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Hello Caden,

How was your week bud? Lisa the lady you met called me this week and we visited for about 45 mins. She was impressed with your love of people and the gospel. It was fun to talk with her, she has a son serving in Mexico City.
So are you enjoying the new area, does that mean you are still in the city? How far from where you were? Do you get along with the new comp and other roomies? So some of them are going to the U is that good? Fun and exciting to hear how you are helping and making a difference in other peoples lives!πŸ˜ƒ
grandpa R was having some heart pains and went in to the Dr. And had 2 blocked arteries, so had to have stents put in. Doing better now. They are trying to get used to max the dog not being around. Slow week FHE and activity days for me but didn't go to Vegas with dad.  Ended up being just managers from work. He has to go again next weekend to take people from work to the NCAA playoffs. Work is going well for him, I think he likes it, he has to use his mind a lot, he likes that. I'm sure he told you no more snowmobiling this year due to one broken rib all the way through and two fractured from the race last week.😒 he is very sad cause we finally have some good snow and now he can't go.  Guess he will have to find something else to do. Fed the sister missionaries from our YSA ward tonight, nice young ladies, enjoyed visiting with them. Hope that if we feed them that people will feed you. We love you very much son and are very thankful and proud of you. Be safe, healthy and happy. Keep up the great and important work! Quote for the week, "we make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Winston S Churchill😘😍😁
Love ya

Well hello, Hope your week went well, our week was a little different.. Sunday during church my ribs were hurting sooo bad that I decided I should go have them checked out at the Drs, unfortunately last weeks crash durning the vintage race caused a little more damage than I thought, the X-ray showed separated ribs, one broken and a couple cracked.. Kinda puts a damper on my sledding season and any other physical activity for the next month 😒 Monday we had art night at the YSA FHE, it was kinda like the drawing classes we go to at Disneyland. We did chic fila after. Tuesday I went to Vegas with the other managers from work, mom and I were going to go, but then the others wives backed out so it was just a quick business trip, we came back late Thursday night. Friday mom and I went up to the Tree room at Sundance, awesome date night!! Saturday we cleaned up around the house, I helped both gpas with stuff and then we had the sister missionaries over for dinner. Good times visiting with the sister missionaries. We have several LA's and investigators in our YSA ward we get to grow with. Having the missionary spirit in our home has been a great blessing!  We are so happy with how things are going for us all, we are truly blessed. Thank you for your service, love you tons!!!

Craig n Sue Jensen
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this week was sick! I was so tired though! lots of walking!!! she was funny haha! the new area is sick and yeah we live right next to the mission office it is still super city! I am about a half hour away from Banqiao, it is like moving from home to orem! Elder Glaittli is awesome!!! and we moved out of that other apartment so it is just us two now! but i am not doing anything for anyone it is all the Spirit haha! dang it Grandpa stay healthy, that is hard though! sounds like working is going way well, sorry you didn't get to go, oh and PS the buildings in vegas are not that tall, haha we biked past Taibei 101 this week, that thing is a beast!!! but he gets to go to a playoff game that is cool! thinking is the best!!! and so he did break something dang it! lame! and we are getting fed a lot in this ward, but sometimes getting fed is scary haha, cause we eat super weird food! hope everything is going well at home thank you for the update love you all very much! it was a great week here in Xinan! lots of finding and lots of miracles from it! this week there was a time where we walked for about four hours just finding people along the way and we had incredible success! There was one point though where it seemed like no one would talk to us, Elder Glaittli turned to me and said, we need to change something, so we thought of a new approach to try, and it worked!!! everyone started talking to us all of the sudden! during that time we also got to see a great knocking miracle of a korean woman, who has had Christ working in her life for a long time, and she was very prepared for us to reach her home and talk to her about Christ, she shared spiritual experiences with us and it was incredible to see a knocking miracle!! this week we also got to do two hours of service which has been rare for me sadly! we got to help in a facility with mentally handicapped adults helping them do origami and making beds for the Ronald McDonald house, it was very nice to have some service opportunities!!! this week we got to run at Da an park, that place is beautiful and it helped me just think about the miracle of creation again! there is a reason Joseph went to a grove of trees, it is so peaceful! Lastly this week I learned a lot about repentance! our Priesthood lesson this week was on the importance and steps of repentance, and it was really cool because this week I have been working on daily repentance, and trying to humble myself to serve the Lord more fully, it was a really cool thing to see how the Lord has worked in my life to align the goals I have set with even the things that we are learning at church that week, it is incredible to see!  I know that God knows us, even the stupid little things about us, and that He can give us the most joy we can ever feel!!! love you momma!

sorry about the ribs man that is a big bummer!!! but we will make up for it when I get back:) we can boat, snowmobile, motorbike/fourwheel, ski, until we are so tired we cant do it anymore haha! that sounds like a fun FHE then of course chic fil a! that tree room thing sounds sick, what is it?! hope it was cool! cleaning is something we need to do here to, the new house we moved into is a little gross :( but sounds like the sisters were cool! super weird I met a lady who knew people from springville this week haha! but the spirit is great right!!! haha love you all hope that this week goes well and that everyone is staying healthy! tell pat doty and traer thank you for their emails and letters!!! love them! thank you guys for all you do and all your support, keep up the good work!!!

me 金長老! 

ζˆ‘ε―δ»₯η”¨ε­—δΎ†ζΊι€š!!!!! google translate 可δ»₯翻譯吧! ζˆ‘ζ„›δ½ ε€‘! 繼續加油!!!


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