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Hello bro, 

How's the week. First off, John 4 many miracles the women at the well, many Samaritans believe in Jesus because of his conversation with her. He heals the boy and more believe in Christ. So many wonderful miracles and blessings. How about your thoughts? Thanks for the talk encouragement, and the suggestion. I love that you understand and recognize that it is sometimes the small things that bring us closer to our savior. That is kind of what I am talking on. Recognizing our self worth and that we need to be grateful for the small things in our lives and appreciate them. Agreed on being blessed that dad is not traveling any more. I see a change for the better in both of us. It is nice having him around. Awesome about the 2 new wards. Our home ward is growing with all those new houses being built by the pond. Our YSA ward grew also with new students and people changing roommates. Kind of a different demographic from before. A little younger ward this time. Zion is definitely growing and that is wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your outdoor zone conference and climbing the mountain. So good to hear you so happy and loving this life changing opportunity. I am picturing you smiling right now, and how I love that smile!Grinning face with smiling eyes keep making a difference and changing lives. Excited for your new week and what new questions and topics are in store. Love you so very much. We will send bday pics of the ladies, they are having a small party for them Wednesday. Have a fab week, and a safe one. Take care love momFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss

Hi Bud
Bet you had a good week with zone conference etc. we did pretty good here! Monday was the opening social for our YSA ward at the Pool house by Bertelsons, I was still sick with the tummy flu, so Momma went and had a good time. Tuesday I worked on getting feeling better.. Just hung that evening  around the house after jensen left. Wednesday we mowed lawns and ate chicken soup. Thursday we picked out carpet for the room at the end of the stairs.. We are going to make it back into an office. Friday was date night to wingers and some shopping..
Saturday we busted butt working around the house painting and completely remodeling the inside garage.. A little over half finished.. Outside garage is next.... not sure we can handle it 😕
You asked us to check out John 4, excellent chapter, in a nut shell.. Jacobs Well Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes come get some water that quenches eternal thirst. And the field is white and ready to harvest. Great chapter! I like the harvest part, if we help others find the way.. We will be blessed eternally. So much of how we progress is influenced on how we serve others. The "see one, do one, teach one" philosophy comes to mind as well when I read those versus.. 看到一个,做一个,教
You'd asked about what was wrong with the Tomcar, "engine is still bad... But it runs burning oil.. In that picture we had run out of gas.. 谁检查液化气罐了haha
We sure are proud of you! Thanks for all you are doing. Have a great week!
Luv dad 

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super solid chapter right! well cool things, no one ever walked through samaria because they were like the scum of the scum, and she was a woman, so on the Jews rank, she really was like nothing, but Christ talked to her, at first, she was sassy but as soon as He showed her a miracle she started being respectful, and was changed, super cool! we just have to let people feel it! how did the talk go?!!? super cool that we can see little things right?! the wards are awesome! sounds like our ward my split too! junk! glad that the YSA is going good though! the conference was sick! learned a lot! super fun! beautiful hike! ha my smile is 還好!I am working hard here!  happy bday girls! love you all praying for you!!! love you all! 

pops! super fun week! you went to the manwarings? fun! sorry you are sick, me and Elder Griffin have had nasal infections this past week, and I burnt my finger making pancakes, so we feel ya! sorry man! but glad momma liked it! that is cool, you are carpeting it though? cool! sounds fun! sounds like a nice chill week, what shopping did you do? sick! so pumped to see pics! I bet it is great! you can totally handle it! man! you are champs! praying for ya! super good chapter right! I liked it! I love that philosophy! I taught it to an RC this past week, she liked it too haha! super fun! and great chinese! but it is in simplified haha! kandao yi ge, zuo yi ge, jiao! good work! haha and that is rough! and yeah next time you should make sure that 一位看有沒有汽油! love you pops! have a great week! thank you for your great example and keeping the commandments! 
what a great week! to start off we found this mother and son who are ready to receive the gospel, they met with us this past week and our member was able to share some experiences, and he had brought his son who is 11 and he really impressed them, and it made me realize something, the church makes us smarter, it is a huge blessing! young kids in the church understand some principles of life that others outside of the church don't learn until they are much older, and we get to study scriptures and learn how to understand different stories, it is unreal! just another one of the endless blessings of the gospel!!! We also had the opportunity to meet two other men who were very interested in the gospel, one we referred to the Taoyuan 1st elders, and the other was referred to us by the taoyuan 1st elders (Team Jesus!) that was incredible! one of the men, we invited to baptism and he said "yeah where?" and we were in the room with the font, we said "right here!" he then said "oh, right now, ok.“ we then followed with "wait no you still have to learn some stuff, how about october?" he then set a date and is doing great! such a miracle! then Outdoor Zone Conference!!! Yangming Shan was gorgeous! and I learned a ton up there! I always love studying the scripture stories with Sister Jergensen! I am sure that was very stressful for you, but thank you so much! hope you are doing well! That night, we got to see the miracles of having a bishop who understands the importance of the temple, he was super busy, but somehow he managed to get an RC a temple recommend, explain to her how to get to the temple, and his wife watch the RC's child all night! such a miracle! then the RC (sister Hu) had an excellent experience in the temple! such a miracle! Then finally Sunday hit! the day of the ward split! lots of new callings, and lots of the Spirit! we had the opportunity to get a new ward mission leader and talk with him a little bit, then we got to visit some of the tao 4 members for the last time! great day! the priesthood lesson this week was also on the Law of Chastity, such a great commandment, we talked a lot about how it blesses our families! and how we need to make sure everyone knows about it, me and Elder Griffin realized, things we used to be scared to share, are now things we feel like we need to share with everyone!!! Last but not least, we met a man on Sunday, he was a former soldier and has had a rough past and committed some pretty serious sins, and we had the opportunity to tell him and his wife that he could be forgiven, and that everything will be ok through Christ! The Spirit was strong and that man's face just lit up! The Atonement is INCREDIBLE!!! good week! love you all! homework this week, go through the commandments and tell me what one is your favorite and which one you think is the hardest! 加油!愛你哦!



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