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Hi Caden
So we were writing you a letter tonight and when I went to copy and paste into an email... I lost the whole thing.. Sometimes technology is cool, other times it just makes me angry and embarrassed Unamused face
We had a pretty good holiday week, Monday we had the YSA ward over for family night, crazy that we have so many people (25+) in our home, we played cranium and had ice cream birthday cake. Tuesday we did a little after Christmas shopping and visited with the Mitchell's, Wednesday we did a Costco run and chilled at home. Thursday for New Year's Eve we hung at gma gpa jensen said, Roman candles were pretty cool. We had bought some that had over 150 shots per candle, they lasted forever Smiling face with open mouth New Year's Day we went to the cabin, my folks sure are enjoying their new Polaris ranger with tracks, they had gone up earlier in the week and warmed things up and stuff. We'll send pics.. Saturday we had a pretty good ride and sledding time with Jensen. That night mom and I went to dinner at la dolce vita and then watched Forrest Gump. And wrote you letters (twice! Cuz I'm such a dork.) I've got a full day of church meetings Sunday, so we wrote you on Saturday night this week..
You asked about quick ideas to tell someone why the gospel is important. I think one solid example or proof of the importance of our religion is "by the fruits you will know them" the track record of the LDS church is amazing! Another biggy is the answer to the questions, where did we come, from why are we here, where are we going.. Plan of salvation explanations are very important!.. Another key element is the Book of Mormon and the importance of another witness of Jesus Christ and the atonement! I guess that is how I would spend my 10 minutes. Sharing testimony etc..
Hope you have a great week, looking forward to your letter. Love ya bro
Keep up the great work!!

> Happy new year!  hello son, hope your holidays have been wonderful. When do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? It's a big deal right. How is the area treating you guys? Good to hear that great things happened through the holidays for you. Dad was just teasing on the Syd thing, we don't care. Lots of amazing young ladies out there, you will find a wonderful one. As to your question, I think a testimony is a good starter, then maybe a spiritual personal experience or a story from the scriptures. I think your countenance says a lot and the way you act that can teach and speak volumes. Hard to believe that the holidays are here and gone, time to get busy on the house and tearing things apart. It will be nice to have the extra room in the family room. Everyone is hanging in there and keeping busy. Jake starts nursing school this week. It will be nice to get it done and get a job to provide for his family. Cool to hear that you are able to do some knocking, how come this area works better for that? Fun to have a little change. I just want you to know that I have a testimony of this wonderful gospel and I am so very thankful for my saviors attonement. I love my family and all the blessing bestowed upon us, some or should I say many because of your service. Stay happy, safe and obedient! We sure love you son!!! If you need anything please let us know how we can help. "If you want to find happiness, find gratitude." This one is for you "sing daily at least ten minutes,reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture and helps you live longer." Love you muchHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kiss have a wonderful and prayerful week. Keep up the great planning sessions and be willing to adjust to change if things don't go the way you planned. I'm sure you know that, that's what missionaries do right. Sparkling heartSparkling heart
> Love you!
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sorry big guy that is no fun! I just kinda did that, but i repasted haha! sounded like a solid week! after Christmas shopping haha! what does that include? costco!!! fun roman candles! i bet that was interesting! any wars? I bet that ranger is super slick! I bet jensen loved that too! forrest gump nice! haha! hope the meeting goes well! jiayou! love you big guy! thank you for the ideas those will definitely go to use! this week will be great love you big guy! 

mama! happy new year to both of you! they have been absolutely incredible! new year is in february! such a big deal and the area is great! and I know dont worry! I like those suggestions thank you so much! I am so excited to see this room! and also the temple is almost done! so cool! so sick that he starts! so cool! and I love knocking it is because there are more houses! it is nice! thank you for that testimony! I know those things too and am so thankful for a great family who cherishes that! love you all and am thankful for the unity and love we share! those are awesome quotes haha! love you momma!
here was my week!  what a great week this past week! one of the biggest miracles was a referral we got from mesa AZ her name is Ariel Zhuang, she got to stay at a members house in America for a school year and their family values surprised her, she realized she wanted that and then she started going to church and she loved it! We went to visit her we got their and she all but cried, she said she had been praying and that her prayer had been answered, she then said "This is the best Christmas present ever!" later on we got to go visit her and proceeded to not only set a baptismal date with her, but with her mother as well who then came with us to the fireside on Sunday night! such a miracle! this week we also got to split with some of our members and see incredible miracles, we went to visit three LA's in a little further place because our member could drive so we went out and two of the three answered and were super excited to see us, it also helped us develop better relationships with our members! This week has honestly been incredible! last but not least was this weeks MLC, such big changes are going to start happening in missionary work and I am so excited that I get to see it! we are super excited to develop a model proselyting area, and to teach, with the Spirit, repentance and baptize converts! Me and Elder Liston both left on Friday with a huge desire to improve and with such a Spirit of fire to do it! such a great week! This week we feel like we are really starting to not only understand that the vision is possible but also how to most effectively achieve it! so solid! love you all! 



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