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Hello son,
I sent you the email I sent Fiona so you could see if it was alright, thanks for that opportunity. How are ya doin? I loved your finding nemo reference, everyday we need to just keep swimming and focus on the good, positive and happy of this world! That's cool that the two of you went out to visit that man, stuff like that means a lot to people and builds great bonds with one another, especially when it's done out of love and not expectation. I watched a little seminar on how to build trust in people and that was one of the things that they said, not always the big things but the little unexpected things that builds that bond of trust, job well done Elder Jensen. Sounds like the stake is doing great and that all of you are working together to make it a strong and great place where people know they are welcomed and loved. To answer your homework, why do we teach people to repent, it's like saying I'm sorry when you have wronged someone. Usually you feel bad and want to right your wrong so asking for forgiveness is showing respect and love and that you have done the steps and are ready to forgive and move on. It kind of goes with the trust thing I said I listened to it's a must so you can enjoy and value everyday and progress. Saying your sorry and moving on and not committing the sin again is vital to progression. Sorry probably doesn't make sense. Homework for you, not that you don't have enough to do but, how has seeing how other people live the gospel or their religion helped you in your mission, and when you come home. I hope you look at everyday as a new day to grow and learn, I'm trying to and it's not always easy but worth it right. Hope everything is well and is there anything you need? Anyway we can help or any one specific who needs our prayers, of course you and your comp, we always pray for that. We will be sending a package this week for valentines and Easter, any requests? Have a great pday and week and stay safe and smilin, love you more than you can imagine son!Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss " thoughts lead to acts, acts lead to habits, habits lead to character- and our character will lead to our Eternal destiny." Thumbs up sign🏻 just keep swimming! Xoxo mom

Hi Caden
Hope you had a good week it's been a little less hectic here at home.. Monday we had family night, we played faith and fear factor with the YSA ward. I almost threw up eating chicken applesauce baby food. Tuesday and Wednesday night we worked on our office/family room project, we're still in the demolition phase. Thursday we took a break and went to dinner to Chili's and just hung out. Friday was crazy busy at work with meetings, then we took some customers skiing up to Sundance it was pretty good fun. Tons of new snow, worked muscles I'd forgotten about. That night mom and I went to dinner to Shoots, that Chinese restaurant we've told you about, it was really good. Saturday I got up pretty early to work on a presentation I have to give to all of Clyde companies Wasatch front sales teams. and then we worked on the office/family room project for a while, then dinner at Sakura. 
In my presentation I'm talking about the Pareto principle and the purpose  an elevator pitch, the Pareto principle is the 80/20 rule where 20% of your efforts usually account for 80% of results, this principle can be found in many areas of our lives. Understanding it helps me focus on what's important. The elevator pitch is like a quick definition or explanation of what we are about, this also helps keep focus in both personal and professional settings. 
To your question on teaching repentance, I think it's about sharing a reason and opportunity to change for the better. Most people, no matter their religion want to become better, repentance provides that vehicle. Often we get caught up in the confession portion of repentance, I believe that the 3 most important parts are: making changes that improve our lives (moving away from sin), forgiveness of ourselves and others, and most importantly the atonement (providing justice in the process)
Life here on earth is pretty cool when you think about it, so many great things to learn and enjoy, I'm so happy that you are enjoying the mission and learning lots. Have a great week!

Love you

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thank you! has she emailed you back? I am doing great! true that just keep going happily! you have to do the small things because the small things are the things no one sees but really matter! the stake is going to grow so fast! I love that quote and thank you for the answer to the homework, and I think it is cool to teach repentance because you give people a chance to feel the Spirit in their lives! you give them a chance to change which is one of the only ways to have joy! I think that seeing people live their religion or the gospel has just made me realize how much more important it actually is! it just gives me a desire to come home and visit all LA's in the ward, study everyday, go out with the missionaries and just never stop working for the Lord! I am very excited to have a calling and really just work my hardest to help out those who I am responsible for helping and for the chance to do more missionary work, even if it is with members! no requests! I love you all! you are so good to me thank you! and thank you for teaching me all you have! I love growing every day! you are doing a great job! I love you much! have a great week also you can pray for nicole lee, her parents oppose a little! but they are awesome! I got to talk to her mom! I love this work! have a great week mama! and something to think about this week: why do we have the Veil over our minds! love you! talk to you soon! 

pops! solid little less stress on ya! haha! I almost threw up two years ago at the one we did in our ward! but I bet I could do better now, haha! I bet the demolition phase is fun, just make sure you dont hit out supporting walls haha! sounds like a fun time and sundance! this years snow has been pretty great it sounds like! I am pumped to go to this shoots place! good luck with the presentation! praying for ya! you are just eating asian food all the time haha! we have totally been focusing on both of those things in our mission which is super awesome! we have been working on effectiveness so that the other 80 percent of our time can be used better, and we are focusing on the cloud bridge bang method of finding! super fun! I really like that! give them a reason to get excited about it! I agree with all of that! thank you very much pops! love you man!!! but yeah life here is incredible, we thought about that a lot this week, and boy have I got some things to talk to you about when i get home! love you pops! thank you for all you have taught me! keep learning keep being a missionary and know that I love you both so much! anything I can do to help yall? love ya!
here was my week! What a great week it has been again here in SongShan! It all started out with a great district meeting out in Yilan, Elder Clawson trained on finding as if it was your family and the Spirit was really strong it was cool to think about the different things we would do with family members than we do with people on the street! We then got to see awesome changes in our finding and teaching and awesome changes in our investigators and LA's. One of our LA's had a real big change of heart and he decided that in the new year he needed to be a more Spiritual person, so he has decided to study and pray more, attend church more and is taking a class on how to control his emotions! such a big change, then one investigator couple was able to meet the bishops wife, we took her over to teach with us, and she went off, she managed to teach them just about everything but did it in such a simple and powerful way that they accepted it, and started to progress! members are the best!!! We then got to see an english class miracle, as a new student we found on the street set up his family to meet with us! finally this weekend we were out with a member to visit an LA, who ended up not being home, for some reason this week we had been feeling like we should go to this place a little further away and this member had a car, so we decided to head out there, two of the three people out there weren't home and the last one we had to go into a gated community to talk to, the member told us that the security probably would not let us in, but we went and asked, they called him and he let us in!!! such a miracle! he has been a member for about 32 years, used to live in Logan, has the Melchizedek Priesthood and has only been LA for about 4 years, since he moved to this new house! he quickly became good friends with the member and was willing to set up a time for us to come visit him and his family! We really were blessed to take part in all phases of missionary work this week, and we saw miracles!!!  this week was awesome and to wrap it all up, this morning we had a great study on the Plan of Salvation, we can truly say that we learned a whole lot today, such a miracle, God has such perfect knowledge, and He has set us up for success!  love you talk to you soon! be safe and be happy and remember He didn't set us up to fail, He set us up to become like Him. love you! 


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