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Hi Caden
We made it home finally two weeks out on vacation is a long time, especially when we ended it with a red eye fight home.. Left anchorage at 12:30 AM got into salt lake at 9:00 AM Saturday. Then went to work mowing lawns and cleaning stuff up.. We had the kids over for dinner to celebrate Karlies Bday since we were not here on her 25 yr celebration. She told me tonight that she is officially half my age...
So after we wrote you last week we were on the ship for a couple more days, checking out huge glaciers on our way to Seward Alaska where we go off Monday morning and then took a bus ride up to Anchorage from there we rented 2 motorhomes for the week. First place we stopped was Costco for supplies and then a drop by moms old neighborhood where she lived till she was 5.. Then we drove toward Fairbanks but got stopped because of a huge forest fire that had the road closed so we found a parking lot in the woods to spend the night. Tuesday morning they opened the road with pilot cars that got us on our way to Fairbanks where we went on a riverboat ride and saw all kinds of cool Alaska history stuff, including dog sleds and native Indian history stuff. Wednesday we went to North Pole AK and saw Santa clause at his house along with lots of other cool Christmas things, got to sit on Santa lap. Then we drove to Denali National Park cause we had a tour first thing Thursday morning. The tour was more of a bus ride but we saw lots of cool stuff including caribou, moose, big horn sheep and cool scenery (no Bears)  unfortunately the bus broke on the way back.. Our ride was supposed to last around 6 hours but it took 9.. We were not too happy.. But we made the best of it. Friday was our last day, we headed back towards anchorage and did all the tourist stops on the way, checking out all the cool visitor boards and photo opps along the ride.. Alaska really is a cool place, we will definitely need to go on a trip to BC or AK when you get back.
This week is going to be crazy catching up after being gone for two weeks, our YSA ward has lots of stuff planned, including a trip to Manti for the pageant and then staying at the cabin Friday night. Brad Kitchen just got home, I've been asked to speak in church with him next Sunday (28th) on Bednars talk, "Come and see" from October 2014 conference. Pretty cool talk about us being missionaries etc... Let me know if you have any thoughts or anything you'd like me to share from Elder Jensen..
FYI uncle Doyle passed away this last week, he is my dads brother that worked for Coke, he has had Alzheimer's for the past several years, his passing is a blessing for him and his family as he has been struggling for the past few years...
Hope things are going well with you, let us know if we can assist with anything
We sure love you
Take care

Hello Caden,
Where to start, been a crazy busy two weeks. We are home and trying our best to get back on a regular schedule. Got home this morning, traveled all night but we made it. Good times in Alaska and busy times. I know dad told you about our last week in Alaska so I won't recap it. Sad about uncle Doyle but he was declining really fast and not doing well. Everything is well here, what about you? How has the week been? Excited for dad to talk with Bradley, should be a great meeting. Busy week ahead, how about yours? Any needs we can help with? How's the health and the face? Amazingly hot here, supposed to hit a 100 and above. I bet it is hotter there because of the humidity. Sure do love you sir. Excited for your email and to hear how the week has been. Hope all is well and the new mission pres. is awesome. Please be safe and happy. Take care of yourself and enjoy this moment, it's going by fast. Any extra prayers we can send your way for anyone in particular? Have a fabulous week, hugs and kisses! Love you very much!!!!Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss "A fathers calling is eternal and it's importance transcends time." Ezra Taft Benson
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that is a long vacation but glad to know you are home safe! I bet that flight stunk, and first off happy fathers day love you big guy! I will go off on that in a sec! that flight is rough! but good to know that you kept going and partied hope that was fun!!! that is nuts! costco haha! that is nuts, she remembered? that is awesome!!! that is nuts, forest fire!!!??? sounds cool history is fun! that is sick north pole haha! then denali!!! that bus stinks but stoked that you loved it! and yeah we totally have too! tell me how the pageant is this week! the cabin though! me and the bros are totally planning a trip up there when we get back! (if thats ok) haha! that is awesome! that will be legit! I have one for you I will send it in the "my week" section it was one a member told me I think you might like it! and also just talking to people is the biggest thing, getting over the fear (that is not of God) and doing it!!! I know doyle, he has been having rough the past couple years I totally agree that it was his time still sad though, comfort grandma and grandpa for me! things are great! thank you for all you do! Fathers Day rant: Craig, it is actually a gaelic name originated from the word Crag, which means rock or large boulder, which is exactly what you are, you are tranquil as a forest, and one of the most patient people I know, you have been such a great example to me of how to enjoy the journey and to honestly just role with the punches, cause it hurts way less than getting hit! not to mention the fact that you can sing chestnuts roasting like a champ, and you arent ugly by any means, haha! thank you for all you do pops, fun memories: you throwing up out of your helmet, riding with me on the front of the snowmobile, you getting knocked out on the knee board, early morning fishing with yellowcard, your hillbilly teeth, afternoons in the hot tub or playing risk or backgammon, long drives when me and you were the only ones up, nights at the cabin, the bronco, other crazy times working on cars or wood stuff, mowing lawns, crazy board game sundays, cooking on the BBQ together, those random days when we just felt like throwing down and wrestling, and you always kicking my trash, many trips to soccer games, and many random meetings, shooting, trips up the canyon after brookside runs, trips to cal ranch to get wool socks and whatever else was on sale and many more, love you big guy! always remember that!

momma! sounds like it has been nuts but super fun! life it so sick here! that will be a fun meeting and this week will be nuts, we get a new next monday and transfers are this friday!!! life is sooooo good, health is good and the face is clearing up finally! super hot here too, then crazy rain!!! love you too momma! this week was so sick, everything is going great so pumped to meet President Jergensen, it may be tuesday, but I am excited only like eight days, but I will miss the days! we are making cookies with sister day today and sewing haha! fun stuff! totally enjoying this! pray for Emily Huang, that she can understand that she should love the gospel and not just my companion that would be cool haha! and just keep saying powerful prayers EVERY NIGHT! love you all! that is a great quote!
this is my week! what a great week full of miracles! we have had a blast having Elder Clemons here for this week, I think that he got a little taste of all aspects of missionary work and will be a great missionary in two years! we are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to be his companions and help out! he is a great teacher and we have for sure learned things from him as well!  we also got to go on two exchanges this week and they were very fun, one with Elder Varney and one with Elder Larsen! from both of those exchanges I learned a lot about having tons of fun, can bring miracles and the Spirit! they were very successful! and we all wanted to improve on finding more joy in the journey! we saw many miracles on those exchanges, especially in finding, we had one of the most successful hour and a half sessions of finding I have ever had on my mission! miracles!!! This week we also had an opportunity to invite a lot of people to baptism this week, and many of them were prepared for it, some of which we initially passed, but then felt the Spirit tell us to go back and talk to them! for some reason the ones you turn around for, always seem to be the ones that need it the most! Our ward  continued to do great again this week with inviting investigators to activities and we had another investigator get all of our single adults numbers and come to FHE it was a huge miracle, and she really wants to get baptized now! members for the win! last little story, at the Family Home Evening a member shared an analogy about the card game spoons, all the cards that we pass around are like little things in our life that may be awesome, and some come and go, some we want to hold on to, but in the end the goal is to get the spoon, which is to glorify God and be with Him forever, I thought that was an awesome example, and it can help us focus on what is really important! such a good,week! love you all, I am sorry I have tried to send pics, but this cafe wont let me:( and we never make it in time to get a compunter in the church I will keep trying love you all and talk to you next week, also pray for Elder Openshaw, he is in buhlers mission and his parents just passed away! love you all keep up the good work! 



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