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Hello son,
Just heading over to Beccas welcome home, excited to hear her speak. Hope you have had a great week and a productive one as well. How have you been feeling, any colds or allergies? I know you said sometimes you have digestive issues. How are the glasses holding up and have you noticed much of a change in your prescription. Any wearing of the contacts yet? Don't wear them if it to much hassle, just do what works best. Back from the welcome home, she did excellent! So fun to hear of her experiences and to know you are having some similar onesThumbs up sign🏻Smiling Face with Halo. She said one of her favorite things there was the rice fields and talked about how they need water in the beginning and then they drain the fields. She talked about how much effort and care and work it takes to plant the rice ,take care of the rice, then I guess it's called thrush the rice. She compared it to life and growing spiritually, and even though it takes a lot of work in so many different areas, to not give up and to meet our spiritual growth.  Sister Snyder says hello and asked how you are doing , every time we see her she cries a little and is so glad  you are doing so great. At Beccas welcome home there was a mother there of Maddie Giles, sister Giles  comes home in two months she thinks you may know her. You are in a picture with her and Becca, she was companions with Becca for a little bit. So fun to meet these mothers and hear of their children's experiences, knowing you are having similar ones. The temple is beautiful, ready for people to start going through it. We are trying to get tickets. It is one of the most beautiful I hear. We had a fireside on it for our Ysa ward. They showed us what went into building it, pretty amazing architecture with all they had to fix. We got to meet the president and his wife who are in charge of seeing it get built. Can't wait to go through it. The outside and gazebo and yardwork is amazing as well, it's beautiful. I'm excited for you to get to share in your last Chinese new year, hope you enjoy it and it's a great one! So glad to hear last week was such a great week for you, and that you come out of these M LC meetings even more focused and even more ready to do the Lords work. So grateful for the experiences we get to share with you even if it is just through an email. We sure love you and appreciate your sacrifice and love of this true gospel. Please take good care of yourself keep happy and smiling we will talk again next week love you so much son, love mommaFace throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)
" If you fail remember to never give up because f.a.i.l means "first attempt in learning." End is not the end, in fact e.n.d means "effort never dies." If you get no as an answer, remember no means, " next opportunity." Enjoy 2016 with a positive attitudeWinking face

Hi Caden
Crazy busy week here at home, seems like just yesterday we were wrapping up the holidays, and now it's middle of January. Unfortunately we didn't have Roman candle wars on news years eve, just young kids holding them towards the sky.
We started this past week with FHE, the discussion was goals and resolutions, interesting idea brought up was Dobehave. I thought it was some sort of drug slang, but it's  "Do" "Be" and "Have".. When I think about what we want to have in life it's a pretty cool slogan, plus it's cool to say. Tuesday we tinkered around the house and watched this seasons first American idol episode. Wednesday we had a way cool institute opening social for our YSA members, we had the Provo city temple construction missionaries give us a report on the tabernacle to temple process. Very interesting and entertaining. Thursday we again tinkered on the house (you'll hear this quite often over the next few months as we make changes) Friday we had a bishopric party at Bertlesens. Saturday Dave Morrey and I went sledding up sheep creek, pretty good ride, best sheep creek ride since you left... Came home in time to work around the house and watch the grandkids why Katie and Dave went out.
Sunday is a busy day, becca woods homecoming, (sister Maddie Childs mom was there, we shared pics etc..)  I had bishopric and ward council meetings, Lincoln was blessed at 1 so we went to their sacrament meeting, then back to the YSA ward, then a YSA Fireside at Olivases, and then family visits  (gma gpa Jensen are on a  Panama cruise, so we won't see them for a couple weeks)
Anyhow that was our past week, good times overall!
We sure love you bro! Time has flown by because we all "Do Good, Be happy, and hope to Have eternal life"
Have a great week


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hey momma! hope Becca killed it! I am sure she did! this week was awesome! and other than sneezing every morning I am good! haha! and digestive stuff happens haha! the glasses are doing great, and not a major change, and I have decided that this is a contact transfer I have been using contacts a lot it is nice actually! I bet she did great! that is super cool, I have never really served in a rice place haha sorry! that is an awesome object lesson though!!! I love that! Hi Sister Snyder! I am doing great how are you? I definitely know Sister Giles, she was in the MTC with me and has served in some of the places I have she is a champ! so pumped to hear how the temple is I bet that was an awesome fireside! that is so awesome! so pumped for guonian!!! it is coming so fast! this past transfer has been flying! it is already half over! such a great experience to be trained by such great leaders so cool! I love them all and know they are called of God! love you momma thank you for your testimony! and also remember to just enjoy the little things in life! love ya! I love that quote! that is positivity right there! love it! love ya momma! Thank you:)

pops! crazy how fast it went but oh man that means we have to have wars on the 24th of july!!! sounds like a great FHE! I like that idea, also I thought you should know how much your awesome little sayings have helped me on my mission by the way, I will show you one that we used this week in just a sec! I like that thanks pops! oh man TV that is nuts so long ago ha! such a cool fireside I am so stoked for that temple! such a miracle!!! I saw the pic that is nuts! what all are you doing?! solid little party fun! and yeah for sledding!!! haha! that is fun! Link is blessed good! so cool! olivases? they are in it too? hope that they have fun in Panama! sounds like a great week! love ya pops! I like that one too! you both are full of great quotes! love you all here was my week!  this week was absolutely incredible! it started out with an incredible zone meeting! the Sister Training Leaders in the zone had such an excellent training on the Cloud, Bridge, Bang, effective finding, and on Repentance! it really gave everyone a really big desire to go out and ask inspired questions and get to work!!! This week in zone meeting we also got to focus on using members effectively and within just a week ward relations throughout the whole zone have increased! the Lord is blessing the East Stake!!! we especially saw miracles with this in our area, on saturday we spent most of the day on splits with different members and it was awesome to see them really get involved with our investigators instead of just playing a passive role! it also led to quite a few investigators coming to church and already having people ready to take care of them there! such a miracle! 
This week also included some very special visits with some of our investigators, one of them who is in the hospital seeing as he just had nose surgery! we went and biked a little ways to see him, and when we got their he was so touched by the fact that we would take time to go see him, we are excited to see him progress, there was such a cool Spirit in the room as we all just discussed life and how the gospel has blessed us! 
Lastly me and Elder Liston had the opportunity to study repentance a lot this past week, we also got to think about how to really help ourselves and other stay fired up! when we thought about repentance we realized that in order to help our investigators have experiences with the Atonement we need to give them a chance to see one, do one, and teach one. Which means we need to give them an opportunity to see us change daily! but then we also realized that in order to have the fire, we just need to stop thinking about not having the fire, we really just need to go to work, we realized that as we focus on planning and strictly on our investigators then do we get the fire! it was awesome! we love this so much! super fun week! love you both thank you for everything! just remember to just keep swimming! alright this weeks homework: how do you teach someone why we need to repent, we are open to all sort of suggestions! love you all have a great week talk to you next week! also mom this is an RC out it Taoyuan, her English is ok, and I think she would love it if you emailed her! she is so cool! if you call me Jensen she will know! you can email her ! love you all! her name is fiona you, I helped teach her son ryan and her husband kenny! love you all! 



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