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We sent you a letter Wednesday because we were afraid we would miss you because of transfer week, but I guess your p-day is the same, it was just Taichung that changed. Anyway hope the rest of your week was fantastic! Today was a very busy day, YSA service project, cleaning yards then painting high school field and fixing our sprinkling system. We ended the night going to dinner with Pat and Dave and watched the Utah game against Georgetown, we won and have made it to the sweet 16 :) later we went grocery shopping where we ran into Sundetts and found out Jake got his call to New York Long Island mission Spanish speaking and Ridge is going to Canada. Did dinner with Hardys Friday night - Dawson is waiting for his call.. We did a little bowling with them, I didn't do great. Dad's colonoscopy went great, clean bill of health. His ribs still hurt but are on the mend. How are you and your health? Did things change when the missionaries came in or did you guys not get any? Have you heard if the young man you where trying to teach ever got his parents to let him take the lessons? We sure love you bud and are proud of you. Tay did the temple today, excited for her journey to start. Please take care of your self. Love you much!!!!Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss"I adore his smile I cherish his hugs I admire his heart but most of all I love that he's my son." That's you.
Have a great and safe new weekHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart
Love Mom & Dad
man the week ended up fun, good to hear you are healthy big guy! and that you are still being good to the team, how are they doing by the way? so fun to hear about the calls and sorry the ribs still hurt, bowling is so fun, me and owen used to love randomly going bowling!!! I am healthy, every once in awhile my guts are a little 不一定 but other than that I am doing great! haha and that kid took all the lessons, they just wouldn't let him get baptized, but he is almost twenty so then 不在乎 his parents he can get baptized! that is so sick  I hope tay loved the temple, so cool, how is the provo city center looking! (I think that is where I want to get married, but it is up to someone else:( haha) love you all! see you soon!
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Hello bud, we are writing you Wednesday night because we were not sure if your p-day was also changed like Taichung because of new missionaries coming. They say it's just for this week so we are being safe cause we didn't want to miss you. It's been a busy week already and it's only Wednesday. Monday FHE and chick fil a, Tuesday we did wingers cause it was dads last solid food for about 36 hours. Wednesday we moved the Mitchell's to their new apartment, they will be in Biesingers ward. Tomorrow, Thursday, dad is having a colonoscopy so that will be most of the day from start to recovery. Hope your week has been great so far and that you are keeping busy. So did the apartment turn out clean and ok. So fun that you are having amazing experiences. Are you getting missionaries? If so does that mean you guys will get new comps or will you still work together? Hows the new area, are you finding your way around pretty easily? How are you on BO juice and other toiletries and have you had to take any allergy meds yet? Sure love ya, sent your package Monday so watch for it next week near the end. Keep smilin and we are thinking of ya always and talking about ya everyday. Praying for you and your comp and all you come in contact with. Be safe love you much!!!!! "when all lights go out follow the light within."Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissmom

Hi bro,
can't wait to hear if you guys got new missionaries this week. We've been hearing rumors... As mom mentioned our week is cruising right by.. FYI the colonoscopy is only because I'm 50... katie and mom are pretty persistent that I get checked out etc... I actually feel healthier than when you left, working for Sunroc has helped me keep in better shape, plus I don't have you around to do all the physical work so I'm getting plenty of exercise haha I've even lost 7 lbs I'm at 158 how about you? Crazy that our house is totally empty right now. Having the Mitchell's move out is going to be different. I'm excited for them, they have a nice place in Spanish fork.
As you know this past winter was probably the worst ever for sledding etc... I'm over it and now I'm now looking forward to Moab and fishing, we are putting a Moab trip together for the second week of April, I'll start working on the tomcars this weekend.  Mom also has said she would be interested in starting to climb so we have that to look forward too. I may try and get her over to the quarry or up to the drone here on the next week or so. I'm also excited to start working on the boat, the kicker needed a little work at the end of the season and I need to go through all the fishing gear.. You know me... Getting stuff ready is half the fun Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes kinda like with the gospel, getting ourselves ready is what it's all about, right? or should I say "life is a journey, not a destination"..  Pretty cool to know where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we are going.. Right? Thanks for being an awesome example on this journey. We love you!!!
Hi folks
taizhong's transfer is three weeks off of ours so it is all good haha! 辛苦 you dad that is rough! that is sweet that they are in beisingers ward! we have cleaned and we are happier now haha! we had some mosquitoes too but they are gone now haha! we get new missionaries on april 8th, so just at the transfer! the area was pretty easy to figure out, but we are just finding and finding and finding!!! we found for like twenty hours last week no joke! toiletries are fine allergies are fine! you are way to nice thank you for the prayers! good quote! but I need to do something for me! we have a seventy coming and we need to get pics for this family book thing! so I have an idea, but it will involve you guys a lot! I need like a picture of me playing soccer and like climbing, pics of you and dad doing something active and one when you are chilling and one when you were young, then same for all grandparents, and anything you can get for great grandparents,  best option would be to have at least two pics of each person, I am sorry this is so annoying, but if you could just attach them to emails I can print them off here for way cheap!!! I am sorry I just want this to look good and I think it will be awesome to use as a finding tool love you:)!
hey pops!
haha your weight is about like mine less, I am up to 155, but most of it is from muscle in my legs and arms, but some is in the stomach - lets be real, we get stuffed with rice! good to hear you are healthy but it is good to get a colonoscopy! that is gonna be weird you too all alone! have fun haha! that sounds super fun, pumped to hear how the moab trip goes, and yeah mom! getting adventurous! I love that! be careful on the drone man, setting it up can get sketchy sometimes! that is so cool, that will give you guys some fun stuff to do! and if you have any questions, dont wing it, ask Dave!!! getting stuff ready is fun true that! there is the good old quote from papa! haha the plan of salvation is the bomb right! there is a sister in my district (reminds me a ton of KT) she was LA before her mission and she is a climber too haha! but she actually had a friend pass away and that day it hit her that she needed to turn her life around, and now she is out here and her whole family is active now, she is cool, her and her companion are in our ward, so we get to teach with the two of them all the time, they are like my sisters! man it is awesome out here! Missionary life is fun, that has been shown a lot this week, especially as we are able to focus on what is important! This past week we may not have found as many investigators or had as many lessons as we would have liked but we got to see miracles in the things that happened! This week we got to see a member touched as we visited her in the hospital one day, the hearts of many handicapped people opened as we took time to visit them, and many kids laugh as we did a puppet show for an elementary school on hygiene! This week just felt very focused, we had an INCREDIBLE weekly planning session this week and we are focusing on really specific goals not only to increase the number of non members we are able to strengthen, but members, RCLA's, and missionaries. It has been cool to be in this district, we all get along extremely well, and it has been cool to see us be able to share experiences and strengthen each other as a sort of district family, it is awesome! The Lord still blessed us with many things to be thankful for this week as well! 2 member referrals in one day, and the opportunity to see miracles through making a few calls, and church attendance! Me and Elder Glaittli were talking, and there are principles it seems like we learn more about on our missions, church attendance has been that way for me, I have come to find that if I take a question to church, it will get answered, no if/and/or but about it! love ya guys! love ya family! I pray for you every night! ps me and elder glaittli have been talking about desire, so I have a question, how do you think we develop desire! just food for thought! love you all! see you soon!



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