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Hi Caden
How's your week been? We received a pretty cool letter from president day letting us know you are a trainer and doing very well - congrats 😀 we knew that already but it was cool to get the letter..
We had a pretty good week.. Monday was Memorial Day, we worked in the yard and went for a jog up the canyon, the kids all came over for lunch and games and then we had family night here at the house, BBQ for about 25 of our YSA ward members. Tuesday we had the home teachers over, We still have Matt Packard and Jakob Wagh, they gave a good message from Uchdorfs conference talk about being real.. We also did some shopping, picked up some graduation gifts...Wednesday we helped grandpa and grandma R put rock in flower beds, then dropped by Wilcox house for a visit with the recent graduate, she's pretty cool 😀
Thursday we took the birthday kids out to dinner to shoots (Chinese) and cold stone.  Friday we mowed lawns and then watched movies at home. Saturday we took the babies karlie katie and jake up to strawberry for the first boating fishing trip of the season, it went pretty well.. We had a few things go wrong with the boat.. But caught a nice Koke 😁 on the way home we had a flat tire on the boat trailer 😓 kind of a bummer made us late getting home... 
You had asked me about king Benjamin's discussions in Mosiah I think verse 15 sums it up pretty well "Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life,... Just like Matt shared with us when he was home teaching.. Keeping it real, but also "solid" to who we are.. 😀 something you have always been really good at, keep up the great work bro...
Hope you have a great week
Love you

Howdy bud,
Hope you are doing well. Sounds like not to much got changed from the transfer. So is it the three of you until next transfer?. So you asked what I thought about Alma 40. Well I loved it! That is where dad and I where at in reading the scriptures this past week (coincidence?). I love how it talks about and explains what happens to our bodies and spirits at death. Also how it talks about the resurrection. Very important stuff. I am so grateful that we have the gospel and have the scriptures to help us know these things and enlighten us. 
Now for you, you have been out for almost a year, what is the most surprising thing you have learned you can do or learned about yourself? Also the thing you thought would be hard for you but is easier than you thought? 
Dad told you are week, it was a busy one but fun. I did lunch with Lisa Friday and she asked about you? She was not surprised one bit when I told her you are doing great. She said to say hi and you look great and happy! Haven't asked in awhile, how is the language, you sound like you are doing great with it. Sure do love you and sure are proud of you😉 love getting your emails and reading of all your experiences and all the joy the gospel brings to peoples lives you come in contact with. Keep plugging away and sharing the gospel and we will do the same. I am trying to be better at all I do because of the example you are and because I want to improve on who I am to be more like my savior. " be filled with faith, and remember the Lord has said he " would fight our battles, our children's battles, and the battles of our children's children." And what we do to merit such a defense?" We are to search diligently, pray always, and be believing. Then all things shall work to gather for our good, if we walk up rightly and remember the covenant wherewith we have covenanted." The latter days are not a time to fear and Trimble. They are a time to be believing and remember our covenants. Jeffrey R Holland love you much I pray for you always and miss you but thankful for your service. Have a fabulous week👍😘💙💜💚❤💛 love mom

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hey big guy! great week this week, he sent you the letter too! haha cool! that is fun that is a wicked jog! and before I read the rest of the email happy Birthday KT I didn't forget and I didnt have to be reminded to ha! love you! holy cow I bet that was one heck of a bbq how is jakob? love that kid! and that talk is the bomb! graduation that is nuts, it feels like I was just doing that! thank you for visiting her, she is pretty cool right;) I want to try this place and best thing ever cold stone exists here, (but it is smaller and not as good;() and man strawberry I bet that was fun! what was going on with the blue lady? way to be on getting a koke thats rare! solid solid I really like that outlook and I hope I am as cool as you think I am (but I dont think I am haha) anyway! keeping it real is definitely necessary but then also like president holland said, dont let your doubt stop you, act on the faith you have to be solid! super cool! so pumped to hear updates on moms b day and on alaska love you all! and hope all is well! love ya man! 

momma! yeah we have three it is awesome! that is awesome that that is where you are! miracles! we had a member in Banqiao ask us about resurrection and it was cool to read that chapter with her and you could see her get enlightened it was super cool, we also had a member here who just got their endowments before they leave next month for their mission in Hong Kong and it is cool to see her change! and surprising thing i have learned I love working and fixing things, problem solving=the best! and one thing that is easier than I thought, contacting people on the street! so fun! good to hear you are keeping track of Lisa, how is the whole fam doing over there? the language is fun, I am really working on my characters right now and it is fun! emails are fun right! that is an awesome quote we just have to keep on keeping on right! love you all and thank you for all you do! hope this week is great, miss you too, and I will miss taiwan a lot too, crazy to think that next week is 11 months! love you all have a great week!
here is my past week! (sorry kinda long)  It has been an incredible week here in Xinan! lots of miracles despite the many meetings that we have had! Monday started off great with an awesome interview with the Assistants investigator who we got to see get baptized on saturday! It is cool to meet someone at the beginning of the process see them progress and then do their interview! Tuesday we had the most successful English Boarding ever! we all split up and were able to teach lessons! one of the coolest ones was a young kid, we were able to share Because He Lives, and the Book of Mormon with him and he set up for the Xindian Elders! It was awesome to see miracles! In the short amount of time we had English boarding we were able to have three lessons and give out two copies of the Book of Mormon! Wednesday we had the great trainer trainee follow up meeting, and that was awesome we had all talked as a tripanionship about anything we wanted to improve on and it was good to see ways to improve and continue to have a great bond among our companions! We had English class that night, and we had two people who were very interested in the gospel and one came to church on sunday, it was one of the coolest experiences to watch Elder Boyce comfortably escort her around church all day while me and Elder Larsen were with some others, and she really appreciated it! I have been blessed with incredible companions! Thursday was a fun and packed day! but the miracle of the day was at the end during calls, we felt like we should call some LA's well that was exactly what we needed to do, we called one, at first she led on like nothing was wrong, then we asked if we could do anything for her, and she broke down, come to find out her brother had just passed away and it was super rough for her! we got to pray for her and the Spirit was so strong! it was incredible! sorry this one is pretty long it was just an incredible week! Saturday night, we were having a rough time, and we were about to go home to do calls, but we contacted on the way home, and we went home at a different time and different way then we thought, but it felt right, anyway, on the way home I felt prompted to stop and talk to this lady and tell her that it was a miracle that I was meeting her at that time, by the end of the lesson she set a date, and told me that she knew that it was God's will for this to happen and she made sure that I called the Songshan elders so that she could actually hit her baptismal goal! It was probably one of the cooler experiences of my life! this week has been incredible and to wrap it all up church was awesome! prayers were answered as the teachers taught what the ward and investigators needed to hear and our Gospel Principles class was 7 missionaries 2 members 6 RCLA's and 8 Investigators! Miracles!!! so that was all awesome
love you all! thank you for everything! keep up the good work and stay healthy and safe and momma have a great bday! :) 加油!

金長老 pretty cool right haha! love you 


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