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Hello Caden,

Ok I have missionary mom Sunday on the 29th, which means I am reporting on you. Want would you like me to report and pass on from you? What stories or scriptures, and experiences you would like me to share. Your favorite thing about Taiwan, people you have met, etc, any messages you would like me to pass on, any words of advice for anyone not sure if they want to serve or not ? I have to take about 7 mins.
Ok that's out of the way, how was your week? So sorry to hear about elder Larsen's sister and their families loss, we are praying for them. I wasn't implying anything with that quote, I just liked it, ok maybe I wasWinking face, when you come home and date pick a great YW. As to your question, what has increased my faith, I think there are a lot of things each and everyday that increase my faith, those everyday experiences as well as the big things that my sadden us or challenge us. Some days more then others! I think one for instance is yesterday was ward clean up for our home ward and building cleaning for our YSA ward. Dad and I divided and conquered. He helped here at home and I went to YSA. Just to see all the people especially in our home ward who truly love helping others, it's a faith builder, and nothing is ever expected in return. We had a great turn out at both places. That kind of stuff makes the world a much better place when we are selfless. What has strengthened your faith? I bet there are many things on a mission and on a daily basis that strengthen faith. All of the experiences you write home about are truly faith strengtheners. I hope we can all let our faith grown and strengthen.
On that guy who needs to earn money, how come he has no ID can he get some? Thats great you can help him clean and try to become self sufficient. Saturday sounds like it was a great but busy day! Do you get to do baptisms for the dead often? I like that faith is trust in the power of love. " Acting on even a twig of faith allows god to grow it." I hope you have a safe and wonderful week. Mitchell's are home and back into the swing of things. Girls are doing better and not as scared about the fire. Morrey's are doing well and waiting for sis to come, just a few weeks now and we will send another adorable pic of your niece. I know you will be careful to enjoy your pics but be cautious of elder Larsen's feelings at the same time. Love you so very much son, we get to talk in just a few weeks. It will be great to hear your voice and see that face. We want to hear some chineseThumbs up signWinking face. " gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." Take care, be happy and safe, love ya mommaFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heart️ Thanks for helping me report on youThumbs up signGrinning face with smiling eyes

Hi Son
We are still waiting for snow πŸ˜• hopefully we get some this week supposed to snow Monday and Tuesday.. If we don't get something soon we will need to rethink our day after thanksgiving plans.. I think I told you, we took all the sleds over to power house to be fixed or sold, I think I may get a new used sled this year (a Red and black Rupp 900)   It might not be much of an upgrade but they say it's easier to ride and it looks dang cool! My Dad is looking seriously at a ranger with tracks and a new trailer it will fit in, by the end of the month we may end up with 3 trailers plus the one we rolled.. I'll let you know and send pics..
Monday for FHE we did family history stuff, I talked about "book of remembrance" stuff, mom talked about her grandpa Roden. Tuesday Mitchell's  made us dinner (Mac and cheese goodness, was AWESOME) and we chilled at home. Wednesday katie had a baby shower, Thursday the Mitchell's moved back home (happy sad) we will miss the company. Friday we went to the movies, a Tom hanks film "bridge of spies" Cold War drama - we both liked it, made us think about how fortunate we are living in today's world and economy. Also brings up the question about the economy their in Tawain, we assume it's strong and stable.. Yes?
Saturday was busy as usual, I started with helping the YMYW of the 5th ward with yard cleaning, mom helped our YSA ward clean the church that went till a little after 10, then we met up for hard core Christmas light work πŸ˜•, we decided to change it up this year, we put all the lights in the front locus trees. I felt like a monkey most the day, major tree climbing (missed you!) took us over 8 hours, still not finished, mom will send pics.. I'm super sore today from all the climbing. Today is third Sunday so we will be together at Jensen's, family is good time, I'm looking forward to the holidays! You asked about faith promoters, I think family is a big one! When you think about the plan of salvation and how important families are in both the path that gets us where we need to be, and the joy we have when we accomplish our eternal goal. Families prove to be both a cornerstone and keystone. My faith grows as I love, serve, and be served by my family! I guess the other cool faith promoting thing I think of is "service" obviously in families we get the opportunity to serve. This gospel gives us plenty of opportunity to serve, through service my faith grows in our purpose here on earth! Thank you for your example of service, you are killing it, and our family is blessed because of you.
Thanks much!
Love ya

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oh man you have to do that?! anything that I sent home that you want to report on go ahead! as for things learned or for people to here, simply put, when you serve you come closer to God! and also we need to be aware of where are priorities are! Favorite thing about Taiwan, oh man, probably just the fact that no one is really straight out rude, they are commonly a very polite people!  sorry I know I didnt give you much, but there is tons in the past like 16 months! I will pick the woman that I need and she will be far better than you can even imagine! haha! but thank you for praying for him! he is doing good now! I really like those experiences thank you for sharing that I totally agree and like you said all of my faith building experiences are in these emails haha! but that brother is from japan and his visa expired! we never get to do baptisms, it used to be against the rules, but now we can:) good to hear the mitchells are home again! and that KT is doing good, is she already in the hospital?! It is nuts how fast that last seven months has gone huh! I like that quote! we all need to have some gratitude every once in awhile! thank you momma! love ya much! keep up the good work! also you can share how important knowledge is! oh man that is so important! anyway yup! love ya! 

pops! an I hope it snows for ya! but holy cow! that would be nuts, and a rupp wow I was not expecting that! I am pumped to see what happens! I think your books of rememberance were super cool! hey we ate mac and cheese too! oh by the way thank you for the package! that was so delicious! the economy is pretty good here, but I dont really know that much, everyone complains about business, but that happens everywhere haha! I will have to find that out when I come home haha! so you are going ham on the trees that is so sick! I am sorry you are sore! if it makes you feel better I have been sore too haha! That is super sick thank you for those thoughts! I agree family and service! we learned that a lot this week! haha! so cool we learn the same things! keep up the good work! love you big guy! if I can do anything for you all let me know!
here was my week! This week although good was very interesting, we did a lot of cleaning, but this week it wasn't our house, it was an RC's house! He is cleaning it up so that he can have people rent it, he is hurting for money, so some ward members talked to him and are helping him get it all ready, and they asked us to help him, it has been a blast! It has also been a miracle to see his countenance change as his house changes! This week we also got to see hearts softened for the gospel as a nonmember father watched his daughter get baptized with his other nephew, and another nonmember father as he attended the funeral of his son who just passed away, it was very cool to hear everyone bear their testimonies of the Plan of Salvation and the importance of the gospel at both of these events! The Spirit was so strong! This week I also learned the importance of enduring a little longer in contacts, this week we contacted this kid, at the beginning he was super shy and wouldn't say much, almost seemed like he didn't want to talk then my companion asked, "well what do you think about all this Christian stuff?" the kid looks up at him and in English replies "well, I love it!" he then set up for this next week! so cool!!! last cool miracle of the week, we were going to a different place to contact, and there was this lady that we felt like we should talk to on the way, so we pulled over, she looked at us, and knew who we were, she said, "hey Elder Jensen, I have seen you before at church!" come to find out, she really had! she was a members step mom, she had a nice lesson with us on the street and set up for this next week! It is cool how just small little things can make it so that people remember missionaries and are willing to set up another day! overall it was a great week!

last but not least, I need you to look up some chinese lyrics for me, if you just copy and paste this into google it should come up, then can you send them to me? thank you love you! η΅¦ζˆ‘ηœ‹ηœ‹δ½ ηš„η…§η‰‡lyrics

love you! 


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