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Dear Caden, 
Hope your birthday was wonderful! Did you do anything special for it? How was the birthday week? Disney was fun but way crowded. Next year hopefully we all go. Sorry you won't get your bday stuff til Christmas. Do you have transfers this week? If so would you be ok with leaving the area? Hope whether you stay or go everything is good! So your weather is cooling down, good right, but hopefully not too cold. Pretty cool you got to have Elder Stevenson come and visit. Sounds like he gave a great talk and instruction. So cute little niece right. Jensen loves her so much it's fun to watch him hug and hold her. We had him for a night and a few days then he went up to Daves folks for a few days til kt and the baby came home. They are all doing great. Mitchell's are doing great as well. The girls are growing up so fast and love Linc, it's like he has three moms. Linc is a chub, two months and already 14lbs. He looks like he is 5 months. Today we are driving home just getting ready to go. Sure love you bud and hope all is well. Keep up the great work and enjoy these experiences. Even though they don't celebrate Christmas enjoy your holiday season. We are always thinking of you and praying for you and the work you are doing. " I don't know much, but three things I do. There is a god, his work is true, stay close to him, he'll see you through." Love you son, once again hope you enjoyed your birthday! Have a stellar week and a safe one! Love you much, momFace throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)

Hello bro
Hope you had a great birthday week, we missed you during our busy week. As you know we stayed pretty busy. Family night at our house was with 25 YSA members, we played the Christmas Bells like we do on Christmas Eve and are treats. Tuesday katie delivered Leah around 7:30 AM, pics should be in your email, she is perfect, looks like jensen. We had jensen spend Tuesday and Wednesday with us, he's a good kid. Wednesday we drove down to Disney in the folks excursion with mom dad Ashley and josh. Made pretty good time. Thursday we did California Adventure all day, Friday was Disneyland all day. Saturday we did both parks along with a billion other people - way crowded! The weather was in the low 80's, everyone seemed to be in Disney this week, No major new rides or anything special, there are a few new frozen attractions that are fun to watch. Sunday we dead head it back, hopefully in time to visit with the grand kids. This Christmas season is going to be a great time for us to reflect on all we are thankful for, we are blessed to have such a wonderful active family. The message you share is what it is all about! Thanks for being willing to give up this time to serve! Love you bro
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birthday was great! we went and ate some Thai food and lots of people told me happy b day it was great and super awkward at lunch my companion and two other elders sang to me, and the owner of the restaurant said "come back tonight, and we will have a lady for you." we are pretty sure she was being sarcastic haha! really super crowded that is weird! that would be fun, first one back everyone goes!!! so fun! and that is fine, Christmas is coming up! transfers are next week! I am most likely gonna leave because I have been here about 6 months and I have been with Elder Larsen for two transfers so it is super small chance that I stay! but it would be great! no matter what it will be great! such a cute baby! super good to see all the kids growing up, it is cool to see weekly differences! they celebrate Christmas a little they just dont know why haha! it was a great week love ya momma! great quote! love ya much! 

pops! great week! bells that is super fun! holy cow it was crazy warm! hope the drive wasnt to bad! sounds like a fun and packed week that kept ya busy! hope it was great! haha I am hai hao! but thank you for all you have done to raise me! haha love you all very much! here was this past week! This week started out great with decorating a Christmas tree and eating lunch with our district and our bishop! Then on Tuesday we had a great exchange with the Assistants! me and Elder Johnson got to go finding and we saw a ton of miracles through 15 minute lessons, full of power and not to long it was awesome! we found a ton of people that lived out of our area this week, but it was awesome to send referrals and to hear how big of miracles those people were to other companionships, then at the end of the week, we got one of those referrals in return, it was a family of four, we called and they were super happy and are willing to set up! This weeks english class was also awesome, we worked on their listening ability, and we got to watch 4 "I'm a Mormon" videos and then discuss the things that the people liked to do, and the gospel principles that they talked about! it was great! the Spirit was there throughout all the class, and we had a student commit to meet with us this next week! On Thursday we had things that just made me get all emotional, it was my birthday, and right before we had to go home we had an RC family and an RC Sister call us and say, go to the seven just down the street, we walked down there and they had a cake for us and drinks, and they sang, and it just felt so cool to be so close with people all because of the gospel, the Spirit of love was super strong in that 7/11! This week closed up with a super good interview, the Tao 4 Elders have an investigator who has been working through a pornography problem, the Spirit just kinda talked through me that whole interview, through very bold comments, a strong prayer in the interview by that man, specific invites, promised blessings, and a priesthood blessing the Spirit turned a man who felt hopelessly entangled in an addiction to a man with a desire and a hope that he can overcome it with the Lord! such an incredible experience! thank you for letting me share my experiences with you every week, gives me a good time to reflect! love you all talk to you next week, keep those kids cute and happy, but also disciplined haha! love you! remember who is in charge:) 


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