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Hi Caden
Well here we are in Alaska, we have been all over the place.. Good educational and enjoyable time. We will send some pics..
We started Monday in Vancouver, had a little dim sum before getting on the boat and sailing towards Ketchikan. Tuesday we sailed all day some of us got a little sick because of the ruff waters, I blew chunks early in the morning but then got in the swimming pool which made it better, swam for a couple hours till the seas calmed down.. Wednesday Dave and Chris went fishing (got skunked) the rest of us went zip lining through the rain forest in Ketchikan. Good times Thursday we were in Juneau AK, we were going to go on a 10 mile hike of Mendenhall glacier but it was too cold and rainy so we settled for some whale watching and a tour of the Mendenhall glacier visitor center and stuff. Friday we were in Skagway, there is some pretty cool gold rush history there we took a train ride up into the mountains 25 miles and then rode bikes back down, cool stuff to see and experience. Saturday and Sunday we are on the cruise ship all day, we went through glacier bay and saw ice bergs and glaciers falling into the ocean. (Just like on the discovery channel) We get off the ship Monday and get on two motorhomes and land cruise Alaska for another 5 days.. We don't have any solid plans right yet but I think we will be taking in Denali national park and maybe some other key scenery spots..
Hope your week has gone well :) sounds like the new mission pres will be there pretty soon, along with lots of new missionaries. We haven't given any lessons or  anything, but wearing Utah gear sure has given us several opportunities to let people know where we are from which brings up the religious conversations..  We have shared information with dozens of people and let them know about you serving in Taipei. We sure are proud of you and who you are 😀
Hope you have a great week! We look forward to your letters
Love yA!!!
Howdy bud,
Hope you are doing well! How was your week? Many miracles? We've been touring Alaska like dad said and enjoying ourselves. Surprisingly we have only had one day of a few people barfing. It was when we hit the open sea on the second day. Rest of the cruise so far has taken place in the inlet channel, land is all around us even if it is in the distance. Amazing zip lining, 150 feet off the ground. Beautiful train ride and stories that came with the ride. Then an incredible bike ride down the canyon, going about 25 to 30 miles an hour. The whale watching was cool, we saw several and the hike to the glacier only ended up being about 2 to 3 miles instead of the 9 we had planned on. Still incredible and beautiful. The glacier watching has been amazing. The sound of it cracking and then hitting the water was really neat to see. Hope you are doing well and having much success. We sure love you and love what you are doing. The opportunity for a little missionary work for us has been fun. Please take care of yourself and be safe. "The one who falls and gets up is much stronger than the one who never fell." 😘❤💚💙💛💗love you much, mom

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papa!!!! alaska holy cow I bet it is awesome!!! that is funny that you can get in a pool in a boat in the ocean haha, sorry you got sick, but glad that worked out! getting skunked sorry man! but that zip line sounds sick! haha you were probably stoked about the cold, less of a pain! still sounds cool though!!! that is awesome that sounds sick to ride down that canyon! I love biking now haha! whales! fun:) man that is awesome! we have got to go up there when i get back, and at least go fishing or over in british columbia you down? denali will be awesome just be careful haha! that will be so sick! this week has been awesome and yeah tranfers are next week he will be here two weeks from today! and we get a ton of missionaries in the august tranfer!!! 28!!! that is awesome that people are willing to ask, it is cool how people know we are white and sometimes are willing to ask! this week has poured and it has been hilarious because sometimes we just get soaked, and people think we are nuts cause we still bike! yesterday there was about two feet of water on the road, we would pedal down our foot would dip in then come back out it was fun haha! and the lightning was sick!!!!!!! it has been a great week! well love ya man excited to hear about next weeks and look at the pics in a sec!!! love ya buddy! !

mama! this week has been full of miralces as always! sounds like alaska has been the best! that is nice that land is always there so it doesnt make you as sick, I think that is why dad can go boating is because of the land! and I bet that zip line was nuts! you are all adventurous I love it! pumped to climb with you when i get home!!! this sounds like it has been a great week! cool to see all the things that the Lord can do right?! we are doing great here! i bet being missionaries has been a blast! it was cool an RC told us him and his wife want to serve a mission in the future it was awesome!!! we are having a blast! that is a great quote, we have to fail sometimes to learn! love you here is my week!  This week seemed to fly by! but it was enjoyable! the beginning of the week was actually a little rough! but it all turned out well, I think that zone conference really turned it around! After zone meeting we just went for it! and it worked! we worked a lot on planning this week, we wanted to make sure that everything was very well planned because I have seen lots of miracles from that on my mission and this week was nothing short of incredible! I want to especially focus on the weekend! we had an opportunity to go out with a member of our ward who had never been finding before and he loved it! he was amazed at the fact that we managed to say at least two words to every single person we saw, and you could tell that he started to get the missionary fire in him, he asked us if he could do things like that with his neighbors, and we said of course! we would love for you to tell your neighbors, it was awesome! He also was able to talk to some people about some trials he has gone through with his family and throughout that hour and a half of finding, I felt like we really got to know Brother Xiang, he actually started to feel like our brother! then throughout the weekend it was cool to see the Lord's tender mercies, a couple trees to protect us from the rain in lessons, a little more strength so that we could give out our ponchos to others on the street who needed them, and opportunities to meet people who really needed guidance in their life! there were two especially who we talked to and were able to answer questions for and you could see their countenance change! one man we were able to pray with, when we started the prayer the sky was dark, then we all said amen and opened our eyes and the sun was bright, the man was so shocked, he said "wow it is bright, that was awesome! thank you guys, wait, can I get your number and meet with you again?" it was the coolest thing ever!!! last but not least was sunday! we had miracles with our investigators actually taking time to come to church, one of them even decided to stay at the church all day long and then join us at a ward family home evening that night, and we had members that were willing to stay with her all day! Ward members are amazing!!! I hope that I can be that kind of member! this week I also got to go on an exchange with Elder Tan! he is doing great and is a great teacher, we were able to focus a lot on baptism in contacts and he loved that, we both also had things we wanted to improve on, and we have both set goals to do so! we had a sister that we taught this week that I was able to study teaching simply for, and it is incredible the difference that simplicity can make, this week the Spirit kept reminding me of one sentence "You can not believe in what you do not Understand!" so I have been working on helping everyone understand including myself! The Spirit has been strong this week president and sister day gave awesome trainings and testimonies at their last zone conferences and they were really strong it has been a nuts week and so fun! love you all so much I will try and get pictures to send this cafe is not so great! love you all talk to you soon! keep up the good work and also thank you for all you do, you guys are champions, thank you for letting me learn but also helping me be better love you all! 

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