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Good week here at home Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Monday we had FHE at our house played a get to know you game and discussed self reliance. Tuesday we went to dinner with some work people to magelbys. Good eats Thumbs up sign Wednesday was St George, we went to Beauty and the beast at tuachan. Thursday I visited the St George Sunroc store, then we drove home to watch the university of Utah football game where we beat Michigan. Good home opener Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes  Friday we did brick oven and tried to go to the Utah BYU women's soccer game but it was to crowded so we went and visited Rodens for a bit.. Saturday we mowed lawns, worked in the yard then went to a fantastic 4 movie. Monday is Labor Day so after church we are going up to the cabin for some extended family time.. Should be good stuff. I talked with McKay before he went in the MTC, told him I'd give you his email address, drop him a line in the next few weeks, he seemed a little nervous.. You have been such an inspiration to your friends, keep up the great work. Your ability to lead by example is amazing! Love ya bro! have a great week!

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hey pops! self reliance, that is a lesson a lot of people need haha! solid magelbys you guys are getting all expensive on the food part of things, that made no sense sorry! how was beauty and the beast? sounds like it would be great! solid beat michigan! the presidents twins give us updates, heard the bad news about the BYU quarterback, but cool hail mary we heard! that is cool how are the rodens doing? the cabin will be a blast! mckay is a champ he will do great! I will email him today! I am pretty hai hao haha! thank you for all you do! love you pops! this will be a fun week!

mama! last week was nuts! so fun though! liang DX will be good we have faith in him! the downs just happen, no need to focus on them right! pumped to hear about drew! it is getting cooler here too it is soooooooooooo nice! a little wet though, and yeah I am pretty regular now! we have MLC once a month, it was way fun! good to hear link is doing good! the girls are already two oh man! that is nuts the kids are so old! and I am almost 20 I have break downs about that sometimes haha! thank you for all of your support love you momma! I love that quote I hope to be like that! love you much! have a great week!
here was my week! what a great week! we started out with a very smooth zone meeting which was a blessing and we are excited to see the zone take more RC's to the temple now that we can go! It has already more than doubled the number of RC's that we had to the temple this time of last month!!! so cool! After zone meeting I got the opportunity to go down to Longtan with Elder Davidson! that was a miracle of an exchange! we only got rejected twice and the rest of the people we talked to wanted to talk and majority set up again, then we went and visited a returning LA family with an RC son, our plan was to ask for referrals, we were a little scared, but we went in hopeful, as the time came to ask for referrals we asked the father what blessings the gospel has brought, and he replied "I can live with my family forever" (they aren't sealed yet) and we then replied we want you and your family as well as those around you to have that blessing. we ended up setting a date with them to get their family sealed in the temple and walked out with a referral and two more potential referrals! such a miracle! questions are the best! Another story that was super touching, there is a member in our ward named xiao, she is getting married soon to a nonmember, but she always has just looked super strong and she is an RM, well we had a referral we set up named xiao yu ting, so we figured well that will work! well, our investigator didn't show up, but we got a weird text from her phone that said she would come, and the member just thought it was funny she said "well one yu ting came!" so we went in and studied the scriptures with her, and we all got to share personally meaningful scriptures with her, as the last one finished, she just started to cry! she told us about how weak and scared she has been feeling lately, and the things we shared were the exact things that she needed to hear so she could improve and have peace! it was incredible, then on sunday she stood up and shared her testimony of it! it was incredible! the Lord definitely knows where we need to be! Last little thing that was incredible, we had an investigator who was supposed to get confirmed this week, and he was two minutes late and we were scared, then we see him sprint down the street and into the chapel, he said "I just ran here" he then changed into church clothes, was confirmed and absolutely loved it! such a good kid! he understands the importance of church!!! great week! so cool! love you all very much keep working hard and this weeks homework, read through 1 nephi and compare it to the Joseph Smith experience! and ps how is your head and body dad?! love you all talk to you next week! really though, love you tons! thank you for everything! 


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