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Caden, how are things bud? Has it been a good week and hopefully a positive one. Your comps parents found your blog and contacted us, she sent us a couple of pictures of the two of you and said some really nice stuff about you guys working well together and working really hard. That sounds like the Caden I know. So a run-down of our week, FHE Monday night which was storytelling and some dinner, Tuesday not much just a quiet night at home. Wednesday and Thursday pretty low key. Friday and Saturday was Syd and Sophies swim meet. We both went to Friday and they did outstanding, Saturday I went, Sophie had a PR on her race and syd killed it in every race. Syd made the medal platform three times and set some PR's as well, proud of those girls, they rock! State is in two weeks for swim, I'll go for sure! I Met Dans folks and they said to say hi and wish you the best. Morrey's headed to Logan for the weekend and Jakes folks are in town til Monday so they are spending time with them. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and we are going to Dotys after church, I don't care who wins I just go to visit. I'm keeping up my running/walking to get in better shape and to take better care of myself, hope you will be able to keep up with me when we go running down the canyon. Mr. Springville is tonight not sure who is doing it other than Cordon. How did the deep cleaning of the apartment go? So you did get the package right, do you need deodorant, toothpaste, allergy med or anything else? How have you been feeling health wise, and do your allergies bother you at all there or does the humidity help that? How are the clothes and shoes holding up? Did you ever get a coat and rain gear? I love your stories and your experiences you are having? I have to say how much I loved seeing that face, pictures help me stay focused on what you are doing and how you are doing! We have some from the swim meet we are sending. Please be safe and take excellent care of our Caden please! If you need anything please let us know. Quote "Greatness is not found in Possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character. 

Love you very much son and appreciate you too, hugs and kisses. Have a wonderful week and keep smilin, that's one of your many attributes I admire

Hi bro

How was your week? It was cool to hear from Elder Willes folks, they emailed us some pics and said how happy they were that you and their son were able to serve together. It sure is awesome that you have had pretty good companions. Our week was pretty average. Family night was story telling at the church followed by a trip to chic fila. Tuesday we were able to chill at home, mom fixed a nice dinner and we hung out. Wednesday we went out to joe bandidos for dinner, Thursday we had take home brick oven Alfredo and Pasta. (I live for brick oven food) Friday we went to The region Swim meet to watch Syd, then dinner at la dolce vita (more pasta delight!) Saturday we went different directions mom went to the swim meet, I'm sure she will tell you more about it.. I went sledding with Brad Ross, Steve and E Lancaster. We went up to the cabin so I could run irvin and jasper around.. We have not had any new snow since the holidays so sledding has been pretty poor. But the old machines ran OK plus we were able to go for a little ride.. There was quite a bit of fog-clouds so vision was pretty bad.. Saturday night mom and I did a Costco run and chilled at home. Super Bowl Sunday is this week, patriots vs Seahawks we will be heading up to dotys after church.. 

You look really good in the pictures we've seen I hope you are having a good time, we are blessed because of your service. Mom and I were talking today about why I take people fishing and snowmobiling and I said it was like religion and sharing the gospel.. When the experience or message is so awesome you just want-need to share it.. I know missions are hard but when you get to share what makes you happy it makes it a little better right? 

Thanks again for serving!

Love ya bro



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hey guys!  it was an incredible week here in banqiao! we saw plenty of miracles and had fun in the process! I loved the training at Jin Hua this week that was what we needed, trainings give me just a little boost to work even harder than ever before!   We also had the opportunity to see an investigator quit from 15 cigarettes to none in one day! it was incredible and he attended last nights fireside and is very excited for his baptism in two weeks, the Lord can change people! that investigator about two months ago had met with us and we thought that he had no interest and just had friends at church and wanted to come, then we taught him the doctrines of the church and he has applied them and he understands why it is so important! so cool! we also got to visit two LA's this week who have never answered our phone calls before and it was interesting to have lessons with them and answer their questions and study for them, before these questions may have made me think, but now I realize everything has an answer as we turn to the scriptures and to prayer! we also had very spiritual moments in this week too! on sunday all of the testimonies in our sacrament meeting were exactly what one of our LA's needed to hear and you could almost feel him changing as he was sending us texts from his scripture studies that made him want to improve! Me and Elder Gray had an exchange lesson with a recent convert and she talked about how she felt that she could trust in the Lords grace! we discussed the picture of Christ descending from Heaven and she cried, I was really close and the whole lesson was just so spiritual! Last of all our "Team Jesus" miracles! we had two lessons on the street and gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon two an aborigine and Filipino lady who will soon be meeting with the missionaries in tucheng and linkou! I love this work and seeing the many ways it blesses everyone!!!

so good! his parents are awesome! it has been so fun! sounds like monday was fun! nice to have some qingsong(relaxing) days! that is so sick!!! way to be wilcoxen!!! thank you for supporting them! the wilcoxen are cool huh I like his parents! hope the bowl goes well! sounds fun! and sounds like everyone is busy! way to run you will probably be quicker than me haha! I am excited to hear from cordon how it went! the cleaning went well and I am all good on meds and hygiene dongxi! (stuff) I have been healthy and no allergies here:) the clothes are good and i have rain gear! I love the experiences too! and I am trying to get more pics sent sorry! I am taking care of myself... most of the time haha! and why wouldn't I smile haha! love ya mama! 

Pops! this week was so sick! I have been super lucky!!! of course chic fil a, pumped for that when I get back! lots of mexican and italian haha! we ate pretty american this week it was nice! just a little more expensive! (still only like 5 dollars a meal haha!) that is nice that you got jasper and irvin up! make sure they stay healthy haha! and does steve have sleds now? stupid flat light lame! costco! we have that here! haha super nice sometimes but it is in Zhonghe:( tell me how the bowl goes! that is awesome, I like that thought! they are hard but super worth it you know that!

but alright, now I have some questions! first off! what was your favorite part of your mission, you dave and jake! and also what people can we me and you, right now, touch and get them to understand the importance of the gospel? I can think of some but I want to hear your guys ideas, and last but not least, hard times in life that you have felt the Lord or you have gotten over, you can ask anyone these questions but I want your guys answers too, they help me, investigators, and maybe you guys too. I love you all! have a great week PS crazy stuff, I got railed by a car yesterday it was hilarious! I got thrown into a bush and miraculously my bike the car and my body are all perfectly fine! it is funny when people dont look and you end up in a bush haha! but dont worry! love you all see you soon!


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