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Sup Caden
The last week of October was a good one here at home. Monday we had the YSA ward over for pizza desserts on the treggar, Tuesday was inventory at work so I had to work late, Wednesday mom and I cut lawns and then I had church meetings, Thursday was a chill night at home, Friday we went to the movie "Intern" and then out for sushi. Saturday was chill for holloween, we will be sending some pics 😀 we did the usual visit the grand parents etc., Sloppy joes at Rodens...
You asked about Testimony builders: for me, the importance of goals and definition in our lives. So often people get lost because they drift away unknowingly. Even I have been caught in that lack of focus. Your decision to serve and the changes in you sister lives with marriage and family have given me an opportunity to reorganize and focus on what is important. Thanks for setting such a great example and choosing to live your life with purpose Smiling face with open mouth
Hope you have a great week, this week should be pretty chill here at home.. Not much planned, weather is supposed to turn good (snow) hopefully. Take care,
Love ya

Happy Halloween Caden,
I can't remember if I asked you but, do they celebrate Halloween there? Not to many trick or treaters for us this year. They do so much down town of each city now that they don't come through neighborhoods quite as much. Plus so many wards do trunker treat, too much candy! Good Halloween here, we did a Piñata in the garage for the kids full of toys and stuff like that, then off to jensens to visit. Then to Roden's for the party. Jensen was a vampire as you can see, wearing your costume and the ladies were salt and pepper. Linc was a football. Sent you some pics of changes in Springville. The light at reams and two new assisted living places just off the exit. Jakers pumpkin farm and I will send some more as things come. Voting on a new aquatic center for Springville Tuesday at the polls, and a smiths market place is supposed to come in where the church baseball diamonds are. Spanish fork over by costco has exploded with restaurants and businesses. Sending a package tomorrow so hopefully you will get it in a week or two. We will send your birthday/ Xmas in a few weeks. How are things and how are you? How's the health? When the holidays come do you have much service to do? To your question, something that has strengthened my testimony lately is this YSA ward just due to the amount of how many young adults that aren't married. It sure makes you value and appreciate family and an amazing spouse like dad. Also to not expect perfection and love and grow together. Last but not least to not judge, you have no idea what others are going through. Now right back at ya, I know you have testimony builders every day but what has been your most recent one and or most life changing one. As for something you can pray for nothing to serious but jensen is sick so for him and Mitchell's had a fire in their kitchen, everyone is ok but they are living here until everything is fixed and put back together. It was a grease fire, from making doughnuts. No damage to any other apartments. Lots of smoke in theirs. We are all ok! No more doughnut making!!! How are things in your neck of the woods? How is the investigating going and the baptizing going? Heading to Jameson's blessing today, Patrick and Kate's baby. Everyone sends their love and miss ya much. Hope you're taking care of yourself. Olivia Monney got her call, she is going to San Jose Cali, leaving in February. Almost eight months sir, crazy, and exciting, but I know you have lots to do there still, so work hard like I know you do and will. Love you very much and appreciate your example, you're the greatest!!!! Have a spectacular week! "Be the one who nurtures and builds.  Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart-one who looks for the best in people. Leave them better than you found them." That's the definition of a missionary to me. Love you much, love momHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kiss
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the treggar is getting a workout lately haha! you love that thing huh! how was inventory? how was the movie? good to hear that halloween is still fun! many trick or treaters this year? I like that a lot! focus is super important, or we just wont get anything done! do you have any specific experiences where you have like seen that help you in life? sorry lots of questions I just want to learn a lot about you two! I love you guys! hope it snows for ya! have a great week big guy! love you big guy!
momma! they hai hao celebrate it (so not really) that is weird that halloween is less busy! but that is fun the pinata! super sick! did he freak our too about dying his hair black haha! that is super fun! so cute! that is fun all those changes! hopefully that center gets approved!!! that is nuts, everything is exploding! super weird! you are way too nice to me! by the way, if my account money fluctuates this week it is because I had to buy some tennis shoes, my blue ones are shot, and it will be way cheaper to buy them here! health is great I am good, just had super bad diarrhea this morning haha! even better it was while we were reporting with president! hahahahahahahaa! Elder Larsen was losing it! not tons of service:( but it is ok! I like that a lot and actually in my weekly report I will share two things i have learned this past week! so super cool that you asked! tell jens to get better and mitchells I love them! that is rough! the investigators are going good, and I am investigating too, just after baptism and that is going great too haha! baptizing is getting there, we should have some in november:) that is super sick! super cool for olivia! she will do great! This last Eight is just gonna be pounding it out, I have learned a lot about teaching! a lot, and I just keep trying to improve! any suggestions? I like that quote though! love you all very much!
here is my past week! great week! so nice to go to the temple! such a great place I want to spend tons of time in there when in the future! This week we also got to go on another exchange with the Yingge (bade) Elders, and see tons of miracles! We really saw the importance of remaining positive! We got stood up at a lesson in Nankan, which is a little bit of a bike ride, but we found it as an opportunity to find in a place that we don't get to go to as often, and it worked! We had two lessons and two new investigators within the next 20-30 mins! Then as we were biking back we met a man on the side of the road who was a chef, he was out drinking during his work break, and he really needed help! it was a miracle that we got stood up, or we never would have met this man and been able to tell him how big his potential actually is! This week we have been focusing a lot on improving our studies, really giving them a purpose, bringing a question, and it is making our studies so much more effective and much more Spiritual! This past week I especially got the opportunity to study the Atonement, it helped me realize how valuable the life of Christ is, and how we can always keep stepping forward in faith! I also got to study faith, that is an incredible thing, and I also realized that the more faith we have, the less that we will desire signs or "proof" of things, we will just know that they are true! so cool!  super good week and super good studies! well love you all! talk to you soon! can I buy shoes by the way?


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