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Hello bubba,
How are things for my favorite son, fabulous I hope! Well we knew it wouldn't take long and it happened, Kenz and hummer are engaged. Good for them, they knew what they wanted and are ready so, there ya go. As for our week, last Sunday was Connor's farewell he nailed it and did outstanding they had a special visitor in their ward. As I was waiting for sacrament meeting to start the congregation stood and in walked President Henry B. Eyring, Pretty cool right. He had a family get together at that big cabin in Springville and visited their ward, quiet the farewell wouldn't ya say! Lauren Ridge and Mika Fisher gave their welcome homes and did a great job also. It was nice to attend our home ward, I hardly recognize anyone anymore cause so many new peeps have moved in. Faith was the topic for the speakers last week and it really made me think of how often I rely on my faith which I am so thankful for. Con talked about how he was relying on his faith to help him through out his mission and help him adjust. Lauren talked about how a lot of the people she taught on her mission had to rely on their faith because that was all they had cause family was not happy with their choice to join our church. I'm sure there have been more then a few times you have used faith on your mission to help you out. Same with the people that you teach, they turn it all over to The Lord. Love your positivity and happy heart and attitude. I agree with the patience comment, that is something I have been really working hard on cause I am a very impatient person. Not only with others but being more patient with myself as well. I have a long way to go but I truly can feel and see a difference. Thanks for sharing, I learn a lot from your experiences and think of them through out the week. I sure love you son!Face throwing a kissHeavy black heart️ Can we do anything for you or send you anything? Take care of yourself and enjoy your new week. " If we do not try, then we do not do, And if we do not do, then why are we here?" President Thomas S Monson
Hugs and kisses love you muchHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart️Mom

Hello Caden
Things are great here at home!  Nothing to be worried about here! I'm not sure if you like the weekly run downs I give each week, I know it's not super religious or anything but it might provide you a flavor of what's going on back at home...
Monday for family night we helped do yard work for folks in our YSA ward. Tuesday we had recommend interviews at the stake offices, pres fisher and Hilton say hello and send their love.. Later that night we mowed the lawns. Wednesday we did a Costco run and picked up a cabinet for mom to put baby toys in, then some grub at cafe rio.. You asked about Milagros last week, it's a Mexican restaurant, recipes and chef came from the bajio group - good eats... Crazy that there are american restaurants like "Fridays" there in Taiwan you eat at.  Thursday katie and jensen came over for a visit and we got things ready for the weekend.  Friday we spent the night at strawberry, good fishing good times! The boat ran pretty good except for Saturday afternoon when the batteries went dead.. Luckily we were able to use the kicker to get in off the lake,, fishing went well! happy to say we caught a koke along with several cuts... Not sure if we will make it to flaming gorge this year so strawberry will have to do... We will send pics..Saturday night mom and I ate at la dolce vita then a YSA ward member going away party and a YSA sports activity and dance after that.. Busy day..
Sure miss you bro, but happy you are serving now.
Mom wants to know what kind of vehicle you want when you get home..
 Love ya
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hey mama sue! hey I was actually thinking about this morning!!! I bet OG was awesome!!! love that kid! that is awesome! I wouldve been a little nervous! that is cool, I have never seen an apostle fun fact! weird right?! I bet they did great! I have heard a ton of people moved in! faith is so necessary, it is something I never really thought a ton about but now that I am out here, it is something that a lot of people need, as well as just someone like God to rely on, it was weird to think about, this week I thought about what life wouldve been like without prayer or that solid belief, and then I realized, it wouldnt have happened because I would've immediately sought Him out, it was pretty cool! faith is the best! you are patient I feel you with patience with ourselves though, that is the hardest right?! I am doing great! I really like that quote, there are a lot of things that you just try on your mission haha it is fun! love you mama! thank you for all you do! 

pops!  I love the run downs, and the spiritual stories get sprinkled in so it is good! hi presidents! they are awesome! yeah for lawns! and solid another cabinet! I want to make furniture super bad! hah! anyway! fridays was super expensive, we got fed by a member so it was free! oh strawberry! fun stuff! dang the batteries! solid we usually only catch bows there! that is nuts thanks for the pics by the way! wow sounds like it was a pretty busy week! love and miss you too! but I am really gonna miss this place in a year! and oh man that is a rough question! not much to say, something with four wheels and I can drive, and put climbing stuff in haha! love you all! here is my week!  
Another good week gone by! This week we had a lot of random things happen but that keeps life interesting, and much more fun! All of our investigators seem to be progressing pretty smoothly, every once in awhile a concern will come up but the Lord helps them figure it out pretty quick! there are still some things to overcome though! This week there are a couple stories to tell! on Tuesday, we went on exchanges and we had an exchange down in Longtan, and we had a good two and a half hours on a bus, so we went down there literally ran from the bus station to the interview and the interview went incredible! the man was very prepared and you could see a change in him, last time that I had seen him was about three weeks earlier on another exchange, and he seemed just sad, less confident, and not as beaming, then I walked into the interview, and he immediately gave me a hug, and had a smile the whole time and bore powerful testimony to me about how Baptism was a new start and he was ready to keep going, it was awesome! Then we ran back to the Bus station, biked home really fast, ate some grilled cheese sandwiches (dinner at 10) then we went to bed, it was a crazy day but super fun! then the next day to finish off the exchange we had great finding and a great English class! Then also really cool was me and Elder Griffin planned some goals on Organization and lesson times in our weekly planning session, and then we went to Misson Leadership Conference, and those were the exact things trained on, we were so excited and are pumped to apply them in our work! We especially liked this video on short, powerful lessons from the mission president's seminar! such a spiritual experience and we saw the fruits of that the following day, we were out finding at night, and we taught a man the restoration in five minutes, at the beginning he wasn't very interested, then all of the sudden, after the lesson he set up and was excited to meet with us this upcoming week!!!! Last story this week, Elder Griffin has a friend that lives in Xinzhu who he had met in Utah, we had the opportunity to go out to eat with him here in Taoyuan, he is now taking the missonary lessons with his family! such a miracle!!! It has been a great week! super fun! love you all! I will try and send some pics this week! did you get last weeks?! love you all! have a great week talk to you next week praying for you all! also invite this week! read judges 6-7 as well as John 2:1-11 and tell me what you think love you all! 



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