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Hi Caden
We had a busy fun week Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Monday we did picture scavenger hunt for FHE, Tuesday we had Matt our home teacher come over early and then we went to our YSA ward temple night at the Payson temple, (cool big rooms) Wednesday we mowed lawns for jensens, then laid some sod for rodens. Thursday I went to Moab with some work people.. We did Gemini and Metal Masher Thursday, Hells revenge and 7 mile Friday, with repelling off uranium and a walk through tusher tunnel. After the ride Friday night I was driving the razor we rented back to the rental place and had a little tip over accident.. (on a dirt cut off road, all by myself) kinda scary.. I'll send a picture.. Saturday mom and I chilled around home and in the yard with a little hot tub time, and the grandkids came to visit..then we did sushi at Sakura and watched a wolverine movie..
Rene has been asked to serve as our ward clerk in the YSA ward, it's cool to have him and Christine to hang with on Sundays, so weird not being in a traditional family ward, but the message and spirit is the same.. Sometimes better.. Mom and I are going to st George and Tuachan this week, should be good times! Hope you have a great P-day and awesome week, excited to hear how you've been..
Love ya bro

Hello bud,
I know I always start my letters with asking how your week was but that's because I want to know how it was and hopefully it was great. Ours wasn't be bad and not too crazy. Temple night at the Payson temple was fab and beautiful. That temple is gorgeous. Had a lazy stay at home and chill with dad this weekend, the girls and the babies came over and visited. So glad to hear that your investigator  is able to stop the drinking and working really hard on not smoking. We will continue to pray for him and all the others to reach their goals and follow through. How are you doing? Crazy to believe it will be September this week, time is flying by. Going to McKay brewers farewell today, all the soccer boys are gone or leaving very soon, good times! Our church time for our YSA ward is 1:30 to 4:30 now, not my favorite but we will survive on it for a year. All the colleges have started or start this week, weird to think that will be you this time next year. Sorry the american food is messing with your belly, are you ok? We talk about you  every day and know the wonderful miracles that are happening and we are so thankful for the experiences you are having and share them with us. The growth we are all experiencing is a wonderful thing. Thank you love you!!! Be safe, happy and continue in this wonderful work!Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartPurple heartBlue heart " this weeks quote - Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Dr. Seuss. Love you son very much, momma
Craig n Sue Jensen
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sounds like a fun FHE I am pumped to go to that temple!!! sounds awesome! sod? where? that is cool! sounds like a solid week of moab that is awesome!!! super sketchy you good?! that is nuts! sounds like a super fun week! that is awesome! rene is a champ! sounds like St george will be a blast tell me how it goes, I know you will haha! love you pops! this week has been great and it has been a fun Pday! ate together as a district! and we were in a mall and I saw a physio control defibrilator haha! I took a pic! haha so funny! love you pops!

momma! this week was solid lots of ups and downs! but awesome! sounds like the weekend was a blast! he is doing great with those now, because we just found out that he has throat cancer but his hospital is in Taibei so we cant visit, yet! we are doing great though, and I know we realized we only have 45 weeks left, and we about cried, it is crazy! that is nuts mckay is out! nuts! haha it is funny, on a mission you pray to have 1:30 church because you still get studies, haha! but at home it is rough! it is weird that school is starting it makes a lot of kids here super busy :( but yeah I am good, it is just funny sometimes! super cool right how much happens! super cool! we were asked in church why we really came on missions, I wasnt asked but I thought, and I realized part of it was because I knew that I had stuff to learn, and because I knew that there were things that the fam needed that I couldnt provide at home, It has been really cool to read back through my journal and see that all of my priorities have changed, ok, not all but a lot, some things really are not important! I like that quote a lot I think like that a lot! love you momma! have a great week!
here is my week what an unreal week! this week me and Elder Griffin were split up, due to him going down to zhunan for the tsunami (not a real one, they sent a bunch of missionaries down to help them find new investigators) ! but me and Elder Smith got to see tons of miracles this week and the weekend ended it off great! we had to prepare four people for baptism on Saturday and continue to find more to be baptized in the future, and it worked! We had cool miracles throughout the whole week, one of them, we were going to a lesson that we could not find a member for, so we show up at the church for the lesson, and Sister Tong is in the parking lot, and she said, well I felt like I should stop by and see if anyone needed help, and she said "do you need help" such a miracle she came in and helped us teach Brother Su and she was like the perfect member to help us teach him, she got him laughing and he is normally super quiet! so cool! Then on thursday lots of crazy things happened, popped bike tires, WPS, and many other crazy things which made it so we had very little finding time, but the Lord didn't care how much time we had He just knew what needed to happen, so in the scattered hour and a half that we had, we managed to have quite a few lessons, and get people to set up for next week, it really showed us that even in the little five minutes that we have here and there of travel and stuff, we can still find people to teach and we should always be prepared to find them! Then Friday I got Elder Griffin back, which was great and we got to go to MLC! We are very excited to bring this months trainings back to the zone! Saturday was the day it all came to fruition! We found all morning and had success! then we met with the people being baptized to cover what was about to happen and then... we had a baptismal service, for four people! they all made it!!! such a miracle! Wang, Huang, Chen, and Xiang. such a miracle! the service was great and they all felt the spirit, but one of the coolest things about it was Wang invited his mother, she came up after, and thanked us for being friends with her son, and said, I am buddhist, but I hope that my other son can be taught by you too! It was incredible to see the example of her son touch her so much! It has been a crazy week, ups and downs, but overall, incredible!!! super legit and lots learned! love you much! talk to you next week! keep being the greatest! also read through the story of alma! this ward is nuts, last week the other elders had a baptism we had four this week and the sisters had one the following day! the Lord is blessing us! so cool! love you all so much keep being the best! 爱你哦! 


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