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Hello bud, 
How has the week been? It is so good to hear that you and Elder Boyce are in tune with each other and that you have similar personalities. I have visited with his mom on the missionary mom page and we are going to try and do lunch and share stories. Cool stories you shared last week. Do you walk much or just kinda trade off on riding and walking. This week we are going to go to the Payson temple on Wednesday and walk through it. I am excited for the babies even though they won't understand to see the beauty of the temple. Jensen talks about the angel on the temple all of the time. He says remember angel Moroni is on the temple not the churches. Kids are growing like crazy, excited for you to see them next week and hear them talk. Also excited for them to see you. They knuckle your poster all the time and give it high fives. Weather has been pretty good here," we have been doing lots of yard work and are going to start mowing lawns again for grandpa. Work is going great for all and so are the pregnancies. Keeping busy with church and life in general. Have you had a chance to do much service? How about that call next week. Do you know day or time yet? I agree google hangout worked great so that sounds great if we do it again. Hope you are staying healthy and dry, is the rain slowing down any? How's the face? Are your shoes holding up ok? Do you need anything? if so just let us know and you should be good on money. We sure love you Caden and we feel the blessings from your willingness to serve. Your nieces and nephew sure are proud of you and know you well, we keep them up to date on uncle Caden. Be safe, happy healthy and motivated. We will do the same. 😘😘😘😘❤💚💜💙 talk to ya this week, can't wait, love you much!!! Love mom 
This weeks quote - "I am in competition with no one, I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Hello bro
Seemed like a short week because we didn't hear from you till Tuesday night. Sounds like you had a great week! Our week wasn't quite as busy. Monday we had half the YSA ward over to our house for family night. Our lesson was from Elder Ballards "greatest generation" conference talk he gave in the Saturday priesthood session. We ended with a speed dating type activity, we had people meeting with each other in almost every room in the house, it went pretty well. Nice to see folks talking rather than just texting etc...Tuesday we did a little grocery shopping and then chilled around home. Wednesday we went up hobblecreek canyon for some exercise. Thursday we took dinner to some folks in our YSA ward, then we went to chic fila with katie and jensen, (Dave was out climbing) Friday we went to UofU for dinner and a play at pioneer theatre. Work paid for us to take customers to the opening of Music Man, it was a cool cultural event. Saturday we got a ton done around the house, covered up the sleds for summer, took scrap metal in, worked on the Honda trolling motor, got the boat out etc.. Then we went to cafe rio with Karlie and the girls.
You asked my thoughts on Alma 13, a couple things come to mind.. First few versus remind me of how many are pre ordained to do great things here on earth, also the thought that "many are called, but few are chosen.." Obviously it's up to us to live up to our potential, and continue along the path we were on before coming to earth. The back half of the chapter is also about living up to our potential and not procrastinating.. The good, better, best, scenarios also come to my mind. I know that often I do good things, but there are better and best things I should be doing in this life. Like you right now-serving full time! Good stuff bro, we are so proud of you, hope it's going well 😄
Looking forward to seeing your face with google hangout next week 
Love ya 


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mama! it has been a great week! hope elder boyce's mom knows that her son is a prodigee! and we mainly walk to find, but bike to get places! I am pumped to go through the payson Temple when I get home! and that is awesome that Jensen can put together sentences like that! That is awesome that they know me:) I am pumped to party with them when I get home! and man it is weird to think that it is that time of year again! last year at this time, I was prepping for the all night party and taking AP tests! and then we were boating! that is nuts, and good to hear you are still helping out grandpa! good to hear the pregnancies are good as well! praying for sure! we have tons of service stuff here it is great! I love it, this past week we got to do 11.5 hours! it was legit!  and I am healthy and dry! typhoon season just started and we have had some fun earthquakes, but rain is gonna start pouring I bet! it is fun though! and we are protected! all is well with me, dont need anything really, today I might buy a traditional shirt:) but we are still thinking about the time, anywhere between 6-9 on sunday night for you!  sorry I know that is a big time gap. just have your phones, and then get my email and then we are good! pumped to see you! thank you much! and that is a great quote constant improvement! love you mama!

pops! it was short right?! sounds like lots of YSA stuff but that is fun, and are you really climbing?! and running, man you guys are the bomb! you will be more fit than me! that will be awesome to exercise with you! and good to hear that you are getting to hang with the kids :) and still eating chicfila!  that was my last meal and will probably be my first haha! sounds like that play was fun! sorry if it was boring! man the boat that is nuts! fun stuff! and that is a great chapter right!? I like that, we just always have to use our agency to get the things we have promised to us! super cool! and you do some best things to! you are the best! thank you for all you do big guy! love you all! and pumped for next week! It has been a great week with some hard times and some great times, even just between wednesday and today! The temple was incredible! The Spirit was very strong at the end, and I had one of the most spirit filled prayers I have ever had in my life on wednesday! I really wanted to know what to teach an RC, went over, picked up the Bible and turned to Matthew, at that time I knew we needed to discuss Christlike attributes and the last portion of Christ's mortal ministry! It was incredible! I also had a cool realization of an analogy, I was sitting in a sealing room, looking into the mirrors, I was sitting kind of diagonal to them, and I noticed that I could only see part of eternity, then as I slowly moved to the center I could see more and more of eternity, and I also slowly entered in to that eternity, but it was only when I was staring straight at the mirror and was in the dead center that I could truly see Eternity and I was right in the middle of it! It made me realize that even being slightly skewed from the teachings of the gospel or from things in the Temple, can make it so we don't fit perfectly in the center of eternity, it was a super cool spiritual experience and helped me be very thankful for the Atonement! 
Last thing this week, we had been getting rejected a lot and a little down, and I pulled out the Book of Mormon, and read a small verse about the Lord delivering the people of Alma, simply put it said, it is hard, but I will strengthen you, and then deliver you! That was really comforting, then the next night we got stood up at the Fireside, and so we figured we had someone to find, so we went out, and Sunday we saw miracles, found quite a few people, one who was so prepared, and even taught us a secret handshake and we were able to get out three copies of the Book of Mormon! We also had an LA who decided that right now was his time to come back and he is never leaving again, and he shared his testimony! It was a great week!  but yeah! thank you for all you do and if I can do anything hear let me know! love you all see you soon! 

me :)


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