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Hi Bud
Hope you had a great week! Our week seemed to fly by! Monday we had a get to know you family night, we are ways having new people move in and out of the YSA ward so it makes sense to have those type of evenings, after FHE we did the usual chic fila 😄 Tuesday we chilled at home with the grand kids. Wednesday we went to Los hermanos for a mid week date night. Thursday mom fixed an awesome chicken dish, the one with stuffing etc we stayed home and watched the PAC 12 basketball games. Friday and Saturday I took customers to Vegas to attend the PAC 12 games. It was pretty high end, we stayed in the MGM and watched Utah loose to Oregon who made a last second shot thrown up from half court... Sad that we didn't make the finals, but we will make the NCAA dance this year 😄 Also sad that I was away for the weekend, I've gotten used to not traveling and being away kinda sucks. And you are right, compared to Taiwan, the buildings in Vegas are not that tall. Sunday I conduct meetings and after we have third Sunday at Jensens, they are doing great, grandpas health is getting much better. (He cut down both of their Apple trees this past week) grandpa Roden is also doing better. (He is re doing their front lawn and sprinkler system)
Cool that you and elder Glaittli get along, sounds like you are whitewashing? And your apartment is kinda gross? (Good luck with that)
You bring up good points in last weeks letter about forgiveness etc.. Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves, often we create un-necessary stress in our lives by feeling guilty and worrying.. You are a great son and Elder! Remember we love you tons!! We really enjoy hearing from you each week. Thank you so much for your letters and your individual attention to all the others that write you. You rock!!!
Have a great week
Love dad

Hey bud,
Hope you are doing well and you have had an outstanding week. I also hope you feel good about what you are doing and that The Lord loves you. You're a great person and we love you very very much. I bet the buildings are huge over there. Glad people decided to listen to what you all had to say. Sorry the apartment is gross, hopefully you have had a chance to clean it. You know me and germs so clean it well. Are you glad you aren't too far from where you where? So glad to hear that you two get along, I hope you have great success working together and being faithful in doing the lords work. Sorry about some of the interesting food you eat, I don't think I could do it, I would gag and vomit. Connor and Connor  both got their calls, in state. I think one is Virginia and the other OK.. Morrey's had a procedure and hope it brings positive results in being pregnant, we will keep you posted. Mitchell's are moving out Wednesday over to Spanish in an apartment. They are excited to be on their own. We are kinda sad that we won't be greeted by the babies everyday, but we understand. We will truly be empty nesters. Weird. Weather here is crazy, we have been in the sixties and seventies, nuts. I guess since you aren't here to sled, dad being hurt and Dave having classes it's all ok that their isn't snow. Dave it going to get his masters. Jake is looking for a job, he put off med school and for now and is looking for a job in his degree. Probably a good idea, just glad his schooling is almost done for now. He can go back when things slow down, kar needs to be home. She will quit when he finds a job. He is working at discovery ranch with the troubled youth for now. I'm keeping busy. Miss you, but glad you are doing great and wonderful things. Be safe love you much!. Your package will go out Monday."every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. Keep smilin😘😘😘😘😘 mom

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 3:05 PM, Caden Jensen <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:
sup pops! sounds like a great week! and yeah i am pumped for you guys to like see some of the stuff in taiwan! it is super cool! sorry you had to go out of town but at least you got some chill time too! and man that chicken dish! me and elder glaittli totally made up recipes this week and they worked it was sick!!! good to hear grandpa is doing well! but I bet it is weird not having those trees there!!! and man the g parents are just doing work! we are still writing haha, trust me, haha!  we are opening a new area haha, so even more nuts than whitewashing:) super fun! we see like everyone here and we live right next to the mission office! and the apartment is better now!!! and yeah I feel you with that dongxi man! this week I also got to realize how important going to church was a question was! it was pretty cool! but It has been a great week! I love it here in Xinan! and the trainings this week were incredible, I especially loved Sister Day's training on the language of love, it was really good to hear new ways to help people realize how thankful we are for them and let them know of our love! In our zone meeting this week, the Sister Training Leaders gave us an invite to fast and pray about things we need to improve and that was also a very spiritual experience! Trainings are the best! Me and Elder Glaittli also got the opportunity to do some family history, it was cool to see some stories I have never heard before and I am excited to learn more! This week we also had the opportunity to find some new investigators in our area, and it was interesting, when we had long sections of finding, we only seemed to get phone numbers, but when we had a little time, we were guided immediately to those that were prepared for the gospel! It was cool one of the miracles of finding this week was an answer to an RC's prayer. Her husband is a non member, and we were tracting and happened to contact her husband, we got to give him a small introduction to the church, and then his wife came down stairs, and was our RC, and she was beaming, you could tell that she was so touched by the Spirit at that point it was so cool!!! We also got to see opportunities of service open people's hearts! There was a woman who was looking for a small piece in a gutter and we were able to help her find it, and she was touched and had interest! Then we had another woman who came to do a temple tour and we got to do it with her! during the temple tour a lot of her concerns came out, and we had the chance to bear testimony that through the gospel all problems can be overcome! This week truly was incredible!!! good to hear from you man! keep up the good work!!! also can I get stories about all the great grandparents thank you:) love you!!!

hey momma!  happy jolly!!! and this week really was just sick!!! great to hear about everything!!! it is cleaner now! and it is nice to not be too far from banqiao! we have to work, it would kill me otherwise!!! but haha you will get to try some in the future I am sure of it haha! so cool to hear about everyones calls!!! they are moving but not to far that is nice! and yeah the snow will come in two winters:) hope all goes well with katie and Dave! cool to hear that everyone is just progressing!!! life is moving right along! and man you didnt need to send that but thank you!!!! love you momma! keep up the good work! we will try and send pics next week! this week we ran into the interior designer for the south pacific temples she was super cool!!! I love this momma it is awesome!!! keep up the good work! and keep being positive know that I love you guys a lot! service was really fun this week PS keep doing service haha! and check out the new "Because He Lives" Initiative!!! love you all! 


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