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Hi Caden
We had a great week in San Diego with work. Monday for FHE we reviewed general conference as a group, fun to see others insights. Tuesday we mowed lawns, I got a hair cut and we visited with the week old Lincoln Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes he is a good looking baby. Karlie is a great Mom. Wednesday we flew to San Diego early in the morning. We toured the town a bit on our own then we met as a group for dinner. Thursday after meetings we hung at the beach-great times! Then had an awesome dinner at Flemings. Friday we went on a Segway tour and had harbor cruise with dinner. All great stuff! Saturday we toured the city on our own a bit more and then flew home for jakes Bday party and the football games, both Utah and BYU won their games the U.S. tied Mexico in soccer.. Dallin came home last week, she came to our YSA ward today, she is soo solid.. Remember how we used to home teach them.. Crazy..
Time is flying.. I thought things would slow down with the empty nest situation mom and I are in, but we seem as busy as we were when all three of you kids were in sports.. Anxiously engaged is a good thing right? If nothing else it sure helps the testimony because of the service aspect Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Hope things are going well for you
Let me know how we can assist
We sure Love you 

Hello bubba, 
How's the new companionship, good I hope. Sounds like you are being blessed with some success. Glad that you have a testimony and you can share it with others and they can feel how much you love this gospel. So which typhoon was worse the first or second? I'm just glad you are safe! How is everything, health, face, clothes, shoes and everything else? This last week for us was busy but fun. Mitchell's and Morrey's are doing well and Mitchells are adjusting to the new baby, the girls really love him.  Jake's family heads home tomorrow, they had a big party for Jake and Matt Saturday. Mine and dad's trip was a lot of fun, a few meetings for Dad but a lot of fun and getting to know new people. It's nice working for a company who believes in family and faith. One of the couples we met has a son named A Clyde, he served in your mission and knows who you are and served with Elder Griffin. The hotel we stayed in reminded me of an updated really elegant hotel California Tower of terror hotel. I think it was a nice relaxing time for all who went. Thank you Clyde companies! Forgot to tell you Colby just got engaged to Sarah.. good news right. "When you do your part, the Lord adds his powers to your efforts. "Henry B Eyring love you sooo very much son. Thanks for your example! Love momFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartFace throwing a kiss

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I will send you my report of conference next week! a one liner from every talk! that is fun though! and by the way that is a good looking hair cut! such a cute little guy! kar is doing good? good! knew she would! that is super fun! did mom swim?!  sounds like a great trip! super fun! man this week was packed that is awesome! hope the party went well! way to be on the sports! that is nuts on Dallin! that seems like yesterday! I got the ward newsletter and she has changed a ton I just hope it stays permanent! that is nuts that she is home! but yeah you are crazy busy but that is good because you are busy with good things! I loved conference man so much on parenting! thank you for being such a good example of that you are doing great just keep being solid that is how you can help! love you ! 

momma! I love Elder Larsen! he is doing great! I found out that my companion in Pocatello is now married!!! nuts! and yeah this past week has been nuts! testimony is the best! it brings such a Spirit! the first one was worse for sure! everything is doing great! I hadnt worn one of my pairs of pants and I broke it out the other day and that was fun ha! but we are good! I bet the girls love his guts! hope the mitchells are safe! I love their family! that is super nice that majority of the company is Mormon haha! that is way nice! segway tours instead of everyone blowing cash on alcohol! haha of course I know him, I know his twin little sisters too! sounds like a nice hotel! so sick! i love those two! that is super solid! their children will be champions! that is awesome!!! and I absolutely loved that talk! almost cried lots in that one! such a good conference! love you all! also cool thing! teach with pictures, a missionary helped me see how powerful that can be! super cool! anyway here was my week!
   What a blessed week we have had this past week! Lots of people cancelled on us this past week, but we had the opportunity to find a lot more people who were very willing to set baptismal dates and meet with us again another day! Some small cool things on the week, on wednesday we only had one bike so we had to walk to a members house who lived about 20 minutes away, so we left a little early so we could contact, in a situation where we could've complained my awesome companion started to sing a song, so we just started singing hymns together in the middle of an exciting "Praise To The Man" verse we saw a young boy and contacted him, him and his mother were Christian and we very willing to meet another day and come to english class! so awesome!!! We also had another night where we just walked around this park for about 2.5 hours, that was a ridiculously fast amount of time, we talked to everyone we could and we were able to find new investigators not only for our area, but also for the area of the missionary I was on exchanges with!!! Then we also had the opportunity to find in the rain, I love finding in the rain! we went to a park, there were four people in the park, we chose two, and they were ready to be taught and set up to come to church this upcoming week, then three more came into the park, they were all friends, we talked to them and the Spirit helped them learn of the love God has for them, they went from not believing in anything, to wanting to pray everynight! so cool! Lastly we had the opportunity to do some service for our ward, they had a ward BBQ and we got to go prepare and eat some great food and clean up the dishes after it was cool to see all of the sisters in the ward have some time to relax after everyone was finished eating! really great night and you could feel the love of the ward family! so good! The Lord prepares people that is for sure! quick quote from conference too! "The future of our faith is not by chance, but by choice!" super solid! anyway! love you momma and poppa and all of the family! keep up the good work! talk to you next week! love ya! 


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