunday we were going out to find LA's and while one of us would find the next address the other would continue to knock on the LA's neighbors doors, that night we were let in and had a man accept a baptismal invite and set up for another time to meet with the Neihu Elders! we are very excited for this upcoming week, it is going to be full of work and we are so excited to continue to listen so we know the Lord wants us to do it!  have a great week love you all! talk to you soon! and mom same question for you as dad! love you! remember who is in charge:)