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Hi Caden
Well I worked on Jasper and Irvin saturday, engines seem to be running good.. I need to work more on the seats and tracks.. The race isn't until the end of February this year.. I'm not sure who all will race, maybe we will get doty's, Morrey, and Mitchell's interested..
We had a great week, Monday for FHE we had an art night, there are several excellent artist in our ward.. Drawing etc.. After FHE we had the usual chic fila.. Tuesday I took a few customers sledding, plus brad Ross, Dave Morrey, and grandpa, there were a total of 8 of us up to fairview. Good times. Wednesday and Thursday we chilled at home.. Watched a little tv and tinkered on stuff. Friday was busy, we went to Syds swim meet, (She Killed it, I think she had a couple PR's) then dinner at Joe bandidos, I had the taquitos and thought of you :). We had a YSA skating activity at 7 peaks, then we went to Rachel fishers wedding reception with bertlesons. Katie and Jensen spent Friday night at our house cause Dave was at the Klondike. We went to chilies Saturday night for dinner, they changed the menu :( no more dry rub ribs.. I'm pissed. Then we watched Oblivion, a Tom cruise movie.. It was OK but nothing special..
How's the companion and area situation going? When do they expect the new missionaries to arrive? Where do you think you'll end up?  Our ward conference is next week, looks like we'll have extra meetings during the week, ward visits and temple night, and will most likely I'll get to talk and/or teach.  Our focus has been on achievable goals.. Several of us have great lofty goals, but don't do things day in and day out that "get it done" I've always appreciated the way you have been able to "eat the elephant one bite at a time".. I'm sure that your language skills are improving one day at a time.. Keep up the great work, I'm very proud of you :)
Love you tons

Hello bud,
Interested to see how your week has gone and if you have a transfer and a new comp. Have things settled down at all or are they still crazy? I don't know if you remember Kelly kts friend, anyway her dad just passed away of a heart attack, he was only in his mind 50s, so sad! Things here are pretty calm for now. Dad took work people sledding, Dave had the Klondike Saturday and we did the YSA skating and Rachel's wedding reception Saturday, but not a lot to report. I sent the package Tuesday so hopefully you get it sometime next week. No new snow to report, in fact it has been in the high 40s so it is almost all the way melted. Bums dad out but I'm glad. It can snow all it wants in the mountains but please keep it there. I don't like everyone having to drive in it. How has your weather been? As we told you Syd spoke last Sunday and nailed it!! Have you had to do much speaking in any wards or conferences yet. Next email we will try to get some pics of the building going on in Spanish fork so you can see the change. Not a ton of change in Springville. Syd also had a swim meet Friday at Provo rec, she had two personal records I think, she did great and was in 4 or 5 races. State is coming up, I'm sure she, and we will let you know how that goes. Grandparents are doing good, everyone healing and feeling much better, but still trying to get back the energy. Family is well and busy. We sure love you and are thankful for our family and the gospel, life would be lonely and sad without it! Please take care of your self. We love you much!!!!!!Face throwing a kisshugs and kisses. Quick quote"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do." Anonymous. Be safe, happy, healthy and be you! Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for your love and example, you're the best and so are your sisters and the babies and the son in laws and your dadWinking face

Craig n Sue Jensen
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sup fam!!! 
it has been a crazy week but really really good as well! so happy I have had the opportunity to be companions with Elder Clark for two weeks and now I am very excited to be companions with Elder Willes!!! this week has been interesting with the transfer but has been full of miracles! Me and Elder Clark had the opportunity to have an LA call us and set up with us that was awesome! Then we also saw the power of fasting when two of our RC's were not doing very well and we had no clue how to help them, we fasted and prayed for their wellbeing and through the power of the Lord it all worked out! This week Elder Willes and I got the opportunity to see three knocking miracles! one of them even set a date! we have been trying our best to be involved in every part of the work, street contacting, LA finding, knocking, member visits, and from that we have seen a lot of miracles!!! at the end of last week we found an older woman who came up to us on the street and said she wanted to let us teach people in her home and she was even able to come to church on sunday and is progressing very well, this work amazes me everyday! and I have found the importance in making it fun as well! I am also very excited to go to the temple this week! 

but yeah the sled seats definitely need some help! the tracks too but good to hear they are still healthy inside haha! I am pumped to hear how it goes! That it is coming up!!! sounds like this YSA thing is an awesome deal!!! and you are getting in lots of sledding1!! gongxi ni!!! thank you for supporting her, shes a champ right! and man taquitos I wont have those for a while haha!!! skating so  sick how was it!! no more dry rub! that is an outrage! companion situation is the best one yet, just got Elder Willes he is from bountiful plays baseball and basketball and golf went to BYU for a semester has been out a year tomorrow, and I am pretty sure him and Dave M are the same person haha! he is so cool and we are only in xinban now (my birth area) so it is super nice! I dont know when the new ones will come but i bet when they do oh man, whitewash training would be nuts! but fun otherwise I will most likely move but wo bu zhidao!!! that is crazy we have had goals trainings here too haha it is fun and this week I made another language study plan haha! it is coming it is all man man lai! but the Lord makes it na me kuai lai!!! (really fast coming, it makes sense in chinese haha) what kind of goals have you set? haha love you all thank you for these updates they are the best it is great to hear from everyone!!! love you all keep being the great people you are! healthy and happy and remembering the Lord and others as well, gosh you all are the best!!!

momma! things are crazy... crazy fun!!! but oh man, I remember them that is sad! best wishes to them, and my prayers too! thank you for all the stuff you send it is nuts!!! sorry about the snow:( and driving in snow is the best I dont know what you are talking about, live here for a winter then you will realize how much you love snow!!! haha weather has been nice and cold i hope it stays that way!!! way to be syd, such a champ! first week I had to speak in sacrament just bear a testimony but other than that just like the normal in sunday school and stuff! I realized the first elders quorum I ever sat in was in chinese haha!!! thank you for supporting her! nimen tai bang le! good to hear everyone is doing better and I pray they stay that way!!! prayers are pretty cool how much they can help right!!! so cool!!! and fasting!!! I am taking care of myself and I am glad to hear you all are busy and happy!!! gosh I love you all! this gospel is great right!!! so important, we also had two RC's teach us the plan of salvation and one specifically focused on Adam and Eve and said that was her favorite part because it what a part our church was different in because we saw the importance of Eve eating the fruit and saw it as human, and dont blame her for being a bad person it was super cool to hear her testimony of something so simple but so powerful!!! I love this!!! sick quote!!! and you all rock! love you jia you have a great week talk to you monday!!!

elder jensen haha me


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