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Hi Caden
It was kinda weird not getting your letter until Tuesday night this past week, I guess that was because your p-day changed because you went to the temple? How was that? I assume they do the session in mandarin. Is that hard? do they have the same movies and stuff?  When we were in Guatemala and went to the temple they had an English session, so it was the same...
Sounds like the companion situation is pretty chill.. Hope everything is going well.
We had a good week, last Sunday was third Sunday at my folks, smaller crowd because doty's were in Vegas for the Vegas cup soccer tournament.. Michaels team took first place! Awesome for the Rangers... Monday was Martin Luther king day, we didn't do anything special though.. I worked and then we had FHE where we had improve night.. Split into groups and each group had to act out a scripture story.. It was pretty cool.. Tuesday we chilled at home, Wednesday I had church meetings because it's our ward conference this week.. Thursday we went to the temple, it was crazy crowded, the Chapel was totally full, took an extra hour to get through a session. (I'm guessing it was soo crowded because people set New Years resolutions to go to the temple, and it just January, by march it may not be so busy...) Friday we went out on a date for Sushi and then watched the movie Blended.. Chick flick about a blended family relationship.. I even liked it..
It hasn't snowed for two weeks so I didn't go sledding Saturday.. Tinkered on the racers and helped with 658 rental unit. Then we had a YSA ward activity up to the Robbins cabin place up left hand fork, I've never been there before, kind of a cool place..
This week is the Chinese New Year right? Is that going to be a big deal for you guys? Time sure seems to be flying by.. Thank you sooo much for choosing to serve, we are sooo proud of you! Please let us know if we can help with anything..
Luv ya

Hi bud,
how was the temple and your week? I was glad to get your letter Tuesday and hear that things are going well. Comp from Bountiful, crazy right. You go to Taiwan and have comps from Utah. That's cool to be making friends from here. Dad and I had kind of a busy week. Family night Monday,dad meeting Wednesday, we had temple Thursday, it was crazy crowded. Friday we went over to Ridges to tell Jacob goodbye and good luck in Korea. Saturday we had a cabin activity planned with three YSA wards, but not grandpas cabin. Everyone here is doing well, how about you? Are you glad to be back in one area, and living in just one apartment? I don't know if dad told you but Kate and Patrick announced yesterday they are having a baby. I am sure Annabelle is so excited! How has you biking experience been, safe I hope! Now that things have slowed down alittle have you been fed by ward members and are you eating? Mac Daddy just got home, Tay is happy to have him back. That two years went fast. How's the language going, feel pretty good with it? Have you taken any pics at all? Try to send a few so we can see your experiences, if you can. We want to see that handsome face if we can. Hope you got or will get your package this week. We love you so much, be safe and take care of yourself in every way. Be happy and healthy. Here's the quote "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. "Martin Luther King Junior. Thanks for serving The Lord and for the example you are!!!! Hugs and kissesFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss enjoy Chinese New Year, we look forward to hearing about it in your next letter. Take some pics of it, and love it cause you only get to live it for two years!

Craig n Sue Jensen
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On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 4:06 AM, CADEN JENSEN
sup guys!!! yeah we went to the temple and the temple is actually in English haha, but i think I will do the last one in mandarin!!! the movie is the same and he really is a champ!  it has been a really fun week here in Banqiao! so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve with Elder Willes he is awesome!!! and the Temple was a really good experience, we talked about it in companion study on thursday and we both noticed that we focused a lot and felt we learned a lot in that session! I also got the opportunity to read back over my journal a little bit this week, it has been interesting looking back and seeing how much I have changed in the short time of six months, and I am so excited to keep improving myself and become a better servant of the Lord, this work works miracles, even when we do not always notice it! this week was full of fun and miracles, we had the opportunity to give out three copies of the Book of Mormon in an hour!!! and one of them was a self contact, that was a needed hour after a rough morning of having three lessons cancel!!! we also had two lessons this week that were completely full of the Spirit and helped me recognize how much I have actually grown to love the people that we teach, we have a homeless man that is a referral from a ward member and just seeing how humble he is and how excited he was when he heard that all the ward members could come to his baptism it is hard to describe how happy he was and the great feeling you feel for them!!! we also got to see the power in following the Spirit while making phone calls, this past two weeks we have felt impressed to call a couple people and both of them told us when we called they figured that it may be time to come to church, because they need some help! it is really nice to know that the Lord can give them that help. This week I also learned the importance of going to church with a question! I personally went to church with a question and within the first 20 minutes of being at church I had two people address the answer to the question in simple statements that they made, the Lord answers prayers in all sorts of ways it is incredible!!! third sunday, pumped for that in 17 months! haha but way to be michael! sounds like a fun FHE! and sorry about the meeting! and dude I hope that it stays that crowded that would be sweet!!! and i hope you keep going, that last week before I went into the MTC was the best! I was thinking about it I went like everyday! so nice! sushi sounds delish! and sounds like I will have a nother movie to watch when I get home haha! sorry about the snow but glad that you got to get some other dongxi (stuff) done!!! sounds like a cool cabin whatd you do?! pumped to hear about the race! and new years isnt until february 18-24 itll be a lot of food, we have 12 families feeding us! so nuts!!! time is definitely flying it is nuts! love you man and all is good but i have books for you to look up! "verse by verse the Book of Mormon" it goes through and has like explainations and like talks tied to like every verse of the Book of Mormon super cool! and also thank Jensen's for the bible vids those are so lihai!!! thank you for the package love you all!!!!

mama! the temple was sick! and it is super funny because he like knows some of my friends from up there and stuff haha! he was sick this week a little i felt bad but he is getting better and i have stayed healthy just the occasional diarrhea from spicy food haha! so JacobS going to Korea that is nuts, he will do so well!!! glad to hear that you are staying busy! all is well here and the investigators are improving too which is awesome and we get to deep clean our apartment today!!!!!!! super nice to be in one area a little less xinku haha! (rough) it was fun being all hectic though!!! that is sick I knew they would have ling wai yige!!! (another one) i hope annabelle doesn't get to jealous!!! biking is fun, at home when I had to bike it was like oh man biking!!! but it is so second nature now, and I have learned to do so much stuff while biking! put on clothes, make phonecalls, eat food, weave through traffic, talk to people who are on bikes next to me haha! super fun! and of course i am eating, I would die otherwise! good to hear mac daddy is home and well tay emailed me I am pumped to read it!!! the language is a blast and crazy hard, but I love it!! ni zhidao wo zhende wanquan nuli lai zuo wo xuyao zuo de shi!!! (you know that I put everything I have into the things I need to do!) I take pics it is just hard to send them I am the worst i know!!! I wil try and send them!!! you will see them all when I get home too promise:)!!! thank you for the package that was sick!!! i am healthy haha and thank you for the quote! and I will love it! it will be fun, and maybe I will come back during it in the future! i love this so much and love you all keep up the good work and stay happy and healthy how is steve m by the way!!! love you all jia you!!!


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