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Hi Son,
Hope your week was good and productive. Great letter last week! Busy week here at home, dad gave you a run down. This week is another busy one. Dad is out of town Monday to Wednesday for work stuff and I have the ladies Tuesday to Wednesday because Karlie is going in to have Lincoln on Tuesday. They are going to take him C-section because she is not making progress and they want everything to be safe. So we will be sending you pictures next Sunday of your new nephew, so exciting! Crazy times here and things are changing but it's for the better. Sometimes change is hard but that is how we grow. Everyone is busy and happy, and always thinking of Caden. Temple night was great Thursday, really crowded though, but crowded is good at the temple. Dad and I enjoyed the time we can go and forget about the world and all its worries and enjoy the temple. Do you have another temple trip coming up anytime soon?
As to your question, I'm not sure I have a favorite but if I had to choose one I would have to say honor thy father and mother. I think we have become to laxed as a society and don't honor our parents and that is kind of the problem today. We seem to not want to have to answer to anyone, or Obey our parents. Dad and I were pretty stinking lucky and blessed to have the kids that we have who love us and made good choices, and I think you all valued family and the gospel. Not saying that you didn't have struggles and were perfect, but I think you all had a firm foundation in the Gospel. I'm grateful for the relationship that you all have with your savior and heavenly father as well as dad and I and each other. Now if I had to choose one that I thought was hard I guess it would have to be thou shall not covet. Sometimes it's hard to not want what someone else has, that's another problem, not finding happiness in what we are blessed with and being content. Each day I try to be a little happier, a little more productive, a little more positive and a lot more grateful. Everyone has their own problems and worries but we still need to concentrate on what we.. I have been blessed with. We have been given so much. Now a homework assignment for you, what would you say has been your biggest blessing on your mission? Hope this week for you is stellar. We love you so much, and are very proud of you. Thankful for your hard work and service in the Gospel. Take good care of your self, know that we love and miss you. " I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, then stand with the world and be judged by God." Love you so much be safe and happy, love momFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss

Hello bro
This past week was homecoming week for SHS, it sure was a busy time of year for you a couple years ago. Our week was great! Monday for FHE we had a bicycle rodeo, we took Marlie with us cause Jake and Kar took June for some one v one time, Tuesday we had June over cause it was Marlies turn with mom and dad. Good times with the grand kids.. Wednesday was the twins b day, we hung at Karlie and Jakes place, Thursday was our YSA ward temple night, and Friday we mowed lawns and went out for some subway. That night Springville pounded Uinta in the homecoming football game like 60-7.
Saturday we continued to work in the garage (it's a significant remodel..) we also helped can and brook move to a new home over by maple Mtn high school.. That night we watch Utah take it to Oregon 62-13, that win should get us in the top ten rankings Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes BYU got killed 32-0 by Michigan Crying face
You asked about commandments, hard ones to keep are those that require additional sacrifice that we may not be used to, staying away from drugs is pretty easy, but if I had to stop drinking diet coke that would be hard.. Right? I think knowing the "why" of commandments makes them easier to keep, the lord has a plan and the commandments are part of the process to make salvation work.
But when it gets down to it, sometimes the hardest part about living commandments is the "action," not just talking about it.. More like Sins of omission.. I do like the saying - "that which we persist in doing becomes easier, because our ability to "do it" has increased" - kinda works both ways dough.. 😕 keeping the commandments isn't to tuff if that's what we do... And who we are..
But most important is to be prepared cuz as you know, 我宁愿是幸运的比好 and luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Hope things are going well with you, we will send some pics, let us know if you need anything
Love you!!
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This was a great week! sounds like this week will be fun! so pumped to see little link! I will be praying! change is great, hard but great! the temple is the best right?! that last week was a blast! and our temple trip is next month i believe! I like that one too! I have great parents though so it was super easy! haha! I am grateful for all you have taught me especially in the church! thank you both of you love you! that one is hard sometimes right, we have to find the balance between wanting to improve and coveting! thankyou for that, and the biggest blessing, three: I have had incredible companions, the Lord has blessed you all with lots of cool stuff, and I have organized my priorities the way that they should be! this will be a crazy but good week! love you and miss you, but this nine months will go way too fast! ahhhh!!! love that quote! love you and by the way, everything is good with the typhoon dont worry! 

hey pops! homecoming what a blast! fun rodeo that is fun that they are taking the girls out alone! that will be fun! happy birthday! so fun! solid subway, they have that here:) solid games for springville and utah! sick, and thank you for sharing that, I feel you with the sins of omission those ones are hard, just cause we kinda forget stuff sometimes, we really just need to remember! and yeah knowing the why is good, even if sometimes that why is "Cause God Told us to!“ glad that you had a good week! hope this week is great sorry that you have to go out of town again! be safe! love you man! we are good here!
here is my week! What a great week, starting off with an incredible Monday. We had exchanges with the Assistants and we saw miracles!!! We met with an investigator who has a ton of questions, and we brought an RC to help us teach, she had had a lot of questions when she was investigating which made her the perfect member for the lesson, the investigator would bring up a question, then the RC would say "ok, I had this question, and I prayed about it, this is the answer I got, you should pray about it too!" so awesome!!! such a champ! Our investigator left very satisfied, and ready to set up for next time! We had lots of finding this week as well, which went well, we saw many miracles, especially one lady who was baptized into another church about two years ago, but was still having some rough times and had some questions, we were able to answer some, and refer her to the missionaries in her area, lots of referrals this week, fun to see good things come in and out! We also got to go on an exchange with our district leader, Elder Smith and his companion Elder Richards, that was a great exchange, both of them are doing great! We also got the blessing of seeing a member of our ward get married! such a happy day! we got to go on splits with some members and had two incredible lessons! such a miracle! We set a date with one who was having some family problems and then the other two are on track to be baptized soon! such a miracle, the members we chose were also miracles, I was walking with one and he turned to me after the lesson and said, "thank you, I realized how long it has been, I love teaching with you, please invite me more!" music to a missionaries ears!!! This week ended off with a great Sunday! an RC family spoke in sacrament meeting and the Spirit that they brought was incredible, and it seemed like the smaller ward made everyone closer, we feel like a family, and it has only been a week! that could also be because our great Sunday School class was on family roles, but it was just an incredible Sunday!  so solid! well love you if I can do anything for ya just let me know! 愛你們哦!



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