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Merry Christmas!

Hello son,
Merry Christmas Friday! So excited to talk to you and hear your voice. Hang out has worked great so hopefully it will again. How has the week been? How did transfers go? Did you stay or go? Where is your new comp from and are things ok? That's nuts that many are going home. Sorry he relapsed, I hope he can get on the right track and rid himself of that temptation, it ruins lives! We ended up giving the tabernacle choir tickets to gma and gpa Jensen so we could support the Brewers. It was a beautiful reception and it was great to see so many wonderful friends and catch up with everyone. Everyone sends their love and send you their best! Sent you pics of some of the peeps we saw there. So what plans do you have for Christmas? I hope you get your package. It will be a strange Christmas for dad and I cause the girls and their fams will be with the in laws and you still gone( last one yay). We might not even sleep at jensens depending on what dotys do, crazy right. We will still do Christmas Eve at their house though. We are doing our own family party tomorrow. It finally snowed here and kind of came all at once. Dad and I snow blowed twice a day three days last week. Crazy week this week with weather too, I think it is supposed to snow at least 4 days this week. We get to go to our home ward for the next two weeks because the stake will take over cause so many kids go home for the holidays. Excited to be at the home ward and meet all the new families that have moved in. I hope you are hanging in there and doing wonderful! Can we send you anything or help in any way? Love you so much! Thankful for your choices and example.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We sure love you, stay safe and happy! Have a great weekFace throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)Face throwing a kissBlack heart (cards)️ love you much, mom

Hey bro
It's been a great week here at home, I'm good and sore from a solid snowmobile ride we went in Thursday. It was in the top 5 deepest snow days ever (5 ft bottomless to the sage brush) we had a few folks get stuck.. There were nine of us...
Monday was the day it dumped snow, for FHE we were going to go caroling, but too much snow, so mom and I blew and shoveled our streets driveways and sidewalks, the blower is amazingly still going strong. Tuesday and Wednesday I was responsible for the Sunroc area christmas party, we rented out a theater both nights for the 220+ employees and spouses/dates. We split it over two nights so we accommodated people's schedules, they could choose which night they wanted to attend. Tuesday was hunger games, Wednesday was the new mobey dick movie, good experience overall.
Thursday was the epic snowmobile day up to fairview, lots of new snow made for a pretty good day 😀 That night mom and me went to the Colby and Sara reception, they both said hi, we'll send pics of them and a few others we ran into there. Friday we had Jensen over why the kids had a work party, Saturday we went shopping all day! Crazy long day! But the cool thing is we got mom a new iPhone 6S plus. The Utes played 7th ranked Duke in BBall and Won, Saturday was also the Vegas bowl where BYU and Utah played football, Utes went up 35-0 in the first quarter, then it got interesting as BYU climbed back all game, fortunately we stayed ahead and were victorious 35-28. It's weird that we have a vacation from church, but our YSA wards are meeting as a stake and we were asked to attend our home wards so that's what we will be doing on Sunday. That night we will have all the kids over for an early christmas dinner and open presents since they will be out with their other families on Christmas.
We sure are excited to talk with you later this week. I'm guessing google hangout still works well for us all. Let us know an approximate time etc..
I hope things went well with the transfers, Thanks for being such a great example for us all.
Love you bro

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hey momma! so we are thinking of doing it on Christmas eve at like 1000 or 900 at night is that ok? this week has been awesome! I left! he is from ogden he is such a good kid I love him he was my district leader before! he is doing better! but that is so nice of you, that is super nuts to see them married! so cool! we are having a conference as a mission on tuesday then on Christmas we are getting fed a ton of food and have a ton of lessons planned! that is nuts! but I was thinking how awesome next years will be! that is awesdome! snow! finally! that is aweosme that you get to go home for a little bit! tell everyone hi! and just keep being great! and talk to the missionaries in our ward haha! have a merry Christmas! love you all very much thank you for all you have done for me! you are the best! 

pops! that is a nuts group almost too many! that blower is so strong! that sounds like a fun little get together! tell colby and sara I love them and good luck! praying for them! shopping yeah! that is nice mom is all about the smart phones now? way to be utah! way to utah again! that party looked like fun! love ya guys thank you for all you do you are the best have a merry Christmas and remember what it is all about!
here is my past week! What a great week! this week has been very exciting! The beggining of the week was full of awesome times with the ward and investigators, we found out tuesday that I would be moving, and then we got to eat with a couple of our RC's and members for the last time, we also got to have an awesome English party, our party helped me realize how powerful Christmas music is, it seemed like the last couple parties were just activities and they went ok, but then this one we did little Christmas activities and then we figured out how to play music over the sound system in the gym of the Church and it changed the whole Spirit of the Activity and everyone absolutely loved the party! such a miracle! Then transfers happened, and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to come to Song Shan with Elder Liston, we will be working our hardest to help the East Zone and Songshan grow and be as incredible as we know it can be! we are so excited to get going! this past weekend we got to make a lot of phone calls to our investigators and LAs, we also got to get to know quite a few members at a ward party and church, we are happy to start to understand their goals! this is going to be such a blast! this past week we also got to go to some choir performances, once again, music bringing the Spirit in full force! I am excited that Taoyuan will be in such great hands with Elder Larsen and Elder Heaps! such a good week! so happy, soooooo happy! love you much! talk to you this week! 



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