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Hi bro
What an awesome week! We are so thankful for the technology that allowed us to see and talk with you on Christmas. Looks like you are doing everything right! And being blessed for it. White washing can be pretty cool right? And it looks like the area is way chill.
We've had a good week here at home, we have sent pictures that show parts of the good times.  Sunday night was our family Christmas with the 11 of us, good times opening presents and making pretzels. Monday for FHE was ice skating, Tuesday we did a little more shopping and hung with the kids a bit.. Wednesday we delivered friend gifts (pretzels and muddy buddies) Thursday we (Pat, Dave, Michael, grandpa, and I) went sledding up to sheep creek before the Christmas Eve events. A pretty good day except Michael was riding Daves old orange rev and it started on fire, we think he'd left the break on.. I rode double with him most of the day.. Christmas was pretty chill, highlight was your call, we sure enjoyed that, next time we will get the grandparents on with us, they were both sad we didn't share you with them, after your call we spent Christmas Eve at jensens then opened presents with dotys and grandparents Christmas morning, pretty small group of 7 of us. Later that day we met with rodens for dinner and present exchange - good times! Saturday we (pat, Dave,  grandpa, brad Ross and I) rode sheepcreek, finally enough snow to really enjoy the ride. (Top 25 type of ride) that night we chilled here at home. we are considering a little house remodel by combining the family room and kids office.. we worked on that a little bit, emptied the game closet and drew a few concepts.. Sunday we are going to the home ward because the YSA all meet together during the holidays. We sure are proud of you, mom shared a pic of us taking with you on social media and the comments of love and support from followers is Amazing! Everyone says how cool you are and how they are so excited for who you are what you are doing with your life! Good stuff bro!! Love and miss you!
Take care
> Caden I can't even tell you how great it was to so that face of yours, and smile! You look great and happy. You are doing great things and it shows in your countenance, what a blessing. I do talk to the missionaries and wave to them on the street. We have even fed the sister missionaries from our YSA ward. I am very aware and kind to them, I was before you left but even more so now that you are out. Crazy Christmas is here and done, getting ready to take it all down, and ready to get all my grand babies back, miss them. Sounds like you are excited to white wash this new area you are in. Sounds like a challenge, especially where it is a wealthier area. How was all the food you ate the day we talked to ya, sounds like you were going to eat well! I'm with ya on how music can really bring in the holiday as well as the spirit! It works both ways, it can also take the spirit away with the wrong kind. You know I love music, I get things done faster and better when I have back ground music, I think we are both that way. I'm so thankful that you have a great and motivated comp and that you are similar, cause I know you are a great and hard worker, so two like that is twice as good! Excited to hear how it goes in this new area. Does it get as much rain as the other areas you have been in. Great to watch the few mins of the Christmas video the presidents wife posted. Saw you singing, once again musicThumbs up signHope your week has been full of great opportunities and experiences. We are keeping busy here, we have a work trip to Vegas in January and then a rewards trip for work to Hawaii in February. Before you know it it will be March, Easter. Then just a few months we hear from you again on the phone. I love you being a missionary but I'm also glad that time has gone some what fast. I know it's going fast for you, but you are doing such an incredible job, and you are such a great example and missionaryBlack heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)️! Be safe and we are thinking of you and praying that great things can come in this new area!! Your comp sounds awesome and it was so nice to meet him. Tell him thank you for his service and for all he is doing? Same to you bub! Have a fab week, xoxoFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss. Hope you had the best Christmas and here's to a great new and wonderful new yearClapping hands sign🏻. I just realized I didn't send s quote last week, sorry. Here's two to make up for it."because of all the individual uniquenesses in all the world, be mindful that there are gifts that only you can give." And "He was the perfect gift from our loving Heavenly Father." Love you much, take careFace throwing a kiss love mommaSparkling heart
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so awesome! not quite everything but we are trying! and I love whitewashing! this is my fourth time haha! the area is great! looks like it was a super great week! iceskating! oh man, we might do that soon here:) we made muddy buddies for members here too! and we are gonna make more for this ward this week! such a sick sledding day! that stinks! but sounds like fun! and there is only one more call haha! that is fun the normal Christmas, that is awesome! everyone was probably happy! pumped to see the remodel! that will be sick! haha people are too nice to me! love you big guy! question this week, how do you think is a good way to help people feel the importance of the gospel in under ten minutes? hope you can answer that! love ya pops! 

momma! of course I am happy! haha! that is awesome! I hope that when I get home I can help them out! or at least the ward! that will be fun that you get to watch them! so pumped for this area! the food was great! we also got to give a blessing that day which was great! Christmas and Christmas Eve were full of miracles! so cool! one guy I knew from a past area got baptized on Christmas which was awesome! and yeah music so good! and yes this is super fun to be with Elder Liston! still rains haha! this week has been great! so nuts how fast that will all go! tht sounds like a fun couple of trips for ya though! thank you your prayers are felt! he says thank you! :)love ya momma! great quotes! and here is something I found out this week! the shepherds came to Christ because they needed to pay respects to the Master Shepherd! love you ! 

here is my week! what a week this week has been! First off we had the incredible Mission Conference there were so many Spiritual experiences there! A very special one to me was when we got to go off and do our own dedicatory prayers, it was really cool because about a year and a half ago, I went to the exact same spot and said a dedicatory prayer, and it was cool to reflect on the changes within myself from that time to now, and then to look forward! This week we also got to meet with the Stake President which was super helpful it was cool to know that he had a lot of the same vision that we were having! We have also found that our ward is awesome!!! there is support from the ward and they have tons of fire to do missionary work, we just need to figure out how to direct the fire so we can get tons of stuff done! This morning we were specifically pondering on how to hit the mission standards of excellence and we feel like we really received some revelation that gave us faith and will help us be more effective! we have found that we honestly just need to make sure that we are planning better, so we are going to make it so that every monday we are going to make some specific plans for our area for the next week! This past week we also got to see tons of miracles with knocking! it has been interesting because I have not knocked a lot of doors on my mission but this past week we just felt like we should do it! one night on exchanges with Elder Liao, we went up to a road and the second door let us in! we taught him, then we were able to knock all of his neighbors, we knocked about four of them and two of them said we could come back another day!!! then on Sunday we were going out to find LA's and while one of us would find the next address the other would continue to knock on the LA's neighbors doors, that night we were let in and had a man accept a baptismal invite and set up for another time to meet with the Neihu Elders! we are very excited for this upcoming week, it is going to be full of work and we are so excited to continue to listen so we know the Lord wants us to do it!  have a great week love you all! talk to you soon! and mom same question for you as dad! love you! remember who is in charge:)