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Hello Caden
Hope you have had a good week, ours was quick with the Labor Day holiday in it and all.. We went up to the cabin Sunday after church ate food and burned a hollow log.. Monday we cleaned up the G shack and went on a Tomcar ride, had a big lunch and came home in massive traffic in Spanish fork canyon. Tuesday we had jensen over.. Wednesday we had the twins over then went up the canyon for some exercise, we run/walk around the new pond. Thursday we did some shopping at the Provo mall.. Friday we went to the Springville football game against mapleton Springville won
Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes then we watched Utah beat Utah state.. Saturday we worked around the house, mom had a shower for karlie and Lincoln. Then we did some more exercise up the canyon and ended the night watching Real SL beat Houston and BYU beat Boise. I had a stomach bug over the weekend so we hung pretty close to home..
You asked about comparing 1 nephi to Joseph smith, I'm not sure what to think. Obviously both situations are critical in promoting the salvation of man. Both were ripe with contention from the masses, but key in restoring gospel truths. The restored gospel and our Testimonies are centered on these two events, I believe that if we come to know and understand these events our faith grows in Christ and the gospel. I'm curious to hear your take Smiling face with open mouth
hope you have a great week, we will send some pics.
Love ya

Hello son,
 How was your week, outstanding I hope. Short week for us because of Labor Day. Speaking of labor, no baby yet, he's not ready to come I guess. That's ok he needs to come when he's ready. Katie is doing well too with little sis. Busy week coming up. We have a get to know you swim party tomorrow for FHE, I have activity days, a shower for Anissa, she is due 5 days before kar, and I have to talk Sunday in church, and you know how much I don't like doing that. I just remember you are doing hard things, so I can do this too. It's nothin compared to what you are doing. What has been the highlight of your week, or highlights. So how often do you have exchanges or do they just happen and you don't know when they will. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I know they are sometimes personal but we grow from you sharing and appreciate the gospel even more. Weather is finally changing here too, it's suppose to rain three days this week, we aren't as soggy as you are. I know 20, that's old right. Ok we have something to admit, we were super, super, super seniors and went to support the Springville Mapleton game Friday, Springville won by 1 point in the last few seconds by blocking the field goal. Utah beat Utah State by 10 and real salt lake finally won, it's not lookin too good for the play offs. As to your question,about nephi and Joseph smith.. they both sought God in sincere prayer, and saw the father and the son, told others of their visions and were rejected by many people. Their lives were also threatened and required to move to new places. They both put God before worldly possessions and praises of the world. One of the quotes from last week that I thought was a good one and so true. "When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place. " Ezra Taft Benson   Love you soooo much son! Be safe and obedient, smilin and happy. Take care of yourself and keep healthy, love ya momFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss
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this week was sick! sounds like it was a fun beginning for you too! solid fun with the g kids! sorry about the traffic though! solid exercise I am pumped to see the new res! yes we beat maple! about time haha! sounds like fun sports! and lots of winning! how was the shower?! sorry you were sick that stinks! so cool thing about it, the time of jerusalem was super confusing, so what did lehi do? prayed, and what did he have a supportive family, then what happened, he saw a pillar of light, then what? he was given a book, then what he was persecuted, then what he left then what he went to the right place and established the Lords church! super cool, there are others too and I cant remember them all right now, but they are crazy similar!!!!! just wanted to know what you thought! I do agree with your points too so solid! love you pops hope you have a great week! you are a champ! thank you for all you do this week John 4:3-43! love you! 

mama! link will come when he needs, I am so pumped! he is gonna be such a champ! same with miss morrey! swim party, sounds... fun? haha then yeah anissa having a baby! how is hay by the way? good luck in church you got this, just feel like you are talking to some friends and it is all good! that is what we have to do with people on the street haha! lots of highlights! we have a huge zone so we go on two a week! it is so nice it is finally cooling off here and getting a little more dry!   that is super sick on the high school thing too, I will be a super senior all the way, I want to go work with scott and Old Man! dang it about RSL I am happy that you saw the same things I did, it is cool to see that God reveals things in the same ways, He calls His prophets similarly, Moses was the same way, and He always gives them laws and books to prove it! super cool! I love that thank you very much! love  you thank you for all of your support and for emailing me every week it means a ton!
this week was super good! what a great week! This week we saw lots of cool little things that just made life cool! for instance, at the beginning of the week I was in Tao 2 and we were english boarding, and for some reason the writing on peoples shirts was drawing my attention, one lady was wearing a shirt that said "choose what is right, not what is popular“ another girl was wearing a shirt that said "CTRL" and some others as well, but their shirts were great conversation starters, the girl in the choose what is right shirt was christian and we were able to pray with her, and refer her, the girl in the CTR...L shirt needed the gospel was looking for some answers and became a new investigator, such cool little miracles, they made me smile, thinking that the Lord can even just help us see potential in the shirt someone is wearing! We also got the opportunity to meet with some LAMP's this week, and they were really cool, all of them, it was also cool to have stories brought to my remembrance. One of them works out of town a lot, he is usually home for a week or two then gone anywhere from 1 week to 6 months! I got to discuss my feelings as a kid when dad used to travel a lot, and then the blessings that our  family has seen from him being at home more, it was super cool! the following day while is Dazhu, we were teaching an RC about eternal marriage, and she asked if we had to marry members of the church, we said no, but we hope you can, then our member just went off about all of the cool blessings of marriage, he specifically mentioned a cool thing, he said when it is just an earthly marriage, it is a commitment between us and our spouse, and so any problems, only work at that relationship and there is no where else to turn, but when we are married in the temple, we have a triangle, it is with us our spouse and God, so if any of the relationships are a little rough, you can turn to the other one to help you! It was a very spiritual lesson! This week me and Elder Griffin also got to discuss how to make our studies and our teaching better, and we had some really good studies on how to make certain doctrines and lessons more powerful and clear, and we saw results! such a good week! we were also informed that our stake is getting two new wards! Zion is growing!!! we actually got a lot about marriage thrown at us this week! but that is good! this week we have an outdoor zone conference we are hiking a mountain! It will be a blast! anyway! love you all have a great week and the reading assignment for you too! John 4:3-43! love you all see you soon! 


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