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Hello sir
Great week here at home, we will be talking soon but wanted to get you a quick email with our happenings lately.  Monday we had YSA FHE our subject was "May the 4th" be with you.. Get it? Fun stuff.. Chic fila after Smiling face with open mouth Tuesday was kinda rough.. I had a sore tooth that Brett worked on Monday and Tuesday it really acted up, so I took some pain killers that afternoon.. Took me out till Wednesday (spins, sick, etc) Wednesday we went to the Payson temple open house as a family.. It is a beautiful temple nice big rooms and stuff.. Thursday we went and looked for a new truck and out for sushi at sakruo. In my new position at work I qualify for an auto allowance but the vehicle needs to be less than 4 years old.. so we are thinking about a new F350 what do you think? Friday we spent some time at RC Willey, we are looking at changing the family room around a bit... We also ate at Chilies.. mom ordered the ribs, they were awesome (like they used to be) Saturday we helped Morrey's in their yard with bushes and stuff then went to dinner to Shoots with Jensen's, Doty's, and Biesinger's. We are pumped to talk with you soon. So proud of you son, have a great week!
Love ya

Hello bubba,
Loved your letter and glad to hear things are well! So very excited to talk to you and see that face of yours and hear your voice. Also excited for you to speak some Chinese for us. Dad told ya about our week, it was a good one other then dad's tooth experience, hopefully it keeps getting better and quits hurting. Loved the Payson temple! It is beautiful, and they used cream colors so it is very warm and inviting. Huge celestial room. The grand babies really did great and enjoyed the temple. They are excited to talk to you and see that you are not just a poster. That's cool that you walk sometimes too. So many more calls to tell you about so maybe tomorrow when we talk but the one we should tell you about for sure is Jacob's he is going to Houston Texas. He leaves July 22nd, so Lori and Chris will have both out for about 9 months. So thankful for you son and the other family members! I am so blessed with such wonderful kids who truly love me. Also talk about the cutest grand kids ever that would be ours. They are so funny even when they are little stinkers. So grateful for your dedication and love for The Lord and his work. Stay happy and safe , you are amazing.Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss. "A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have." That is my family Thumbs up signlove you much, momWinking faceCaden Jensen                                                                                                       
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hope the star wars party was fun that was a huge thing in high school haha! that stinks about the tooth ache, I was pretty out of it those days too! super pumped to go through that temple!!! oh PS sorry about the paraglider thing tell dave sorry, and that he has to take me when I get back!!! that would be sick, that car sounds legit and I hope I get to ride in it, and that is doesn't have as many problems as this last one, but dont get the 6.0 cause we all know that is a bad model!!! what are you gonna do to the living room?! and sushi oh man!!! glad that this week was super good and that the fam is still hanging out together! everyone looked so good thank you all for talking!!! love you!!!

mama! haha you guys are super fascinated by chinese now, but when I get back you are going to hate it, there are words I have basically forgotten the english for haha! praying for you! pumped for the temple!!! that is awesome that they were good for the temple! there is something special about that place! and they didnt really want to talk haha! that is awesome!!! it has been a great week! that is an awesome quote and I realized that a lot this week! This week has been filled with miracles, that all started after a great training meeting on Tuesday! Zone meeting was incredible this month and we all left with the general feeling that this month's vision is just plainly put "STEP IT UP" and we were ready to do so! This week we hit the streets hard and found a ton of miracle people! we said prayers, set dates, and most importantly, felt the Spirit with people on the street this week! Coolest miracle of the week: we were talking with a girl and she was very interested, we gave her a large part of the first lesson and the Spirit was strong! then as the contact was winding down, a woman comes up to us, and says "do you know a sister mai? I just wanted to thank her because she served me a lot!" we closed the lesson with the first girl and started talking with this woman, she had been served by a missionary before and that had softened her heart, she then was willing to talk with us, excited to come to church, and anxious to set a baptismal date! It was one of the coolest things ever to see that after nine hard weeks in this area, we actually have a glimmer of a great new investigator! So cool!!! This week specifically what made the difference I think, was our reliance on prayer! at the beginning of our contacting, we would say a prayer as always, but for some reason the first 30-45 mins. was always super rough! and full of rejection, then we would say a second prayer, really in faith and with humility, and then we would see miracles it was one of the coolest things I have seen to date! We are very excited to keep working here and we are very thankful for the great companionship we have and the great leaders we have! keep happy and remember how much I love you all!!! see you soon and if you need anything, you know where to get me!!! love you



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