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Hi Bro
We had a wonderful thanksgiving recess this week, I hope you had a good week! On Monday we had FHE where we discussed things we were thankful for and made thankful turkeys out of paper. Tuesday we did our pre thanksgiving Christmas shopping, dropped a grand at Costco, but pretty much got most the shopping done at once, I need to pick mom up a few things and she has a few odds and ends she's working on.. Wednesday we drove up to university of Utah hospital to visit one of my employees who's wife delivered their baby 2 1/2 months early.. The baby weighed 1 lb 12 oz and has a few complications, we felt they could use some support. Later that night we made thanksgiving pies. Thanksgiving day was chill, we worked around the house, I loaded sleds and worked on the trailer, it needed the lights fixed and a few things. We had thanksgiving dinner at Jensen's with the usual 3rd Sunday crowd. Then visited with the Rodens that evening. After that Mom and I came home and watched the Jurassic World movie, made me dream of dinosaurs. Black Friday mom did the shopping thing, grandpa J and I went up to the cabin, we rode a little bit and put a few Christmas lights and decorations up. That night we went to hogi yogi with my folks. We went up to fairview again Saturday, Dave Morrey went with us this time, we rode a bit more, still not much snow, I'll send pics. Notice the jacket I'm wearing (matches the sled) sorry I won't wear it anymore. Later Saturday mom and I went out to zuppas and then watched an Avenger movie. Sunday is pretty chill, not much going down, probably visit the folks and stuff. Crazy that Katie is having our 5th grandchild Tuesday! Can't wait for that.
This is your birthday week, which means here at home we have the Disneyland tradition, we head out Wednesday afternoon, we are driving the folks excursion with Ashly, Josh and my folks, Dotys are flying down that night. Thanksgiving was a good time to reflect on our blessings. We sure are thankful for family! It's where true joy is found. I miss you bro, but time is flying, soon we will be fishing at the gorge and climbing and riding in Moab. I hope you have a great 20th birthday! We will celebrate in Disneyland for you! Thanks for your willingness to give up time in your life to serve!
Love you

Hello son,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Party popperBalloonBirthday cake I hope Thursday is a fabulous, wonderful, fantastic day and that someone will spoil you and feed you for your birthday since we can't do that. I can't believe you are going to be 20, that's nuts. We will miss you but this is the last one away, yay! Hope you have extra miracles that day for your birthday present. How was your week?  How has the weather been? Your package is on it's way, it has stuff from jensens, Roden's, and Lori cause one of them has you for Christmas. Let us know when you get it please? So when do you think you will hear on when you will call on Christmas, do you want just the family and grandparents? Excited for sister Morrey to get here, we have jens Tuesday to Wednesday then Dave's mom is coming down to help with him cause kt is in the hospital until Thursday. Disneyland will be strange just having dad and I for the Christmas trip from our fam. Next year will be everyone and that will be lost of fun. Crazy to think Christmas is just a few weeks away! Do you have transfers or a temple trip coming up anytime soon. Black Friday wasn't bad I think we only stood in one line, it wasn't crowded at all. I think it's cause they have a lot of good deals on line now. Shopping online is how kt and kar have done almost all of their shopping. Do you need anything from the states, tooth paste, deodorant, vitamins, or anything else? How has the health been, I hope great! When we send your valentine/easter package anything you would like us to send that you could pass out to the kids or use as a teaching tool. Stay happy and safe and know that we are thinking of you and praying for you! We are so grateful and blessed to have our family, and the blessing which we have. Family and the gospel is where it's at!!! Have a terrific and wonderful week and let us know if we can do anything. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we love you so much and are proud of all the great things you are doing and for being youFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartThumbs up sign! "Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas." Love you much mommaFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heart
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thank you for all the pics! looks like it was a great week! sounds like a fun FHE solid on the shopping! that is nuts, we will pray for the baby! way to support them! that is awesome I bet thanksgiving was fun! it was full of finding here haha! that looks like fun riding though, was the snow alright?hogi yogi! surprised it is still open! you can wear my jacket all you want dont worry! I will wear it when I get back, and I have the one here that I bought too, so go for it! zuppas! so good! and holy cow, so many babies haha! it will be awesome! hope D land is fun that will be super sick! have a blast! and miss you too, but dude you know how awesome it is out here, you like never want it to end, and 20 holy cow that is old haha! we might spend a little money that day on some nice thai food haha! love you big guy! have a great week!

momma! the birthday will be a blast! this week was great!  the weather is finally colder!!!! :) I will not get the package till Christmas because they are holding them all till then haha! we will have to see because I may move areas before then, so after the 18th I will know! and anyone can come up to you! that will be a super fun trip though, hope sister morrey is doing good! wow black friday is getting lame?! lame! we have a costco and a french store here so we are good on foreign stuff haha! thank you though! everything is good here! and actually you could send a pic of our Christmas decorations, everyone would love that haha! thank you so much for all you do! stay happy and safe and smiling! love ya! here was my week! What a great week to report on this week! It started out excellently with Elder Stevenson visiting the mission! I really liked the formula he gave us obedience brings blessings, which bring happiness! I also really enjoyed how he talked about when we extend commitments, we must do so in a way that makes them want to keep the commitment! we need to promise blessings! I really liked that! There was such power in seeing and shaking the hand of an Apostle of the Lord, definite testimony builder! We then had two great exchanges full of finding and with finding comes miracles, me and Elder Smith got the opportunity to find a kid who hadn't been to his church for awhile so we got to pray with him, as we closed the prayer he said "wow! that feels good, it has been way to long!" it was awesome! Then Friday's MLC was great! we are very excited for the mission focus on being faithful and on power full lessons, and follow up! this is going to be a great month! Saturday was also a super miracle filled day! in the afternoon we called up two members to go out finding with us, and they were a little awkward at first, but then they got into it and we saw miracles! majority of the people we had lessons with set up another time to meet! members are so helpful!!!! Lastly we had an incredible Sunday this past week, we were able to set up five different RC's and have a lady who we randomly called say that she could come to the church and meet with us! this week truly was great! there was such a positive vibe to it! we are very excited for the miracles this upcoming week has to offer! super fun! love you all talk to you next week! 


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