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Hi bro
We are guessing temple day changed p day this week? Hope it was good times.
We were thinking about mothers day coming up pretty quick.. (May 10th) Do you know if you'll be able to call and when? Should we do google hangout again? Who do you want to see and talk with?
Hope things are going well.
Luv ya!
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yeah temple day, and we are thinking about when to call, I think that hang out will work best again! and bring anyone who wants to come, it is all up to you! things are going great love you guys very much!!!!!!! keep up the good work and how are the babies doing?!
love ya
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Hey bro
This week flew by for us, Monday for family night we had international food night, mom and I brought Mexican drinks and cookies. We ate pretty good there but still went to Chic Fila after. Tuesday we hung out at home. 
Wednesday we had the viewing for the YSA brother hat passed away, Thursday was his funeral, pretty sad stuff.. But mostly sad for those who will miss him, he will be fine where he is at.. Thursday evening we had all the grand kids over to watch, their parents were all out doing stuff, so we got to watch the toddlers 😄 Friday we went out to Bajios in the river bottoms and then to the movie Adeline about a women who never ages and lives forever, kindof a cool movie, makes you think a bit.. Then we started talking about the three nephites that live on earth forever and how that must be going.. Deep thoughts I guess. 
Saturday grand pa and I went up to the cabin, we had a spring snow shower that snowed enough for us to get in and get the sleds we had left up there, then we can home and moved stuff around for storage.
You asked about stories of your great grandparents, on my side you have grandpa Jensen who pasted away when I was 9, I remember going fishing with him and his brother. I know why I like fishing so much, it's because Irvin loved it, he went almost every day! Grandma jensen lived with us for quite awhile after grandpa died, she loved to help with laundry and read stories to Lori, Christine and David 
Grandpa Titensor was the post master in star valley, when I was young, I used to spend my summers with them, I remember going to visit him at work and him being a huge diet cola drinker (he liked tab and diet Pepsi)  but I'm thinking he'd love today's Diet Coke! I'm sure that's where I get that love. You might remember grandma TItensor, she was an educator and was very supportive of us kids getting properly educated. She knew what she wanted and usually found ways of getting it!
You mentioned Alma 5 in your letter, great chapter, I think what stands out for me after reading it this week are verses 35 and 40 talking about good works and how good stuff is from God and not good, from the devil. There are many good people and good works being done here on earth, I'm soooo happy that you have chosen the path you are on! Hope you have a great week 😄
Luv ya!

Hi bubba, 
I know you asked for stories about great grandparents and not a lot came to mind. Things I remember of grandma and grandpa Roden is grandma was an outstanding piano and organ player. Grandma Roden as far as I can remember has never worn pants. We always went up and visited every Sunday as well as to Smiths. Grandpa Roden was a temple sealer and married dad and I. He was also a patriarch. He collected things like golf balls and they and had tons of sheet music cause music was big in their lives. Grandma Roden teaching us piano lessons and playing changeable Charlie and riding skate boards down their side walk. Also at Roden's spinning tops in the kitchen
Grandma and grandpa Smith, grandma always very caring and giving. Grandma took great care of grandpa cause he was sick for quite awhile. She never complained. Grandpa loving and drinking coke like your dad does diet coke. Also going down to see and feed the cows. Grandpa Smith lost his pinky getting it pinched in a gate. I remember playing pool on their pool table and rolling the balls and pinching each other's fingers. 
Great memories of both sets of grandparents and the example they were to me and my siblings. I remember dipping chocolates at Roden's and huge christmas's at Smiths. I hope you and your children will have wonderful memories of your grandparents and of all of us. We are so blessed to have both sides of the families so close. 
Hope your week has been great and that things have gone well. Time just keeps flying by. We are proud of you son, and are thankful for the memories you are making and making for others. People will look back and say remember Elder Jensen, he sure helped us and changed our lives for the better. Take good care of yourself and we will do the same. Counting down the days until we get to talk to you.
Quote = "Always end your day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow is an opportunity to make it better." 
Love you sooooo much. Be safe and enjoy all that you are doing. You are wonderful! Hug and kisses😘😘😘😘😘😘 love mom
man that is a packed week big guy! sounds super fun though! sad about the funeral, but way to have the positive outlook, and sounds like a have a movie to watch when I get back:) sounds interesting, man we heard michael buble today, ooooooooooo so good! that will definitely be listened to in about a year! nice that you got a little snow, sorry this winter was so rough! haha and now all the things about you make sense haha! that is awesome thank you for sending those that will be super helpful! and I remember some parts of grandma titensor, but they are all kinda funny stories when she had Alzheimers! but love her still haha! and happy that you read it! it is a great chapter right! this week we had mission conference! that was awesome!!!!!! He talked a lot about the High Priesthood, so personal invite for you! read Alma 13 and tell me what you think:) but sounds like all is going well, and yeah there are lots of good and bad things to be done on the earth, hopefully we keep choosing the good ones haha! excited to see you guys in two weeks! that will be fun! but love you papa thank you for all you do! 

mama! that is awesome I didnt know grampa sealed you?! I dont even know what temple you got married in how sad is that!!! and music I remember at grandmas funeral someone quoted her "scriptures just back up the hymns, the hymns are the real stuff!" I liked that! tops I remember that! and man that pool stuff sounds painful!!! that is so sweet thank you for those stories!!! that is awesome! and I know it is nuts how fast this is all going! almost scary! next thing you know and I will be you! haha! and oh man, my kids will know you and dad and the other side just as good as they will know me! haha family is the best you know that! and I hope we make memories! fun fact about that quote! I started this thing at the end of being trained, that every night I ask my companion their favorite part of the day and then before we go to bed, I always say "wan an wo ai ni" (good night love ya!) it is a good tradition This week has been very exciting! we saw lots of finding miracles this week, and even a few who lived in our area! we even had the opportunity of running into a 90 year old man, who was very interested in the Book of Mormon, and we hope to be setting a baptismal date with him this week! This week we saw the benefit of walking and talking to people trying to sincerely get to know them! One specific time we both felt like we should stop and talk to this lady, she was just standing there looking around, and she goes oh, my daughter is christian! and then it launched into this huge conversation about her kids, she started showing us pictures of her kids, and then her husband came over, we were scared he would end the contact, but then he jumped in and started talking about his family and how he hopes that we can find some time to come and meet with them again soon! It was such a miracle!!! Last thing that I want to share about this week, was an RC lesson that we had! We met with two RC's at the same time because they are super good friends, and they understand each other, and even better, they brought their member friend from Jin Hua! We started meeting and we were sharing about envy and pride, and how they are opposites, then one of them asked how they are opposite, me and Elder Boyce sat, thought for a second, and then we both drew the same diagram on the board explaining how envy and pride are the extremes and confidence and humility are the middle and what we need, it was so cool to see both of us receive the same inspiration at the same time, the Spirit was super strong in that lesson! Elder Boyce is doing awesome, he is talking to people on the street, he is doing great sharing scriptures and experiences in lessons, and he even is starting to lead bike to certain places! We are very blessed here in Xinan and we are excited to see more growth! we also had this weird service and cleaned the most sad house ever, it was kinda fun though haha! but service is the bomb! and we closed an apartment for another companionship, that was alot a fun hah! well we are about to go to the temple and I am pumped! thank you for all you do you guys are the best, just remember to keep loving people! it is so cool to see how little experiences from home, have prepared me for things here, pretty miraculous actually! well love you all! talk to you next week! have a fantastic week and be safe and know I love you!!!!


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