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Hello Bro
We are still waiting for snow 😕 hopefully we get some this week.. Monday for FHE we played a game called smurf and did Carmel apples, Tuesday karlie and jake cooked us dinner and we chilled at home. Wednesday I got my haircut, Thursday my dad and I had the Fairview lakes association meeting, Friday mom and I went to the new 007 movie. Saturday we cleaned our YSA church building then we worked around the house and yard, then went to the Jazz game with the Clyde company tickets - includes dinner at the Lexus club and we sit right on the floor. Sunday has been busy, it's the Springville stores yearly inventory so I had to stop in for that.
We've had the Mitchell's living with us this past week, they will probably be here till mid next week when they get their apartment put back together. It's been different having people around, mom and I had settled into the empty nester deal. Having the babies around has been entertaining and fun Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Heard a good one this week, 2 Nephi 9:39 "SMILE" spiritual minded is life eternal. - life is much easier when we put things in perspective, plus I like it when people smile Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes you have always been positive and one who outwardly shows enthusiasm and joy. Thanks for being you!
Love ya

Hello bub,

Of course you can buy shoes. How are the church shoes holding up? Feet doing ok? Yes Springville is growing and the bond for the aquatic center passed. It will be complete by 2017, so glad it passed. Been a busy week with Mitchell's here. Girls have been good and it's been fun to wake up to them calling for grandma and grandpa. They are doing better about the whole fire. They didn't want to go home but now that things are getting fixed and cleaned they are doing better. Linc is growing like a weed, chubby boy, 12 lbs already. Jensen is feeling much better, had to be on a steroid for a few days, makes him not himself. But now he is off it and doing good. Hopefully everyone else can stay healthy. Fun time at the jazz game. Sat across from they jazz pres. and two rows from the owners, the millers. The man we took brought his son who is ten. Nice young boy and he had fun. That's the way to see a game! So cool to hear that the lessons and the studying is going very well and you are finding ways to improve the habits. Sorry for the runs, that stinks, literally. Many problems with the tummy?  So how many different places have you lived in? Have you seen much of becca, or do you not have a lot of conferences that you both go to. I like what you said about faith. My faith is getting stronger but some days I have to remind myself how important faith is. Without faith life would be even harder then it it is with faith, can't imagine. To many people are willing to give up and walk away from their faith, makes for hard times that's for sure. Went to Parker's welcome home with kar and the kids, he did a good job. Good to see the Francis family. I don't think we told you, Jordan is married and hay is dating a kid, pretty seriously. He is a nice kid and treats her great. All of the friends really like him and so do their spouses. Katie has her date set for her c section, Tuesday dec 2nd, so less than a month. Mckaye Tobler, Emily kts friend and I think her friend Courtney ricks are all due around the same time. Crazy how many babies there are due this fall and winter. Chelsea walker Lifferth is also due then. Hope you're holding up well, sure proud of ya and miss ya a ton, but thankful and blessed to have you doing the lords work and helping bless others! Hope the companionship is doing well and you keep smilin, like you said these next 8 months, pound it out man!!! If you need anything please let us help. We put money in your account, even after purchasing shoes you have over $150 US. Hope you found some nice shoes.
Love you very much, be safe love momFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heart️"A mans success has a lot to do with the kind of woman he chooses to have in his life." Keep smilin Smiling face with open mouthWinking faceSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyes
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hopefully you get some snow, haha me and elder larsen have been telling snowmobiling stories how was the movie and the meeting? sounds like the jazz game was a blast, you are getting all high up haha! how is inventory, is it annoying? I hope all is going well with the mitchells I bet having them at home is fun! tell them Hi! I love that quote, that was our seminary theme my senior year! super cool! we also got a training on smiling about a week ago it is so important! super sick! love you big guy! 
mama! the shoes are sick and were pretty inexpensive! my feet are doing great and so are my church shoes! that will be super sick! I will get to see it get built! I bet it is super cute to hear them call for ya! dang he is big!!! good to hear jens is doing better! is he still super happy? That jazz game sounds super sick! I bet that was fun! the stomach is fun, it is just hard to get regular because we eat tons of different foods at tons of different times haha! I have lived in banqiao, zhonghe, Daan, and Taoyuan, I see becca at least once a month! faith is the bomb! what do you think has increased your faith lately? the world is sad sometimes, but that is why we are here right? to make it better! good to hear that hay is dating a kid! she is a champ! That is super sick! I wont be the lone december baby anymore! also can you pray for elder Larsen's sister kylie, she just miscarried twins, thank you:) and hug my nieces and nephews a little tighter for me! that is tons of babies!!! thank you for all you do! you all are the best! I like that, and that was a cheeky marriage reference haha!
here was my week! We saw tons of miracles this week, the first one being in the life of a recent convert! his life has been really rough and he doesn't have any ID here in Taiwan so he cannot get work, but the bishop has been working with him and so have some other members and they have made ways that he can make money, one of them being renting out parts of his house to singles in the ward who need places to live! so this upcoming week we get to help him clean out his house and get it all ready!!! such a great miracle for this brother in our ward! We also had a miracle of finding a former investigator in a restaurant and having him set up, as we met with him a lot of his concerns came out! We also got to have a miracle exchange, me and Elder Bezzant had selected some places to go, but as we passed this street we felt very strongly to go down it and knock, then go to the other places later that night, so we turned down that street and we found three people that set up, then as we went to the other place at night, we found this girl whose grandmother had just passed away, we shared the Plan of Salvation, she went home told her parents, and they all came to church on Sunday, such a miracle! the Lord is in His work!!! Then Saturday was such an incredible day, we got to start out the morning with Baptisms for the Dead with RC's (which was also cool to see Elder Larsen do baptisms for the dead for the first time) followed by an incredible temple tour, incredible studies and lessons with RC's all night! such a great day! the Spirit was very powerful!  me and Elder Larsen have also been studying Christ-like Attributes, it is cool to reflect on how we have progressed and how we can continue to do so! Faith is the best, we studied that today, cool little thing that we learned is that Faith is trust in the power of love, so as we have Faith in Christ we trust in the power of his loving Atonement, pretty cool! great week! well love you all! and have a great week! talk to you soon! if I can help at all let me know! praying for ya all! and dont worry I will pound it out, I couldnt not it would drive me nuts! love ya! 


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