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Dear Caden, 
Hello son, how are things? Was it a good week? Sorry to here you had a lot of cancelations but glad you were able to get baptism dates set up. Strange and amazing how things happen. Im excited to hear your take on conference, I like when you give your run down. I enjoy just listening and learning, I never feel like I'm being lectured or being told I'm not trying, rather that we are doing ok and to take it up a notch and do a little better. You can feel their true and devoted love of the gospel as they speak and through their emotion. Never fails I cry through a lot of the talks, shocker right! It is our stake conference in our YSA ward and we are focusing on the lost sheep, the rescue. We have had great talks, and our stake and ward do a great job at watching out for each other but of course we can always do a little better and reach out to more, more often in true genuine love and friendship not just to bring them back to the gospel but befriend them. 
Was it your bike giving you fits? I can picture you and your companion walking and singing and making the most of itWinking face. So glad you could do some service, nothing better than serving others and finding joy in that. It's so true that if you lose yourself in service you don't worry so much about your own troubles. I hope you know how much we love you and are thankful for all you are doing to be the person you want to be the Lord knows you can be, you're awesome son. Be safe and take good care of yourself. Carry on with happiness and love for this great gospel! Missed you, James and Jacob at the pumpkin painting this week, but you are all doing such needed and wonderful work that we can wait til next pumpkin seasonJack-o-lantern. " I adore his smile I cherish his hugs I admire his heart but most all... I love that he is my son." Love you much, love momFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart

P.s. I didn't swim deep in the oceans but I did walk in it and enjoy the day at the beach. Now as for dad he and some others got deep in the water and jumped the waves. Good times, we will do the ocean when you get back and enjoy family time at the beachThumbs up signWinking face. Do you need anything or can we help with anything? 

Hi Caden
Yes, last week in San Diego with mom was a great time! Mom didn't swim hard core but did wade In and out.. I'm soo blessed to have her as a best friend and eternal mate Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes she makes us all better people!
Good times this week, glow in the dark Bowling for FHE and a run to chic fila on Monday. Tuesday mom worked in the yard while I put facings and doors on the cabinets in the garage. Wednesday we hung new lights in the garage and the I had some church appointments for callings and stuff. Thursday my folks had a club event, I helped set up the audio visual stuff for, while there I got to visit with Old Man, he said to say hello, he remembers you better than most any student he ever had.. I think I know why.. You have always been the best at "helping others", your example leaves a lasting impression! Wether that be in wood shop or on the mission. Thanks for being "you!" Friday we mowed lawns and then a sushi run for date night. Saturday we tinkered in the garage.. Painting organizing etc.. Then we had stake conference meetings that started at 4 went till 9.. Good times.. Brad kitchen talked in the priesthood leadership session, he nailed it! Conference was primarily about rescue and the importance of the sabbath, relevant stuff, pretty basic and fundamental if we are truly converted. It's  3rd Sunday so pumpkin painting and soup at the Jensens (we made the potato soup) 
Things are going well here at home, can't wait for your email this week. Hope things are well with you! Let us know if we can assist with anything..
Luv ya
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things are great! great week! but it was overall a good week! great things happen in missionary work haha! I will probably send a pic of the run down because it is super long to type sorry! but I agree I never feel like I am getting scolded! I love it and of course you cry, I almost cried a couple times in this past one! that true friend is so important! I want to be that guy when I get back! I loved Elder Eyring's talk on that! no we had to send Elder Griffin's bike to Xindian and Elder Larsen's bike wasnt here yet! you forget yourself in the service of others, for real!!! I am ok haha! haha such a cute quote haha! love ya mama! and way to be swimming that is cool! I am doing good! life is great out here! love ya mama! 
so cute! I am so happy that you two have such a good relationship, thank you for being such a good example! also thank you for disciplining us as children! that is super important! super fun FHE activity thank you for sending me those by the way, I had a member ask for some ideas haha! so pumped to see the garage! and oh man! Fenton!!! I love that guy! I hope that I can go back and work with them for a little  bit! I love those two! tell them hello! if you see ost tell him too! and being me is fun, oh man sushi! so good, we had some a little bit ago, but it was super expensive! Brad! how is he! tell him to email me! that is a super good meeting! potato soup! that sounds so good haha! things are great here! but here is my week! another great week of missionary work! This week flew by so fast that I can hardly remember it! We had three exchanges and those all went great! just to list some miracles of the week, while in Tao 1 we had a Filipino wave us down and say "Elders, I have a friend, he is looking for your church where is it?" We also got the opportunity to find a super cool girl on in a very short amount of time! the Lord knows our time limits, and He will make stuff happen that is for sure! This week I especially got to see the power of serving other missionaries, since we were on exchanges we got to discuss with people their areas, as well as their personal condition! The Spirit helped us all learn as we discussed goal setting and how to increase our trust and faith in the Lord, there were definitely tears of joy shed this week due to an incredible feeling of camaraderie and love throughout this past week! such a miracle! This past week our church lessons were great as well, we had one on the Law of Chastity, that is so important to families, it is one of things we really need to let everyone know!!! then we also had a lesson on pride. Pride is crazy destructive, and it keeps us in a vicious circle, when we lose our pride, we are humiliated then we want our pride back and we just stay in this circle until we are willing to humble ourselves, and improve, I really liked that lesson! The zone is doing great, we are so excited to keep progressing and keep trying some new teaching methods, and have fun doing it! pretty fun! I got to give a blessing this week, man that is always so cool! I love that, such a blessing that we get to give blessings to others, great week though mom and dad really, we also had this meeting with all of the WML and bishops and we got to see how to better help out zone! super cool, and our last WML that just got released shared some ideas, and I got to talk him up for a little it was fun! haha! love you all have a great week, and just keep being great! love you stay safe! see ya soon! 


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