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Hi Caden
Time is flying, Fall is a cool time of year. Do you get much season change over there? Monday we didn't have FHE because stake conference and new callings so we just hung out working around the house. Tuesday mom had Jensen for the day and we hung with the Morrey's for a while that evening. Wednesday mom did some shopping why I tinkered around the house, Thursday Dave Morrey and I went to a boondocker snowmobile movie premier up in SLC, we where amongst quite a few rednecks, but it was cool to watch and catch the fever for sledding this year. Friday Mom and I went to the conference center for a Latino event or celebration with David Archelletta, one of our YSA members is in the production and gave us tickets. It was a cultural experience Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Saturday was a busy day with some work around the house, winterized the boat, went to the intermountain snowmobile show with my dad in SLC, loaded 5 of the 900 sleds in the trailer, had the girls and grandkids over for pizza on the treggar, then went to a YSA fireside with Elder Ballard. Not sure what I'm going to do with sleds this year.. Ours are getting pretty old and the new ones are getting much lighter and easier to handle. (Stay tuned) Dad is also looking for a Polaris ranger that he can put tracks on, that seems to be the best solution right now for an all terrain solution for travel into the cabin.
Elder Ballard gave a good talk about staying close to the line or on the right side, he gave funny analogies of sheep and goats, saying no one wants to be a goat.. They do stupid things.. Such as, messing with porn and not living the "word of wisdom," Sometimes Elder Ballard reminds me of my Dad cause he gets to the point with such individual personality. (Which could offend, but obviously not intended)  Way funny when Ballard gave marriage advice to the YSA members and told the boys to "Wake up" and the girls to "put on some lipstick."
I know you are awake, hopefully girls will still be wearing lipstick next summer when you come home. Your progression in life is amazing thanks for setting such a great example for us all!
FYI those extra people in the pumpkin pics we sent last week were friends of my mom and dad, we will send pics of the garage this week. It is pretty much finished except for resurfacing the floor and labeling where stuff is.
Sure love and miss you
Take care

Howdy bud,

Time is just flyin, another week down and a new one has begun. How was your last week? Sounds like things are going well there and you have all kinds opportunity to teach. Do you enjoy the walking or do you miss the bike? Thanks for the pics, we love them! Just seeing that face is wonderful! We are thinking of sending a package pretty soon, any request and or wants or needs. How are you on all your toiletries and such. Need any pro active? What kind of treats or food can you not get there that you are craving, we will send it if we can. We had a fireside last night with elder Ballard , it was a good one just reminding our young adults and all of us to stay on the right hand of the white line. Steer clear of porno and all the other stuff that really ruins lives. Get married and quit expecting perfection, no one is perfect. The girls to care a bit about their appearance. That you can be much happier and successful with a spouse not to mention the support you gain from having a spouse. Also at stake conference to be sheep not goats cause goats are stupid and do dumb stuff. Sheep follow and are smarter. Good stuff and great guidance to follow. Crying a few tears is good, especially when their tears of joy and happiness. I agree that the law of chastity is an amazing thing when it's obeyed. It's a very important one so we can be an eternal family. That pride one is sometimes a tough one, but one that can keep us from being the best we can be and cause others and ourselves a lot of pain. You and your sisters have always been a good example of not being puffed up or prideful. Loving and doing for others cause you can and want to, not for the glory or attention. Pride can be a very destructive thing, you're right. I think that's is one of the biggest down falls in the world today. Being humble is a gift and a blessing. Great to hear the zone is doing great, just knowing you I'm sure that great things will come from and in your zone! I love that we have always been able to get blessings from dad and have family who can fill in when others can't at the time. Pretty lucky and thankful for that opportunity from our priesthood holders who, honor and obey this covenant. You have always been very mature for your age but to see your growth is amazing, so loving and concerned about others, I love it! We are sending some pictures, dad's new office in the other room, garage almost finished need to finish the floor, going to do a dark brown like rubber finish on it. Families are doing well, Marlie and Jensen both have asthma but it's not too bad. Linc has been a little sick but is getting better. June lost a toenail due to dropping a huge rock on her foot. Nothing too major. Jake starts nursing school in January and things will be crazy for a little over year till he gets done, but we are glad he is going to get it done. As it gets a little closer we will discuss classes and unfreezing your scholarships, I don't think you will be able to do it from there. Do you hear from your friends much? Are they all doing well?  Hope you are well, please keep yourself safe and take good care of you!!! We love you very very very much son, love mommaFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss " Practice the pause. When in doubt, pause. When angry, pause. When tired, pause. When stressed, pause. And when you pause, pray." Heavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart

Ps the pumpkins, jensens spider and the pic of the girls owl and ghost  are big adhesive stickers. We wish we could paint that good. Just to let you know how much Springville is growing, they put a light right there at the reams intersection. They took out a house and put in the light. Makes it nice and easier. I will try and get some pics to ya of the changes in town.
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fall is nice, the weather starts to get a little less humid here! I bet that movie was sick! next winter man! but I bet that the latino thing was cool! man that sounds like a nuts day though! how was the show, and oh man the treggar! man as long as I can ride a snowmobile when I get home I will be happy! haha the tracked up ranger would be cool though! haha I bet that talk was awesome! I love Elder Bednar, and I totally see how he is like grandpa! haha they seem like a cool family and man the garage looks incredible!!!! way to be! love you big guy! thanks for all you do pops! you are a champ! see ya soon! 

momma! we got bikes back! finally walking was fun though! as for the package, if you really want to they dont have like sweet stuff, like starbursts, or like sweetarts and stuff like that! everything is all good though, I can buy like anything here! but I bet that fireside was super fun! it sounds solid, I bet it was super powerful! and yeah I am glad that we have both of you! thank you! you are both such humble incredible people! that stinks for the girls but it will be good! xinku june! and link! school is still a little ways away haha! glad to hear jake is going to school that will be good! all of the friends stay in contact, all is good hear, and I love that quote that is great! pumped to see pics of the changes! and I have two questions, what can I pray for you all for, and also what is something that has strengthened your testimony lately? 

here is my week!  What a great week and half it has been! Lots of great experiences in this past ten days! It started off with an incredible district meeting from Elder Wu, he said "can I see all of your name tags, we are going to play charades, but this is a special kind of charades because everyone in the world will be guessing who you are by your actions, and I don't want you to ever stop playing this game of charades, are you ready, I am going to give you back a nametag, and the biggest name on that nametag is the person you are trying to be, I want you to put your whole souls into this one ok!" then he handed us back our nametags and you could feel the Spirit and the sense of responsibility placed upon us! great start to a week full of crazy experiences including taking RC's to the temple, putting on an activity for the wards primary children, meeting with people and trying out lots of different finding methods! we really felt like we followed the Spirit in our finding last week, it felt real good! Then probably one of the biggest miracles was with an LA in our ward! We visited him in his home, and we had been meeting with him for awhile, he was progressing, but this time we really focused on church! We shared a talk from the Liahona, then we discussed with him why we go to church, he thought for awhile, then one concern came out, "Why do we have learn things here, when we are just going to die and go up to Heaven?" we shared with him the scripture of how our knowledge is carried with us, then in boldness, Elder Larsen asks "Brother Liu, we really want to see you at church this week, can you come?" what does he say? "Yes, this week I will be there" he came and the whole ward welcomed him and it was incredible! Last but not least we had a sister just come to church, and in Sunday school, she asked, so if I want to get baptized, how do I do that? we set up with her and will be meeting with her this Friday! Such a good week! We are also super excited to go to the temple today!!! anyway! great week! love you very much! talk to to you soon! love ya! 

me :)


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