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> Hello caden
> Last week was sooo awesome getting to talk with you! I talked about it with people all week this past week.. Monday we had family night at the food bank, it was pretty cool to stock the shelves and make lunch kits for those less fortunate. Tuesday we worked in katie and Dave's yard finishing up the dirt and sprinklers in their front flower beds. Wednesday we mowed lawns for grandpa and us, then we had some cafe rio.. Thursday mom had a bridal shower for A Agle then we had haystacks and chilled at home with katie, Dave and jensen for the American idol final and other tv shows we caught up on.. Friday we did sushi at sukura and then went shopping to purchase a truck.. Picked up an F350, pretty much like the one we had.. It runs really strong and has cool features.. Saturday I went riding down by Moab with Jason from work, he has a razor and a single seater Polaris Ace.. It was cool to get out and ride.. Later that night we had to clean the church and then chilled with Karlie and the girls at home. I conducted Sunday for church.. Speakers talked about having a soft heart.. Long ago Kenny P gave a lesson about what it means to have a soft heart, it stuck with me I enjoyed his reference to a pillowy heart that allowed ideas and feelings to penetrate versus a "Van Halen" hard heart that let's nothing in. Sometimes the world views humility and soft hearts as weakness, I believe it is a strength to remain humble and open, allowing the spirit to work with and thru us.. Im soo happy that you have a soft heart Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes hope things are going well with you, please let us know if you need anything from home
> Love ya
> Dad.
> Howdy bro,
> Well how was the week? I'm still floating from talking to ya last Sunday. You sound great, I loved seeing that handsome smiling face of yours, so did everyone else! Going to Chelsea's farewell tomorrow, happy for her and sad at the same time. Her brother Katie's age was killed in a car accident Thursday. The funeral will be Friday after she has left. Keep them in your prayers. One of your close friends your age is getting married, Savannah is engaged. The kid she is marrying didn't look familiar. I went to a missionary mom lunch on Tuesday with people from our old ward. It was great hearing about their missionaries and that they are doing great. So glad your week was filled with miracles and success! Yes we could all stand to step it up in our lives and in everything we do, I love that. I'm with you on prayer, that is how I make it through life is by faithfully praying and trusting in The Lord! Couldn't survive without prayer, or my family and the gospel. Let's us know if we can do anything for you or anyone else. We sure do love you Caden!!! Proud of the the boy you were and the man you have become! Stay healthy and safe please. Keep smilin like always. That was one comment everyone made when I posted your phone call picture on face and insta that you are always smilin and happy. A genuine wonderful personFace throwing a kissThumbs up sign. Keeping you in our prayersPerson with folded hands"Be happy...enjoy every moment of your life…
> Quote this week... Life is too short to waste on grudges… Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change!" Two quote day "it takes the same amount of energy to worry as it does to be positive. Use your energy to think positive, and positive things will happen."Love you son, enjoy your week, love momGreen heartPurple heartBlue heartHeavy black heart

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it is all good it put you at the top of the list, just reminding me of my priorities;) man sounds like a solid week! good food back and man no chic fil a?! kt and daves house man they scored with that one! and oh mexican food and sushi!!! so good! she is married that is weird! and good to hear you are still hanging with the kids! itll be crazy when there are two more right?! I want pics of the truck sounds legit!!! excited to ride in it! that will be fun! nice to go ride that sounds like a blast what trails did you do? conducting that is fun! and soft hearts so important! and that is awesome that the Spirit helped you remember something from that long ago!! I like that example too haha! humility is what makes the world go round, if there weren't humble people in the world, everyone would be done for haha! thank you for being an example of that soft heart big guy! love ya man! things are great here! this week was awesome! and I am doing just dandy! love ya man, thank you for your support see you soon!
mama! happy you all are happy! that is rough! tell her that I love her and that all will be well, she knows that, she is serving a mission! that is nuts!!!!!!!!! what is his name and how do you know?! people are getting married that is nuts!!! holy junk that is nuts! sounds like a fun lunch and like you guys had a great week! this week we really just stepped it up and it was legit! and full of the spirit! prayer is the best right?! and I cant not smile, there is no reason not to smile!!! love you and you are always in my prayers too! love you and I love both of those quotes a lot! we talked this week in our apartment about how it is useless to be upset about what you cant change! love you all also this week it is crazy that this transfer is almost over! that flew by! but it has been a great time, and a great week here in xinan! lots of miracles as we really put our shoulder too the wheel, even when people cancelled on us we went out and happily found people on the side of the road! cool miracles from this week; to start off we had exhanges and that was a blast and a great learning experience! While I was in Wanda with Elder Griffin we found these two ladies who were super interested and they were both willing to get baptized and set dates, and they both escaped on busses as we were getting information for contacts, so I learned to get that quicker, we were a little sad about that, but then we realized, the Lord will help them find us again! Than we also had an investigator this week who we were not quite sure how well she would progress, and while on exchanges, Elder Boyce got the opportunity to meet with her and she had already read a lot of second nephi and all of the answers to the questions of the soul from the Restoration Tract that we gave her!!! It was unreal! Last one for the week! Last night we were just striking out! it seemed like no one wanted to talk to us, but we still had faith!!! We had prayed hard earlier to set a date that night! so we stopped and said a prayer, and Elder Boyce said, we have to go find Brother Hong (a guy we had met outfront of his work), so we went there, and he wasn't there, but I knew that it was inspired for some reason that we went over to that side! then as we are biking back Elder Boyce said "We've had no success" then we stopped and thought about all the things we had done, we had prayed with two people, shared more about Christ with some Christians, told a man that God could help him quit smoking, and we followed the Spirit even though we were not quite sure why yet, at that point we started feeling successful and our spirits rose, we then decided to contact one more before we headed home, we pulled over to an old man smoking on the side of the road, and we talked for a second and he said "well everyone needs Christ!" and we proceeded to have a lesson with him and set a date with him, as we left we contact his contact info to give to Yonghe, and the coolest part... Elder Boyce was right, we needed to find a Brother Hong, just not the one we thought! Such a miracle!!! so that was legit! and also Elder Willes is the New Assistant and is now in my ward so that is awesome love that guy! and Elder Boyce is still being a champ, we are blessed you know that! love you all! jiayou!!!


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