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Hi Son
Went sledding Wednesday, Not much coverage hopefully the storms that are  coming this  week will help. We have our Black Friday event to plan. It's been a good week. Monday for FHE they had a choir concert, we did a little chic fila, it snowed Monday and Tuesday not much in the valley.. Tuesday I picked up the Rupp, I think you remember it, Dustin's custom sled, it has the rider forward feel that I need to get used to. Wednesday after sledding I went back to work and then that night we hung at Costco. Thursday we put the Rodens Christmas  lights up. Friday was our YSA ward temple night. Saturday we cleaned the church, raked leaves, moved tomcars around and had a neighborhood  party at Moss's. Sunday is chill, I conduct in the YSA ward so I won't  be able to hear mom talk in our home ward, I'm sure she nails it! I like that she is mentioning the part you suggested about service bringing us closer to God and making us better people! It's so evident that when we help others we are really helping the world be a better place! I'm glad that you have enjoyed working hard and serving others. Thanks, you have improved our whole family's outlook on life and eternities. The next couple weeks should be exciting here at home with thanksgiving and the Morrey's baby girl and then Disneyland
Love ya bro hope you have a great week :)

Hello son, well by the time you read this I will have reported on you and your mission. I thought it wasn't until next week but I was wrong, good thing I checked or they would have been one speaker shy. I get to speak with sister Wood and sister Crogan. I think becca only has a few weeks left, crazy! Been a good week hope yours was the same. Kt hasn't had her yet, it is in about a little over a week. Everyone is doing great, kar has to go back to work, she's a little sad but knows that it's not forever. Hard to believe thanksgiving is Thursday, happy thanksgiving, hope life it treating you wellThumbs up signSmiling face with open mouth! Much to be thankful for! Are you eating at a members house or at the mission home? Will it be an American thanksgiving feast, turkey and the works? We will be sending your bday/Christmas package this week most likely. You might get it a little after your bday, hope that's ok. It was fun reading through all of your old emails to prepare for this report, to see you grow and to see your love of the gospel and for others grow as well. It was nice to get to do a bit of service and help out that ward member, hopefully he can rent it out and have an income. I like what you said about service, that is what I am focusing my report on. Service is a great thing and one we have learned and appreciated more everyday since you left on your mission. It makes the world such a better place when we focus on the service of others and not ourselves. Sounds like it was a great and wonderful week. We had our neighborhood Christmas party last night at the moss home, it was a great time. We volunteered to help with it next year. It was nice to have it early cause dec is so crazy. We got to visit a lot with the snyders and we talked about your lunch with her sister, it was wonderful. It was nice to catch up with the neighbors since we don't see them very often anymore at church. Everyone said hello and happy holidays, they couldn't believe that you only had a little over seven months left. We are pounding things out here and know you are there. Have an amazing week and stay safe, healthy and smilin. Love you so very much!!! " Be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine but most of all be thankful!" Face throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kiss love mommaRevolving hearts
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hey at least you got out though! hopefully black friday turns out well! how was the choir concert? thank you for sending me all those events by the way I has a ysa leader ask me for some ideas! so you went with the rupp and of course I remember the rupp, with the funky handlebar arrangement! hey we are going to costco today!!! haha! way to serve gma and gpa haha! temple!!! fun! mom will rock it! sure she did! oh man! let the parties begin!!! who all is going to disneyland this year?! sounds fun! love you all have a great week pops!

sorry that is was this week! but I bet you did great! becca has four weeks left haha! all of the sisters that I went into the MTC with are going home soon too, so it is super weird!!! they are having her 12/2 right?! hope work is ok for Kar! happy thanksgiving! we are gonna eat well this next two weeks! thanksgiving and then I think we are gonna eat Thai food for my bday haha! we will probably buy some pizza for thanksgiving because no one really celebrates it here, but the day after we get to go to taibei so I bet we will eat some of their leftovers:) That it totally ok with the package! thank you very much love ya! I hope that I have grown it sure feels like it! I am almost 20 I am still freaking out about that! hah! service is the best! haha her sister is nice,  it was super fun! you can thank her for that! :) thanks! I bet that party was fun! that is nuts! time flies! anyway! have a great week and I will too, the Lord makes every week great out here! I love that quote! love you all have a great week! 

here was this week! we had a great week from the beginning! last monday night we had a Filipino man self contact us and say "well I have been wondering about the Mormons so I figured now might be a good time to ask!" he then was willing to meet another day! Then on Tuesday we got to go on exchanges, I was here with Elder Sessions, we had the opportunity to keep cleaning, this time we got to break boards, so not only was it service it was super fun too! we were sad because we had not had a ton of finding time that day so as we are walking into a restaurant for dinner we saw these two girls sitting on a scooter, and we went and talked to them about the gospel! they both were willing to be baptized and set back up! The Lord can place people in the most random spots! we just have to be finding all the time! It was a really cool experience! This week between me and Elder Larsen we got to do four baptismal interviews! I love interviews! they are always such spiritual experiences as people share with you the reasons they want to get baptized! and even though they take some time on the train, we also get to see great miracles finding people on the train rides there and back! We also got to go to Guishan this week, and we saw huge miracles!!!  It really has been such a great week! we also got to see the power of chapel tours! they are very innocent ways to get people into the church and feeling the Spirit! we hope to do tons this upcoming week!


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