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Hello bud,
Sounds like last week was a good one, hope this week has been the same. That's fun you got to help decorate a tree, sorry we sent some Christmas decorations in your box but you won't get to put them up if you don't get your package before Christmas. Really glad people told you happy birthday and sang to you. That's weird/ funny about the lady comment, I hope they were kidding. Yes the kiddos are changing but you will still get to love them while they are young. Trust me the three older ones know who you are and talk about you all the time. If you ask them where Caden is they saying, on a mission in Taiwan, it's so cute how they say it. The other two are still young enough that they will get to know you easily. Just got Colby brewers and Sara's announcement in the mail. It's this week but we can't go because we have tickets to the tabernacle choir Christmas program, so we will run a gift by and wish them well. This week is a crazy one, lots going on. I hope things go well with the transfer and you have a great comp. I hope if you get transferred you are where it is safe. Awesome to hear that you were able to have referrals and help other companionships. Also glad one came back your way! Do you get to watch the Mormon movies very often? I'm so thankful that they are taking care of you and your cake even if it is in a 7-11. Sounds like that interview was quite the experience. Glad that you could help that man find peace and love with the hand of The Lord! We love your experiences and are so glad that you share and we can see some of how you are making a difference and we can follow your example at home by making a differnce and helping others. We sure love you son !!! Thank you for making the gospel a priority and sharing it with others. It's in your smile, your heart, your head and here in your family! Thank you for that. Have a fabulous new week, let us know how transfers go.
Let us know about when to expect your call home. Should we plan on using google hangout like we have before?
Move mountains bro and do it with that smileGrinning face with smiling eyes know you are always in our thoughts and prayersHeavy black heart️. "each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus." Love you much,Heavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kiss stay safe and healthy, love mom.

Hi Caden
Hope you had a great week, we had a nice one getting ready for the holidays. Monday for FHE we had a white elephant gift exchange like we do on Christmas Eve. Good times. Tuesday evening we had two of our YSA ward members get married to each other, Rick married them, they will get married in the temple in a year. Wednesday we chilled at home, watched a little TV (survivor) Thursday l I went to a funeral viewing of one of the Sunroc Springville store managers mother, When I got there I found out it was Bridger Tews grandma, (small world) good to meet up with bridgers folks, they showed me a video of Bridger and pope together on their missions in Italy. Sounded and looked like they are being good solid missionaries. After the viewing mom and I went to Sakura for some sushi Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Friday we went to dinner with all the kids to chilies. Fun to spend time all together-we talked about you quite a bit, discussing how next year will be so cool and different for us all when you are home. Saturday dad, Dave, Andy, (Dave friend) and I went sledding up to the cabin, we are still way short on snow so it was pretty much a road ride again, but still good to get out. I'm starting to get used to the rupp. I think we told you Dad ordered a Polaris ranger with tracks from coxes in Fairview, we stopped in and took a picture of it, they are still working on it, we can pick it up next week. I think this new machine will be a game changer for the grandparents, I'll keep you informed and send pics. Sunday I conduct in the YSA ward, it's our Christmas program, I'm pretty excited cause we have some very musically talented ward members.
Hey I wanted to send you props for being so awesome with the emails, we hear from so many people about how cool they think you are because you respond with personal email messages. I don't know how you do it, it's got to be hard, you gotta know that it does not go unnoticed. Your ability to keep it real and remember "the one" is something that defines you, I know people love and respect you because of it. Thanks for setting such a great example!
We love ya bro, and are excited to have you back this summer!
Have a great transfer week!
Love Dad
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That is alright thank you for the package! this week was great! and I know I get to play with them when they can actually play :) that is awesome! tell them both that I love them, and we all were calling that they were gonna get married! have fun at the choir thing though that will be awesome! it is safe everywhere haha! we watch some of the Im a Mormon videos but not super often! that interview was incredible! he ended up relapsing this week, but he at least now has a desire to quit! so nice! love you have a great week, and remember it aint me it is Him :)!!! I will talk to you about the call next week! transfers will be nuts! there are like 36 going home! and yeah we will just use google hangout! that works great! and of course I will smile! I like that quote! love ya momma! 

pops! first off thank you two for loving each other, having two parents is such a blessing! solid! our ward is doing a gift exchange next week it is going to be super fun! that is cool about those YSA kids! that is super sick! I love the Tew's, glad Bridger is doing well! and I love Pope too! sushi!!! fun time at chilis! sounds like a good weekend, I am trying to remember who Andy is, wait how is Mac? and Rachel did any of them get married? that ranger looks super sick! that is awesome pumped to hear about the music program! glad you like the rupp! I hope I get to ride it once haha! that is cool, I just have like the week thing that  I send but I figure if people take the time to email me, common courtesy is just to email back right?! but you need to apologize to traer cause I have stunk at writing! and thank him for that! love ya pops! this week will be nuts! have a great week! talk to you next week! 

here was my week by the way! This week has been awesome!!! We had a good balance of everything going on this past week! but we got to see the Lord's work done a lot in the lives of teenagers, we had three teenagers set dates with us this past week, all which had a specific need, one of them was on thursday, we talked to her and asked what we could pray for her for, she said she didn't know, so we started trying to ask inspired questions, then we asked, well how is your family doing lately, "not good" she said, then we got to pray for her family and it helped her really understand how the gospel can help her, such a cool miracle!!! This week we helped pass a lot of people off on Phase One (language testing) which was very fun, it is great to see people improve their Chinese so much, and it helped us see lots of miracles through traveling and the little times that we could find, it seemed like every time we found, even if it was just for a short little time, the Lord had someone we were supposed to find that we could only find in that short little time! Sunday was just a cherry on top, we had two RC families feed us and they fed us soooooo well, then in our finding time we got to find three awesome people that set up for this next week! We are very excited to see what happens this next week, and we are ready for whatever the Lord needs us to do! love ya both thank you for all you do! have a great week! praying for yall! 

:) me 


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