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Hi bro
Seems like I heard you guys had transfers this past week, how'd it go? We had good times in Wyoming last week, got home Sunday evening and got stuff cleaned up.. Monday for FHE we did the minute to win it games, I've improved my cookie off the forehead skills. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty chill days at home, we watched the X-Men movies.. We had not seen them before so it was fresh. Thursday mom and I had date night dinner and a Disney movie called tomorrow land. Friday was Chole Killpacks wedding reception, we went to that and then  over to pizza factory.. We've had Jensen this weekend (Dave and KT are out celebrating their 5 years together) Saturday we mowed lawns, did a garbage run, cleaned the garage, and had big O fix a tire on the truck.. That night we hung with the grandkids in the hot tub out back. I'm headed to Philly this week for a work meeting, it's been a quite awhile since I've had to travel for work.. Hopefully mom will be ok while I'm gone... We sure are proud of you, hope you have a great week.
Love ya,

Dear Caden,
Sounds like you are ok and the president and his wife are really watching out for the missionaries and that you guys are obeying the rules so you are safe, thank you! Loved your letter and it sounds like things are going good. Glad
to hear that people are showing interest and giving you guys the opportunity to do what you are out there to do, teach. Glad splits are going well and that everyone does their best at getting along. We get on the web site of the mission every week and read up on the posts and look for pics of you. Even though they sometimes post pics we hope you are still going to send some. Our week was about the same as usual except we had jensen over the week nd so kt and Dave could go to Heber and celebrate their anniversary. The girls also came over with kar and it was a party. Everyone is keeping busy and doing well. Hope you have a spectacular new week and know how much we love you. FYI Patrick and Kate had their baby, he is darling and they named him Jameson. Take excellent care of yourself and keep smilin. Let's us know if you need anything of any kind. You have money, we check it often."Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one would believe it." Love you muchFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss love mom
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hey pops great tranfers we now have 16 companionships in our zone!!! so big! we are still together though it is great love Elder Griffin! sounds like wyoming was a blast! we also had a minute to win it party for English class, not many people could do that one haha! solid chill days! how were the vids? man, chole is married?! what wow! happy anniversary you two! that is fun! wait wait what kind of truck did you get?! solid night tubbing! that sounds fun! man it has been awhile! hope it goes well love you all good luck momma! this week will be great! alright quick question how do you get someone who stress drinks to stop drinking?! mom same question!! love you pops have a great week talk to you soon!

momma! president and his wife are our parents out here they are the best! great week really! we are having a blast out here in taoyuan! everyone is doing better now after transfers they were some problems with people it was rough! I know I stink at the pic thing I will improve.... hopefully! haha love you! look at the bright side, it gives you way more pictures to look at it like 10 months! haha! fun to have Jens! glad everyone is doing well, how are the babies for the girls?! woah! they were pregnant? that is cool, I kinda forgot that! that is awesome! definitely smiling! we are doing great here, this lady brought us some food from america so that was awesome haha! super funny! I also got to meet with jody snyders sister she was super cool! and she is doing well! you can tell he that she is super proud of jody's kids it is cool to see like pride in her nieces and nephews! thank you for all you do that is a great quote! love you all keep up the good work! remember to answer that question!
here is my week! Learned a lot this week, there have been some serious ups and downs, but overall it has been great! we will start with the bad, we were about to have a lesson with this kid that we found this past week, when we get a call from the other Elders saying that one of our investigators that was supposed to be baptized this upcoming week was walking aimlessly down the street begging for money trying to buy more alcohol and cigarettes. He was absolutely shot, but it was ok, we actually got some good things to come of it, he was very...open with us. We found out some other problems that we have to deal with and so there were still miracles from it, but it was unreal to see how badly this problem has affected his family, we talked to his wife, and she was so sick of it, she said "He has been doing this the past 27 years, haven't I been patient enough?!" we encouraged her to not give up on him. It was really a testimony builder to us though, we discussed how we decided before our missions,  commandments were something we understood, but were scared to share because people would run away. Now we absolutely love sharing the Lord's commandments because we know that as we follow them it is the only way we can actually be happy, we have seen the negative effects, and we know the Lord's wisdom is great!!! now for more happy news! we found an incredible little kid, he has such faith and even though his parents have a little opposition, he is still so faithful that all will work out! We also saw a miracle of going to visit a member and receiving quite a few names, which we were able to call and set up, the Lord prepares peoples friends! so cool! Last but not least, we had an investigator pass her baptismal interview!!! Sister Chen! she has been so solid throughout the whole process and she was so happy and Elder Smith did a great job on his first interview!!! The Lord watches over His children we have definitely seen that this week!  good week! love you all talk to you next week! 繼續加油!!! 愛你們哦!


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