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Boo Ghost Caden
Happy October! How was the week? Glad to hear that you were safe during the typhoon. Glad you had referrals and that you had success this past week. Cool on the exchanges and awesome on the wedding. Sounds like a busy but great week. No better way to end it than a fabulous Sunday that is so spiritual from a great talk. Our week was wonderful and very busy. Our sweet Linc is here and well, cute as can be. Kar is doing well but having to take it easy. I know Karlie sent pics of him. Just think in 8 weeks we will have sister Morrey here. Mar and June are doing pretty good with Linc now that he is home. Let's just say he has three moms, kar, June, and Mar. Mitchell's are doing well, Jakes folks are here for a few days to help and love on all the kids. I'm glad they are here to help because dad and I are gone Wednesday to Saturday for managers and spouses work trip. We are going to San Diego, a few meetings for dad but fun for us also. I think we are paddle boarding and doing the segways and lots of beach time. When we get the garage all done we will send pics. Lots of work but worth it, it's looking nice. I think after this week things slow down a little bit. I'm very thankful for this opportunity you are experiencing with your mission. The growth from this is priceless, and serving The Lord is pretty incredible too.. I know a mission is trying and not easy but I hope the amazing things out weigh the hard. The lives you change are worth it Thumbs up sign! I love sooo very much Caden, please be safe and take care of yourself. "Pray when you feel like worrying, give thanks when you feel like complaining. Keep going when you feel like quitting. Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart
Love mom 

Hello brother
Hope you've had a good week. Ours flew by especially with Lincoln's birth and me being out of town. I was in Grand Rapids Michigan for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a lumber yard roundtable and toured a facility that was similar to Sunroc. As you know Lincoln was born early Tuesday, I didn't get to see him until Wednesday when I got home. Thursday we had a BYU Contruction management dinner and program at Level Edwards stadium in the cougar club. Friday we went to dinner and a movie with Renee and Steve. The movie was called Martian, pretty decent entertainment. Saturday we finished moving the office - mom will send you pictures.. We also painted the cabinets in the garage while listening to conference. Later that day we went to the cabin, grandpa, dave and I did the traditional priesthood session run in mt pleasant. Not sure if you get to watch the sessions, if so, pay attention to elder Anderson's talk...
So far conference has been pretty cool. Great teachings and three cool new apostles. Dave Morrey's friend is Rasbands nephew, close. We are up to the cabin today, good times, great weather. Next October conference you will be with us Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Hope you have a great week 
Let us know if we can help with anything Love Ya!!!
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 happy october! great week! the typhoon was fun! definitely a busy week but fun! link 到了! so sweet! tell kar I am praying for her! and oh man another transfer another baby haha! that is super fun I bet the girls love him! just protect the kid haha! that is super nice that the mitchells came down! and have fun in san diego that will be fun! what are you gonna do during the meetings? super pumped to see the garage! that will be sick! this mission is sick! I am realizing a lot of things that I dont want to change! the church is so important!  the amazing things outweigh the hard if you are willing to look for them! and forget the hard, you just have to commit, and then it is great! I am alive and well dont worry! that is a great quote! love that! needed that! thank you ma! love you! 

dad! man link is here! nuts sorry about the traveling sounds like it went well though! you are getting all high up and dongxi! pumped to see the office! we get to watch them next week and yes that is definitely buhlers companion, and I am so excited to watch it this weekend! it is the best! tell me your favorite parts! I hope that next week I can give another overview! haha next conference I will only have two and a half months left haha! that is funny and weird! life is great here! thank you for sending that pic by the way, that baptismal video that they put together made like everyone cry! such a strong Spirit!
here is my week! What a crazy week! crazy typhoon at the beginning of the week, which was a miracle for Elder Griffin because he needed time to pack and we could set up a bunch of lessons for my new companion Elder Larsen!!! We also had an excellent district meeting on Eternal Perspective this week and the importance of looking ahead, I really liked that, I have been thinking a lot about how much our life on earth affects eternity, it helps you see what is really important! Last week we had helped an LA find the missionary that baptized him and we got to visit him this past week, as we walk in he says "I found my Book of Mormon, I have been reading!" that was great! then we watched a video with him and he said "I really like this, can I get a copy?" He is a very audiovisual learner and so we gave him one of the fireside DVD's and he committed to watch them! such a miracle! Then we had transfers, we are so excited for this upcoming transfer, lots of new missionaries that we get to serve! and I personally am very thankful that Elder Larsen is my companion the same one that I was in a tri with two transfers ago from idaho love the kid!  he is doing great! but after transfers we had our two investigators get baptismal interviews! and they passed!!! We also had the opportunity to go to MLC this week which was great! we focused a lot on baptism and that is exactly what our zone needs right now! we really feel like the trainings that we received will pump everyone up!  We are very excited to start improving our follow up as well, the conference call was nice this morning. Last two things from this week, the baptism was excellent qiu yu feng and her daughter tian jia zhen! they are so solid and shared great testimonies! I also had the privilege of baptizing both of them! the ward has done such a great job of taking them in too! so great! then after the baptism I did a baptismal interview for the Tao 4 Elders, the man that I interviewed had a ton of questions and a really big habit that he was trying to overcome, and the Spirit was so strong in that room as I was able to share some of my experiences, as well as my testimony, it was interesting he kept asking "do you really believe all of this?" and I kept replying "of course I do." and at the end he closed with "Wow, you believe in this a lot!" it was such a testimony building experience! great week! anyway! thank you for all you all do! love you much! keep being great and I will talk to you next week! :0 



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