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Hello Caden, 
June is sitting here by me while I write and she said hello Caden. We are at the Titensor family reunion, staying in the same place on the golf course. Jensens were in charge this year, pretty good turn out. About 150 this time where as last year only about 75 people. Dad and I cooked all the chicken on the Tragger for it. No floating the river this year too cold. Rained most the day and only about 64 degrees. Still found time to golf, the girls and the guys and all the kids went and got carts. Everyone asked about you and sends their love. No farewells or welcome homes because of fast Sunday last week. It sure was good to hear from your mission president to hear all the missionaries where safe and well and that they where keeping us informed about the typhoon. Very much appreciated! Was it scary at all? Is that your first one or have you been through a few? How was your week? Are you still riding your bike quite a bit? Been watching the weather over there and this past week and upcoming week looks pretty rainy. We have had some rain here too and it has cooled down a bit. We had a screwy winter followed by a strange summer. We are running a month ahead if that makes any senses, so our aug temps are really what it is in sept. So they say the leaves will turn pretty early this year. Kids are getting ready to start school in about two week, crazy summer flew by. How's your health, face and clothes? Excited to hear about your last week and hope you have an outstanding new week. Love you very, very much!Face throwing a kiss be safe and happy!!!! love mom "before you speak let your words pass through three gates: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Hi Son 
Missed you at the reunion and with golf and the fireworks this year, maybe next year we can hit flaming gorge and then run up to the Titensor reunion like we have done in years past.. 
Fun week in review, we had our movies night for FHE Monday the movie was "the incredible mr fox" interesting cartoon/drama, Tuesday mom and I went to the movies, mission impossible rogue nation pretty good action film. Wednesday we went to dinner as a family to pizza pie cafe, it was a fund raiser for Michael's  soccer team. Thursday mowed lawns and smoked chicken for the reunion. Friday we irrigated for grandpa and then headed for Afton, stopping in Evanston for fireworks and dinner. Saturday we played a round of golf and then the usual reunion events.. Jake won the quilt this year!! The fish restaurant was closed this year so we did a new Chinese restaurant in town, actually was pretty good Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes 
Per our car discussion, we've talked about the Subaru for you but not certain.. We will talk more as it gets closer... You asked us to read a few scriptures last letter.. Honestly I didn't spend much time studying them.. Judges was interesting, we should worship that which is worth worshipping - and makes sense eternally. Right?  John 2-  water into wine Christ shows just a glimpse of what he is capable of  - saving the best for last.. 
Mom and I are in 3 Nephi - right before Christ comes, interesting how societies can quickly change between wickedness and righteousness Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes 
Hope things turned out ok with the typhoons, interesting weather patterns that we don't see in Utah right?
Love ya bro, keep up the great work!


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Hi June! hope the reunion has been awesome! solid I like that place! and oh man golfin that sounds fun haha! I bet they did great that is huge! stinks that is rained, but it is just waiting to be sunny until next year when I can float it with you! glad that he sent out emails! biggest one in about 20 years awesome right?! it was super cool, not really scary and this is our second one but the first one was super wimpy!!! by the way have you checked out that website, they are putting pics on it too! this week was great! still riding our bikes a lot haha that is life, but it is like second nature now haha! yeah for rain, i kinda like it haha! that is weird that temperatures are a month off! cool to see how winter will be this year! nuts that summer went that fast! life is great out here! I love taiwan! I hope I can bring my fam back! love you mama! thank you very much for all of your support! solid quote!!! I really like that! here is mine! 有祂的愛就有希望!love you much! have a great week!

pops! fireworks and gorge oh that is totally happening!!!!! sounds interesting on FHE but fun! solid date night! solid family night! solid making food, I love cooking we do it quite a bit haha! Evanston fireworks! cool fact, I might touch some of those fireworks! haha! jake won the quilt that is awesome!!! sounds like a great week! solid with the chinese food, haha you have eaten a lot of chinese lately haha! sad that no fish though!!! haha me and you can make a car again haha( jokes I dont care it is all up to you!)so cool stories about those! in Judges the Lord wants us prepared, he only chose 300 people to defeat tens of thousands, and those people were able to control their passions, they didnt just throw their head in the water to drink, they took time to scoop and drink! and I also agree with what you said as well! then with John 2 the pots were actually used to wash off the guests, so the pots that they had were full of dirt, they were disgusting and Christ said "pour in more water, churn it all up, then go give it to the governor" I bet the servants were scared to death, but they were obedient so we are a little bit of everything, we are like the servants, cleaning up pots into the best wine, we are like the pots, no matter how dirty we can become the best wine, and we are like mary, telling people to listen to Christ even if it sounds weird, super cool! President showed us those! it was super cool the Typhoon was cool, lots of wreckage, but not super bad just trees and signs! haha! oooooooh I like 3 nephi so good! love you big guy!

here is my week by the way! Life as a missionary is the best! this week was super fun, lots of exchanges and lots of cool miracles! we still have a nice solid pool moving forward! we were especially excited about these two kids named Daniel Wang and James Huang they are both 16 and they have been investigating for about three weeks, this week they told us they were coming to church, we were scared because they were about five minutes late, then we see them and they are both in suits and they loved it! they are starting to open up to us and they love church such a miracle! Tuesday Zone Meeting went really well and we feel like the zone is catching on to the covenant groups it will be great! after the meeting we got to go on exchanges with Yangmei/ZhongLi I was with Elder Robinson in Zhongli and that was a blast! funny story for you, as we were walking back to the train station we saw this group of about 30 Filipinas, they all started talking about how tall Elder Robinson was, one asked if they could take a picture with us, we said yes, then all 30 of them swarmed around us and handed their cameras to these other two girls, it was hilarious! but that exchange was great, they will both do great as trainers! Elder Robinson is a great missionary, and we were able to set dates with a family of three! We had another exchange with Tao 3 I was with Elder Richards, he is doing great he is very enthusiastic about the work, and loves talking with everyone! last two things, we saw a Team Jesus miracle! the Sister Training Leaders from the central zone gave us a referral, and we wanted to help them out, because we both know how many referrals  you give out in the central zone, well the next man that we talked to was from their area, and wanted to read the Book of Mormon really bad! so we got to immediately give them a referral! such a miracle to see how the Lord brings it all back! last thing is the Typhoon!!! Such a blessing! our home is very clean now and we got a lot of people set up for the upcoming week, it was one of the most effective times I have ever had in a house for 7 hours! huge miracles!!! super solid! love you all very much keep up the great work! talk to you soon! love you all! 

me jiayou! 


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