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Hello Caden,
We are so appreciative of the pics you sent, it's so good to see you and those you are coming in contact with. How was this week and yes I know you were hit by a car. Are you sure you are ok? Did you let your mission president know? I know you don't have control of the cars but please be careful. So do you guys take turns cooking? What ever you where cooking didn't look to bad in the picture. How often do you have to shop for food? Do you eat american very often. I love the pic of you holding the English class sign, do you get very many in the class? So if you guys can text your investigators that must mean you have phones. Your stories this week were great ones, and that stop smoking was impressive, hope he keeps it up. Was the plane that crashed anywhere near you guys? They showed it on the news and it was crazy. So do you wear your dress clothes even on pday, when you were deep cleaning you looked pretty dressed up. Just a usual week here, tomorrow is Lauren Pilchers farewell that I am going to. Chelsea donner got her call to California and leaves in May. So do you keep in touch with most your buddies and mission friends? Hope you had a great week and the new week to come is also fantastic. Love you much and think and pray for you and those you come in contact with everyday!!!! hugs and kisses. Quote"An old man said, " Erasers are made for those who make mistakes." A youth replied, "Erasers are made for those who are willing to correct their mistakes!" Attitude matters and I am grateful that you and your sisters and brother in laws have great and positive ones. That's another wonderful attribute I love.

Hi bro
Hope you had a great week, it seemed to fly by here at home.  Monday was family night, where we did family history stuff, Tuesday we did chic fila (cause we missed Monday), we chilled at home Wednesday - watched American idol,  Thursday we had a good meal at home then a trip to cold stone for ice cream. Friday we went out with Julie and Drew (Texas roadhouse) .Still no new snow - worst winter ever :( So Saturday we tinkered around the house, made a Costco run.. then dinner and a movie in SLC, just mom and me.  We saw on the news about an airplane that crashed in Taipei that was probably crazy right? And you getting pegged by a car, probably not too cool.. Are you OK?
You asked a couple question in your last letter.. The super bowl was pretty good to watch, it went down to the last few minutes.. Seattle had it in the bag but made a mistake on the 2 yard line (interception) and New England ended up winners.
Best parts of my mission? There were several.. Baptisms were cool, the service projects were awesome! I really enjoy helping people. Seeing people grow and change their lives for the better was probably the best. The Hardest part of my mission.. probably when I was not getting along with companions which took away from the spirit. Hardest part of life.. kinda follows the same pattern, when you are not getting along with the people you hang with it makes it tuff to progress in things.. Usually problems are caused by selfishness, I've found that once I get over my pride and choose to serve those I love, things in the relationship get much better :) when you serve others  it makes everything sooo much better.. Right? As you know, I've always been a fan of the "hear one", "do one", "teach one" philosophy. With the "teach one" equaling "serving others" that is where I think true conversion happens.
As far as helping people in the gospel.. Right now we focus pretty hard on our YSA ward, we love the members of our new ward like family, most of them are around the same ages of katie and karlie, we try to be there for them... helping in anyway we can.. Who/what are your thoughts?
We sure appreciate your service, we love and miss you.
Can't wait for your letter this week
Take care

Craig n Sue Jensen
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sup homies! Sweet is the work of Salvation here in xinban! we have a baptism this coming week with Lin DX and he is so ready! It has been incredible to see all of the members make him feel welcome and to see him go from 40 cigarettes a day down to 15 in a month and then just quit the 15 in one day and he has now been clean for a week and a half! so ready for his baptism! We have also had the opportunity to participate in other baptisms this week in the temple with two of the Lords RC's and they both had a wonderful experience! Xu Jm wore a skirt for the first time in her life it was really cool to see! me and Elder Willes feel like we have participated in every phase of the work this week! we got to visit an LA RM and he has now been back to church for four consecutive weeks and loved the missionary focus in this weeks stake conference! He is trying to align his priorities with the Father's will and it is incredible to see! we also got to visit a couple families this week in the ward and one had a question about the resurrection and it is a cool experience to seem even members learn and study and keep progressing! The Lord also blessed us with lessons as we needed them, we had a couple days this week where not many lessons could happen but our friday was open with no meetings and we decided we could get as many set ups as we could! we managed seven lessons and a member visit in one day shows the miracles of planning! we also got to give out three copies of the Book of Mormon which topped out our 5 Books of Mormon-5 RCLA's -5 Member visits which we have really been focusing on this week! We have also been studying a lot and me and Elder Willes are in close spots in the Book of Mormon and it is nice to study the same things and see what we each learn and learn from each other! the Lord puts us two by two for a reason! this week was sick, PS today is month seven! I am fine it was super funny haha I just was angry for about ten seconds yelled "yao chuqu a!' (get out of here) then went and gave him a tract haha! do not tell president!!! I cook a lot here but we eat out a lot too! i think the pic you looked out was our flooded kitchen haha! and curry rice is sooo good haha! we shop about once a week or every other week! and eat american when we feel like blowing cash haha! we have about 40 in our class:) we do have phones and texting is fun and really hard haha! so pumped about lin zhi ren! also could you guys pray for lin li jun (lean lee june) his parents wont let him get baptized and we dont know what to do! and it was in I think beitou, so like an hour away, someone told us about it in english class! and yeah we wear dress clothes chabuduo (pretty much) everywhere! jia you to lauren! nuts that chels is going?! and yeah I keep in touch with the bros and brad sometimes haha it is fun lots of random people from high school! and people from idaho! this week was sick love you all and I pray for you as well! attitude is where it is at if you have a bad one it will be a bad day! haha happiness like faith is a choice! love ya momma! 

pops! first off good week second off there is a cold stone here in Banqiao station:) we just have to be careful that is doesn't break the WOW haha! there is costco here too! and it is the worst so that it can dump when i get back haha! but sorry man! good to hear you two are going on dates that is super important just keeping relationships healthy it is super sad to see how bad some relationships are here! the crash hasn't really affected us! but the car was funny! I laughed got up and we just kept going! it has been raining a lot more too so we are being super careful! lucky you got to do service!!! that is the best just to see people change right!? I feel you companions can be hard on both sides of the spectrum but I must say I dont think me and Elder Willes will really ever get in an argument just because I have learned from you guys a lot of things and he is cool so thank you for your example! I was thinking this week on the toilet, lots of thinking occurs there, and it would be super hard if say a missionary was just a scrub on his mission and then cleaned up and his kid went out and asked him questions and he just had to tell his kid he was a scrub that was motivation for me to make sure I am never a scrub and raise my kids right so they don’t have to ask questions haha! I really like that serving as teaching, and also it just helps you learn a lot too, and it makes the process a perpetuating thing like it doesn’t stop! and it also makes it less selfish like you said because you are making sure that everyone knows how to do it! and by the way thank you for helping me develop a ton of random skills! I can even tell you the number of bikes, meals, or clothes that I have fixed! it is super cool I love it you and moms examples are like unmatchable! I think that is awesome that you guys have that opportunity to help LA's too it is like we are doing the same work:) just like i am at home right;) haha  love you all have a great week! keep being the great people you are! 


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and how did you get the english picture? from willes's or from Wang xiang hua (Nicole)
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Willes mom got it from someone. Great pic. Love you! Great letter and we are glad you are ok. Be safe and thanks for your example and for being a solid person love you much

Sue Jensen
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she got it from my RC try to contact her!
On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 12:08 PM, Caden Jensen <cadenj@myldsmail.net> wrote:

also we talk about music a lot because me and Elder Willes listened to the same stuff super cool! Haha

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