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Hello bro, 
How has the week been? As for your question I'm not sure how to do that, I haven't had much experience with people who drink. I'm sorry the only advice I can give is maybe help them find another interest that they can focus on to occupy their time. Sorry not much help. Thank you so very much for the pictures, they were awesome, you look great and happy. Looks like you are able to have other physical activities besides biking. Great letter last week, inspiring experiences. So the transfers didn't affect you, so same comp and same place, are you ok with that? Sounds like a great area. Face looked good in the pics is it doing ok? How's the health? Glad you got some american food, hope it was delicious. Yep both the girls pregnancies are going well thank goodness. Kar has diabeties again with this one but she is doing well with her diet so things are good. She has about five weeks left, so in the few weeks you will be getting pics of a new nephew. Then in December a new niece. Katie has done good as well. I think that June, mar and jens will be great big bro and sisters. Proud of your work and example for your nieces and nephews. They definitely know who you are and will know you when you come home. Please let us know how we can help and if you or anyone else needs help or prayers. Take great care of yourself and keep sending those pics cause it's great to see you and who you work with and the area. Love much and more! Love mommaFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss " We don't have to be perfect today. We don't have to be better than someone else. All we have to do is to be the very best we can." Joseph B. Wirthlin

Hi Caden
This past week was a long one for me.. Flew to Philly PA on Sunday and two long full days learning about our purchasing coop. Got home late Tuesday and then had sales meetings all day Wednesday, that night mom and I cut lawns etc.. Thursday we did Desert star with the family, the play was Grease.. Good times, but a late night.. Friday mom and I went out for Chinese at Shoots and then watched the movie "interstellar". Saturday I went up to the cabin and worked on both tomcars, dads was messed up in the rear end.. We replaced axels, hubs, and the belt, took several hours.. Ours needs serious engine and suspension work, I've got it put together for now but it might be time for something different... Speaking of different.. Yeah.. with the change in my job responsibilities at Sunroc we were able to get out own truck, so we have a new white F350, it looks pretty much like our old one. 

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hey momma! it has been a great week yeah we are still working on him, but this week he said he made a commitment with God and he stopped drinking now he just smokes like three cigarettes a week! so close! I like that though! life is great we are having fun! awesome week last week! so pumped to be here in Taoyuan and still with Elder Griffin I would like stay in this situation forever and be stoked haha! it is a great place! the face and health are good! we have been asking members for referrals so... yeah! but we went to costco and so we are chuck full of American food now, but it is kinda messing with me haha! good to here all is going well with the pregnancies! so pumped to see pick of link! they kids will be so good to the new babies:) so pumped!!! I will party with them all the time hah! we are doing great out here! pray for Daniel James Huxiang and Sister Chen! thanks just pray that they hit their dates and endure to the end! thank you! love you momma! I like that quote it is so true, the only person we have to compare to is who we were yesterday! I love this work! 愛你喔!!!!

爸爸! 辛苦你! philly 怎麼樣? 聽起來一點不太好! sorry, those sales meetings are probably not the most fun! yeah for Desert Star! solid! Elder Boyce said that movie was awesome! oh man, that stinks about the tomcars, but at least the season is almost over, then I can help you fix it in the next season haha! that is a bummer! but solid does it run nice? I like that, we have been meeting with him a lot and calling him because he says when he is with us he is happier! him and his wife have some problems, but hopefully it is working out, it all will! thank you! and yeah we have 16 companionships in our zone... so big!!!!!!! but fun! love you pops! hope  you have a great week, and all is good here just keep being awesome! love you! 

here is my week! This has been an eventful week, that went according to the Lord's plan, and kind of according to ours, so basically it was incredible!!! At the beginning of the week Elder Griffin felt like we should call this members nephews who were becoming LA because of work, we called them up and one of them met with us and his uncle, in the lesson he talked about how work was getting hard and how he will be changing his schedule in September so he can start preparing for a mission! It was a huge miracle it was super cool to see such a strong teen who understands the importance of serving the Lord! This week we also saw the importance of good peike's! we had two lessons in which the member turned everything around, and they were both with while we were reviewing the Baptismal Interview Questions, the first one was a member very clearly and boldly explaining the Law of Chastity to an investigator who was not being modest at the time, and for the first time Hu JM (the investigator) told us "you are right, I do need to change myself" we walked outside and she said "well, I have some clothes to throw away!" such a miracle!!!!! The other miracle peike was with two 16 year old boys Daniel and James, our member was the YM president, and he explained the correlation of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the Church, Daniel and James finally got it, and Daniel said, "well then yes I believe in Joseph Smith, because I believe in the Book of Mormon!" so cool! We also got the opportunity to do exchanges and while on exchanges see the power of the priesthood in full force through a very special blessing to an investigator,  We are very excited for the opportunity Elder Griffin will have in Zhunan, he is going to do a great job and we are getting ready for MLC this upcoming friday! Last miracle I want to share of the week, we had three children of God pass baptismal interviews this past week all on saturday! the Lord is doing His work in Taoyuan, and we are so blessed to witness it! love you fam! keep up the good work, and remember who is in charge! love you ! 

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