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Hi Caden
How's your week been? Pretty cool that Elder Wilies is an Assistant, you pick good friends :)
We had a pretty good week.. Monday we had family night, we played human foosball and then did a Chick-fil-A run. Tuesday we had our ward temple night good times at the Provo Temple. Wednesday went to family tree for Scones,Thursday we mowed lawns both at grandpas and our place. Friday we went to Shoots for dinner, tasty Chinese and cool date night. Saturday we helped David and Megan move, they are going to Oregon, David got a good job there. We also went to the state cup finals soccer games.. Michaels ranger team was in the final for U13, unfortunately they lost 5-4 to Arsenal.. But it was good to watch a little soccer and support him.. Monday we are having family home evening at our house for a Memorial Day BBQ, so we made a Cosco run for food etc..
Coming into summer months is exciting here at home, as you may remember we have the big Alaska trip planned for June 8-20th, should be a good time with the Jensen family.. We sure miss not having you around but it's only a little over a year and you'll be back enjoying the summer with us.. Thanks for serving The Lord, your example is awesome!
Have a great week Smiling face with open mouth

Hello son,
So did anything change for you with this transfer? How was the week? Hard to believe we are almost done with May. Weather here has been crazy, I don't know how you do it with all the rain you get there. We have had about twelve days in a row of rain, hard heavy rain at times. Everything is very green and beautiful but man I would love some sun! We got a little today. At least we haven't needed to use the sprinklers. This upcoming Monday we are having over the YSA ward for Memorial Day BBQ and the fam is coming too. We drove by the cemetery today where you did your eagle projected, that was a great project to do. I used your step it up in visit teaching this week. I like your stories and sayings and use and share them often. Savannah isn't married yet but she is engaged. Everyone is busy here and everyone is doing well. I think dad told you David and meg are moving to Oregon. They are excited but nervous at the same time. It will be nice when they get there and get going and are in their house. We will miss them but are excited for their adventures. We sure love you son and are very proud of you! You are a great man and missionary. Have an outstanding week in every wayWinking faceFace throwing a kissThumbs up sign. Be safe and stay healthy! Love you much!!!!!" Our reward for daring to live the gospel despite opposition from the outside world will be to have blessings added upon our heads for ever and ever." Harold B Lee    Love mommaHeavy black heartPurple heartPurple heartBlue heartRevolving hearts

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hey pops! great week! and nuts right?! super cool! human foosball thats fun! good old temple nights, I will go to that for sure when I get home! and oh man! family tree though!!! lawns fun! and back to the chinese food, I am gonna have to try this place! nuts that they are going to oregon!!! that is awesome that you supported michael and that his team is rocking it! and we made a costco run the other day that was so nice! american food! yeah!!! I am pumped to hear how the Alaska trip goes, I just hope you all dont get sick! thatll be such a good time! I will be back before you know it haha! love ya pops thank you for all you do! ps new scriptures for this week! Mosiah 2-5 King Benjamins speech! jiayou!!!

mama! we are now a threesome! nuts right? great week! may is almost done! this next week brings june! I love rain I have decided me and syd used to play in it all the time and I dont know I just like cloudy days sometimes! that is nuts, sounds like taibei! that BBQ will be legit tell me how it goes! that was a great eagle project! and pretty cool motto right! that is awesome that you are doing that, visiting teaching and home teaching are just missionary work to members, it is chaoji (super) important!!! that is still nuts that she is engaged! that is gonna be great for them, I got to share about him this past week with a recent convert in the next ward over (we were on exhanges) who is also bipolar, it was pretty cool! this will be a great week I am pumped great quote mama! love you all!  What another great week, sad to see Elder Griffin and Elder Bake leave the apartment but they will do great things  in their new callings! and it has been great having Elder Larsen! He has jumped right into the work and is super ready and willing to get to know our investigators, RCLAs and members! He also is from Idaho and we have a lot of similar interests, so it is fun that we can connect in that way too! This week we saw some awesome miracles especially at church!!! This week we found a lady on the street who was willing to come and we got to see members bring there friends! It is amazing the difference that makes, we saw a man that would have probably been completely uncomfortable if he was there alone, but because he was with his friend he was smiling and had a great experience at church and is now meeting with us next week!!! This week we also got to see the Lord bless us with the ability to find people even when our time was running short, this week we had a lot to do between the English party, Interviews, transfers, service and others small things that seemed to come up, that we were limited on time during some of our finding, but we said prayers of faith and we had the opportunity to go and do what the Lord needed us to! Last thing to share this week, yesterday I had the opportunity of doing two baptismal interviews, that was so spiritual! throughout all of church I was just praying that I could help them somehow. I went into the interviews probably more scared than the two Filipinos that I interviewed, but then as soon as the opening prayer was said, the Spirit took over! The coolest part to me, was just to hear them share there testimonies of these principles that had changed their lives in such a short amount of time, and just to feel of the Spirit that they had, even if sometimes they had to say it in Tagalog, the Spirit was still there! It was a great week, and I am excited for this upcoming one too! that was my week! Elder Bake went home and Elder Griffin became a zone leader out in Taoyuan! and we have been playing frisbee in the crazy mud and it is a blast!!! it is a great time! also assignment for you! Alma 40 tell me what ya think! love you all! talk to you next week! and keep up the good work! 



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