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Hi Caden
That coat looks awesome Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes,
Disney was freaking awesome! There were several rides closed but it was still a blast, not very crowded.. We even stuck around to see the fireworks and fantastic.. We came back homer Wednesday so I could get some work done at sunroc.. Thursday I met with Jay, Mike and Tday, we are the high school soccer coaches this year. Rick is done (to busy as bishop) Try outs are This upcoming Wednesday, we were meeting to discuss strategy etc.. Crazy that I keep getting involved with soccer right? Friday mom and I went out to Joe bandidos and did a little shopping. Saturday I spent most the day cooking ribs on the Tragger, it takes 6 hours for each batch and we have 4 batches to cook for our YSA ward family night Monday.. I also got some welding time in.. Next week is the vintage race, we needed new Skaggs on jasper, so I made them with rolled steel and welded bolts on them.. Hope it holds up..
Still no snow.. But maybe this week, we are going to the cabin Friday, spending the night because the race is next Saturday morning.. Should be a good time.
Do you know if you'll be getting any new missionaries anytime soon? We heard several had received their visas but they may be headed to tichung.. Hope you have a great week, thanks for keeping us up to date
Love ya

Hey bubba,
How things? First I want you to know how much we appreciate the pictures, you have done great sending them lately.
Last week was a relaxing week for the most part cause dad and I were in Disneyland. We enjoyed ourselves very much and it wasn't too crowded at all. Did a few new frozen activities there, a few of the rides were closed for refurbishing. This week we are having FHE at the bishopric homes, we are having a progressive dinner. We are feeding them the main course at our house, ribs on the treger. They take about six hours to cook and we are cooking about 80 pounds. Dad has been working hard on getting the ribs cooked, we hope they turn out great. So it was kind of a slower week for you guys? Like the coat, it looks stellar and good quality! How are the suits fitting, are they getting tight because of all the biking you are doing and your thighs are pure muscle? Looks like in the pictures you sent that you just got a hair cut. Is it easy to find places to get good hair cuts, and are they fairly cheap? Hope you got the videos I sent of the kids so you can see how much they are talking.  Hope all is well and busy. We are praying everyday for your YM and hope his family will change their minds. Hang in there and hopefully things will work out. Love you very much and so thankful for your emails, love them and your stories! Be safe and healthyFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss "Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it."love youBlue heartPurple heartGreen heartHeavy black heart

Craig n Sue Jensen
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sup pops! super shuai coat right!!!??? it is all good sorry it was so pricey! good to hear that disney rocked, sorry there were some closed though that is pretty zao gao! and fantasmic wow, gutsy! that is so dope! Rick bailed that is weird! but that is dope what are you gonna coach? I am pumped to hear how season goes, and dude I promise you high school is gonna be pretty intense! that is so sick! love that man! and T day is a champ! nice too that you get to do it and you dont have any kids so you cant get blamed for being biased or anything! dang that is a long time! lots of ribs I bet your kids loved that! super cool that you are still welding jia you this week I am pumped to hear how it goes! who all is racing!?! and we are getting 19 new ones this week, transfers are friday, me and elder Willes thought I might train but then we got a call this morning and he is training, again, he just finished training someone in my transfer, haha but that means that i am leaving banqiao:( and we both think I might even be leaving taibei so we will see! life is great here though! guonian brings miracles! We had incredible opportunities to find new investigators and help members and Less Actives, in this crazy week! many times we went out to find Less Active Melchizedek Priesthood holders and we ended up meeting someone on the street that was ready to hear the gospel! one of the biggest finding miracles this week was a xiao JM, we had been studying at home and just as we were about to leave Elder Willes misplaced his reflective vest, we looked for it, and at that time I just had this thought that it was lost for a reason, then he found it! then we went out finding, and the second person that we contacted was walking on the road, and looked really sad, we asked how she was and realized that her mom had passed away three days prior and this was her first guonian without her mom, she was anxious to hear more and called us the other day to set herself up! the miracle to is that she had just turned a corner when we found her, if we had been there any earlier or any later she would've been on a road that we would not have, and we wouldn't have seen her! she also said she just had this weird feeling she needed to go for a walk! and so she did! so incredible! This week was also very cool to see the power of preparing spiritual shares for member lessons! We clarified a lot of questions that members had and it was all because of preparation! this week we also got to see a miracle of prayer between the two of us! we had one day this week where we went to find a bunch of LAs and we just kept getting rejected, we talked to another lady and she was not very respectful and we were just having a hard time and our attitudes were starting to show it! Elder Willes stopped, pulled over and said "I need to pray" we both said personal prayers, sang a song, then prayed together, and immediately the spirit came back and we were ready to go! Really good week! but also lets be real we ate really well, but one meal we ate straight up traditional! oh man that was rough! I promise I win any gross food contest ever! I ate pig foot, scallops, this vegetable that you have to cook for like hours to make it not to bitter, balls of fish, and pig testicle, dofu (so gross), small fish (you eat them whole) and then shrimp, man there were ups and downs to that meal, a lot of downs though haha! but it was fun! guonian is nuts, no one leaves there house and everyone like sleeps and eats, and that is it! but it was awesome! love ya man keep up the good work!  love ya! 

mama! I have been trying sorry I have stunk at it earlier! but good to hear that D land was fun! I am pumped to hear how this dinner goes! and last week was hai ok!  and the suits fit well! it is super funny though, I have gained wait because I am getting stronger haha in my legs and but especially and this lady in our ward keeps telling me I am getting fat it is hilarious! and hair cuts are super easy to find and about 3-5 american dollars haha!  I am doing really well, interested to see who the next companion and area is! we actually got to meet his parents! it was a miracle! we went to give them a pineapple! (super respectful during guonian) and they sent him down to get it, then they both had to come down for stuff and we got to meet them and let them see that we are normal and we brown nosed a little too, told his dad he was handsome and stuff it was super cool haha! life is the best ya know it! love ya mama! great quote, stay happy and healthy and also keep sister day in your prayers, her mom just had surgery and is doing alright, but sister day is getting a little trunky, so yeah! haha love you all! keep up the good work and if I can help at all let me know! also I got a full name today from members! Jin jie Long (jeen ji-ye low-ng) gold excellent dragon! haha love you all see you soon! 



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