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Hi Caden
Well it's been a busy week for all of us.. Transfers were this week for you.. We are excited to see how things turned out for you.. Sad to hear that Willes and you get split up.. He sounded like good people.. Let us know how it all went down..
Chinese New Year, is that guonian? Sounds interesting.. The food you are eating sounds right out of "fear factor" - crazy..

Monday FHE was crazy awesome, we fed 50+ YSA ward members ribs and asparagus off the Tragger it was a significant amount of work but was very memorable for us all. Tuesday we did the chic fila run (because we missed Monday) Wednesday was the first day of high school soccer tryouts, record turnout with 76 players trying out, Thursday we made first cuts knocking out 26 players, Friday was final cuts (I missed because i went to fairview).. I'll send you a pick of the final rosters... The soccer stuff hasn't been very much fun for me.. I hate hurting people feelings (cuts) and because of the time commitment and conflicts with work and church I'm not going to be able to help as much as I would like. Jay, Mike and Tday can easily get it done..
The vintage race was pretty cool. Because of bad weather, is was just me, Dad, & and Dave Morrey. Friday night Dave and I went on a night ride with the power house boys.. Good fun! Saturday Dave and I both raced. Dave raced in pro on jasper, in his first race he got ran off course and still finished 5th in his heat, the next race the throttle cable stuck and he was unable to finish. He banged his knee pretty hard during the race.. Hopefully not a long term injury. We raced together in the snowball express on one of Dustin's old Rupps.. It did not run very well and we were unable to finish.

I raced Irvin in the masters and pro divisions this year. I took first in the first masters heat and 3rd in the first pro heat. Those finishes put me in the finals. In the Pro finals I took 4th overall, Derrick took first, then Scott, Randal then me.  I was pretty happy with the result!  In the Masters final I was running in 3rd place on the second lap and got hit pretty hard, sent me off the sled it rolled and knocked the wind out of me for what felt like forever! I'm not sure exactly how they scored the race because they called it after the accident.. I think Dustin took 2nd and some guy I don't know took first.. My ribs have been pretty sore, grandpa gave me a brace to keep it from hurting too bad, I'll be feeling it for a awhile.. But what a great memory maker! Can't wait for you to get back so we can do it again!
Saturday night mom and I did cafe rio and chilled at home watching the U game etc..This upcoming week I've got Sunroc Lumber meetings in Vegas, Mom may come with me. We miss you bro but could not be happier about where you are and what you are doing! We have been blessed as a family because of you! Thank You
Love ya

Hello Caden,
Excited to hear how your week turned out. Glad that you guys ended up getting some of the missionaries but sad that you and Elder Willes aren't comps anymore, seemed like a good guy. Hope your new comp is solid, social, motivated, obedient and a happy outgoing man like youSmiling face with open mouth crazy week with FHE and dad racing and getting hurt. Hope he is ok.  Babies are doing great and growing and talking up a storm. Sad news gRodens dog just up and died Saturday. He was playing with him and went to put him up in his kennel looked back and he was laying down. Grandpa called for him and by the time he got over to see what was wrong he was gone, very sad. They buried max in the garden. A little calmer week this upcoming week I think. I might do Vegas with dad, we will see how things go. We finally got a little weather, mainly rain but snow in the mountains. This week is supposed to be pretty cold. Crazy weather back east, some states have 70 and 80 inches of snow with in a week or two, and -30 below temps. They have missed so much school back that way, it's crazy. Glad that isn't us. Hope you are doing fabulous and keeping healthy and safe. If you need new pants please buy them, your zipper in some of the pics looks like it's pulling. It's cause of all that bike riding, muscle in the legs and tush.   Tell us about the new comp and area. I know they are both very new but how are they, honestly. Was it hard to leave? We sure miss you and the energy you bring but wouldn't want you anywhere else doing any things else. Very proud of you!!!! The blessings are wonderful when we do what The Lord expects of us.Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes keep up the great work and taking great care of yourself, I love you very, very, much.Face throwing a kiss"progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." You're the best,  love you momYellow heartBlue heartPurple heartGreen heartHeavy black heart

Craig n Sue Jensen
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what a week for you guys! sounds crazy busy! this week went really well hear! sad to see Willes go but happy to see new things here and growing it is awesome! and yeah new year is guonian! it was nuts man! so much weird food, sounds like that activity was freaking awesome! way to be and that is so many people,; and you will still go support the team right? hope so! I have been waiting to hear about this! that sounds boss, way to ride you two! super pumped for next next years, I am gonna come back and wreck!!! Taiwan roads have prepped me haha! sounds nuts though, sorry it has been such a junky winter! get feeling better, dont work too hard haha! and man mexican food I could really go for some of that haha! that is the one thing they dont have here haha! we are going to cafe rio when I get back hao bu hao (you down?) jiayou in vegas be careful haha! love you man oh PS here is my week!  It has been weird leaving banqiao but I am very happy to be here in central Taibei in the Xin An ward! this week has been full of learning and humbling experiences! this week going into tranfers I had no idea what was going to happen to me! or where I would be going! I honestly thought and didn't know! then finally my named showed up with Elder Glaittli's name and we were opening up in central Taibei, at first I was so surprised but then as we left the transfer meeting and got to the apartment and I started getting to know him and the people in our apartment a little better I realized that the Lord truly knows who I am and what I need to be successful and be happy! it was a very spiritual and special experience! Then also this week we got to see miracles with LAs in Banqiao and in Xinan! we have had an LA RM that has been meeting with us and this week showed serious improvement, he texted us on tuesday and said "hey guys I dont want you to worry when I am not at church this week, I am going to a Taizhong ward, I just felt like I needed to visit some members and RCs from my mission." It was so cool to see him go from LA right back into missionary work! Here in Xinan we had the opportunity to do facebook, we were adding the sisters in our wards friends and one of them was on, so we messaged her, come to find out she is an LA who is having a surgery next week she said "I have been wanting a blessing I just didn't know who to ask, then you two appeared." that was a super special experience and it shows the importance of facebook for sure! Then last but not least the humbling experience! During studies this morning I was studying Helaman 12, and Mormon talks about how we are less than dust! I started thinking why, in that chapter he says that dust does all the Father commands. Dust is exactly obedient, dust is almost as perfect as we can get! so being less than dust, while humbling, also isn't as bad as it sounds! It gave me this realization that as I near the greatness of the dust, I can get closer to the Father, the spirit was super strong this morning! also Elder Glaittli is from basically syracuse as well! he is awesome, he is 21 and he is a hard worker and a cool kid! we are opening an area, and this is so fun, we have a lot of finding to do but it will be so sick! I am pumped we both have good expectations! I love it man! love ya papa keep up the good work and I will see you soon!

mama!  so cool that the babies are talking! and how is Gpa taking it? good I hope! that is super sad! this week sounds like it will be nice for you two, stay busy and dont do anything I wouldnt do in vegas haha! what happens in vegas, should definitely happen outside of vegas too! haha! nice to hear that we got some snow though! and I am healthy , and my pants are fine it is just those suit pants, and my legs and tush are ripped (like strong) haha it is funny! it was a little hard to leave but I am pumped and we got to see some of the xinban members yesterday at a fireside so I got a little bit of banqiao while I was here! I am so pumped for this area, I really like whitewashing and opening (then again, it has been like that in every area haha!) love you all! jiayou! keep being the best!



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