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Hi Caden
Happy valentines (a day or two late..) We had a good valentines here at home.. It is our stake conference this weekend so I've had leadership meetings and stuff. Mom was able to go to Syds state swim meet.. I'm sure she will tell you about it..
Monday for family night we dipped chocolates with the ward then went to the usual.. Chic fila, they are building a chic fila in Spanish fork this spring Tuesday we had ward council/bishopric visits with LA's and recent move in's.. We try and do that once a month in our YSA ward.. Good times visiting with people (reminds me of the mish) Wednesday was cafe rio night and then home to watch the recorded episodes of American Idol and modern family.. Thursday we had our home teachers Matt P and Jakob W, he gave the lesson, he is really growing up. Friday was our ward activity/dinner mom and I were contestants on the newly wed game for the program (we won!) maybe they were easy on us since it was our 29 year anniversary. As I've mentioned in previous emails this has probably been the worst winter ever, no snow since the holidays, I don't go sledding, instead I hang with mom and find other things to keep me busy. But what's way cool is we are going to Disneyland Sunday, just Mom and me, it should be great fun!
I love your letters, you are awesome at answering our questions and explaining how things are with you.. The songs you sent us were sick! Made us cry for joy! You rock!!!
At our Stake meetings we talked about how to keep Young Single Adult Members on the right path.. I'm not sure if I've shared this quote with you before or not.. But I think it's pretty cool, it's about keeping on track.. "Give them something (good) to do before they tell you what (bad) they did" I know staying busy and involved with serving others is a great way to stay on track. We love you bro
Have a great week
Later dad

Hello Caden Jensen,
Happy valentines I know it's not anymore there but it still is here for a few more hours. We were watching old videos of you today when you were in your video phase, they were so cute. You have always had a very positive outlook on life even at that young age, and talk about a handsome little boy! Dad told ya about the week so I will catch you up on a few other things. Did you know Taylor is going on a mission, I didn't until she posted it two days ago. She is going to South Carolina but to the Mexico MTC, must be speaking Spanish, so pumped for her. She leaves in July. Also Michelle A. is going to Philadelphia I think.
Swim meet went great and she did an awesome job. Sad to see swimming over for her, but now she gets to concentrate on graduation stuff and college stuff. How was the baptism? So glad to hear that giving out Books of Mormon are going so well. How is it going for the YM who folks don't want him to join? He is in our prayers! Glad that you are in companionships also and that you watch out for each other keep up all that important work and know how much we love you! Be safe and happy" Life is a song sing it. Life is a game play it. Life is a challenge meet it. Life is a dream realize it. Life is a sacrifice offer it. Life is love enjoy it". You're the best!
Love mom

Craig n Sue Jensen
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happy anniversary late sorry:((((( bt sup pops good to hear mom got to support sorry you are busy big guy! that is awesome visiting LAs is super interesting man!!! always good chill at home nights! and he is growing up! tell him to email me!!! that is awesome, you guys know each other pretty dang well though haha! you are probably in california  right now then man that is awesome!!! that will be crazy fun! and you should expect nothing less than answered questions loose ends are the worst!!! me and elder willes have been bored so we have been making songs haha pretty fun, we are working on another one:) haha they're alright haha! I totally agree with that quote, it is why parenting is an action not a reaction! hha that is awesome oh ps this is my week English boarding brings miracles! that is one of the biggest lessons that I was able to learn this week! there have been times when we english board that we just give out tracts, but this week me and Elder Willes decided we were going to make it a finding opportunity and in the two hours that we english boarded this week we had the opportunity to find five people and set a date! incredible how the Lord works through all the methods He gives us! I also learned about specificity in prayers! I was on exchanges with both Elder Wilson and Elder Eisele, on Tuesday and Wednesday, both days we had about 20-30 minutes of finding and we had set goals to obtain a lesson in that small amount of time, we started our finding with a very specific prayer of how many people we wanted to find and Books of Mormon we wanted to give out and then we started finding! In both situations the first person we talked to after we said Amen was the person that needed the Book of Mormon and the person that we needed to have a lesson with! miracles!!! This week has been very hard to find members to come with us to lessons, but we had one lesson this week that we could get members for, and those members were able to share experiences that brought an investigator to church! This week was a success not only in that we had a very spiritual baptism and confirmation but also in that we had a returning LA bring his mother back to watch the confirmation as well! It is incredible to see our newest recent convert have such a strong testimony! some days I feel like he teaches me! in our last lesson before he was baptized he said "I am glad that I could find this gospel so that I can walk with God until the end, then after the end comes, I can keep walking with Him." and I could not agree more! ha he also calls us the xiao xiao de xianzhi (little prophets) super funny haha! love that man! super cool but love ya papa keep up the good work and stay busy sorry winter has been rough! it will be good in two years just wait!!! haha love ya


mma! happy valentines day to all of you to! where did you get videos of me haha just the dancing ones, and hah I worried all the time haha! and I am crazy ugly! she just emailed me, i talk to tay like weekly haha!  so crazy to hear all these people going out, it is nuts! and this work is pretty sweet I am excited for you and dad in the future to do this, you guys will love it! thank you for going and supporting her! the baptism was so sick!!! and yeah life is great, had a cold this week but we still just pounded through it and I feel better now:) he still cant get baptized:( any suggestions? all suggestions are welcome!  we are working hard! and I love you very much! and very good quote!  love ya mama keep up the good work I love you all! 


PS the first time I bought a coat it was a cruddy 20 dollar coat, and it is junk, so last week me and elder willes went and bought a coat that will last me for life and will be my snowmobile coat when I get back, but that also means that the price tag was not a very pretty sight, so please don’t be mad, but I bought a 200 dollar coat! I love you all! have a great week! 



this was last Pday at a museum in songshan, super fun!

I wasn't lying like I freaking love this coat! I live in this huge city haha! you see the far right skyscraper you can only see the top of it - that is taibei 101 the second tallest building in the world!

the Baptism! Brother Lin


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