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Hello bubba, 
How was the week? So how did the first few days go with the new comp? Hopefully he is motivated and hard working. How are you doing? I know I have asked, but when do the Chinese New Year festivities start? I don't think you answered my question on how the baptism went? Not too crazy of a week here. Christmas is down and we are just trying to get back on track from the holidays. Dad got a promotion at work and is in management now, we are excited for that. We loved being able to attend our home ward for two weeks, great to see everyone. 
Grandma Roden has been pretty sick, in and out of the hospital. They think she has a bowel blockage. They tried to let it fix it's self but she is just going into surgery to see what they can find and fix. We will keep you posted, keep her in your prayers. Don't know if we told you but for Christmas Jensen's gave all the siblings an Alaskan cruise, we leave on my birthday. We are excited to go but nervous to see how everyone fairs with the motion sickness. I was driving dad the other day and from our house to the stop sign he had to switch and drive cause he was getting sick, this cruise will be interesting. Hope everyone can stay motion sick free! 
Well I will close for now and leave you with a quote" Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." That was my New Year's Eve quote. Love you son very very much! Be safe and happy and we will do the same. Let's us know if you need anything or how we can help in any way. Hug and kisses, mom.

Hello Caden
How's that new companion? We can't wait to hear who he is, where he is from, etc.. Hope it is all gong well... The holidays sure flew by this year, it seemed just yesterday we were putting up the lights and decorations.. Now the trees and village are down and we've unplugged the outside lightsDisappointed face
I missed you pretty bad this week, The holidays were not the same without you.. especially with all the sledding we were able to do.. On the way home from the cabin today we talked about racing in the vintage race this year.. Are you OK if we ride Jasper?.. We may start getting the old rides ready during the next couple weeks...
So the past week looked like this.. I worked Monday and Tuesday at Sunroc.. It snowed quite a bit Monday so we shoveled snow and stuff that night and chilled at home. Tuesday mom and I went shopping to exchange some of our Christmas gifts etc.. Wednesday I took a guy from work, Dave and Dad sledding up sheep creek... Freaking awesome day.. Jumping off the road, power turns, my favorite cornice etc.. Best day of the year.. I was pretty sore after.. That night we partied at Jensen's for New Year's Eve (Biesingers, Jensen's, Doty's, Morrey's and Mitchell's) we played games and stuff and lit off some fireworks to bring in the new year.. On Thursday New Year's Day, the Mitchell's, Morrey's, Mom and Me took the grandkids sledding at rock canyon park.. (Sledding.. as in little sleds not snowmobiles..) good times, Then we all went to chic fila for lunch. Mom and I went to Hunger games Mocking Jay 1 (pretty good show) and a little Red Robin for dinner. Friday I worked at Sunroc and mom finished taking Christmas stuff down, that night we went to dinner at cafe rio.. Seems like we go out to eat quite often... Lazy I guess..
Saturday everyone but Mom went to the Cabin for the day.. First trip on sleds for June and Mar, they did great! Lots of sledding and snowmobiling. I had a weird crash, I was cruising in the field by Stephens cabin and next thing you know the sled endos and I go flying through the windshield, the sled flipped twice and landed upside down.. Scared me pretty good and hurt too.. My back is killing me.. The crash was caused by the left ski on the sled that did not have the little rubber thing that keeps the ski up, unfortunately it buckled under the snow and caused the whole machine to flip, I was going around 30 MPH when it all got crazy... Saturday night mom and I relaxed at home, watched Malicifent and ate haystack stuff.. 
It's fast Sunday this week and I get to conduct in our YSA ward meetings, not sure what I'll talk about.. Probably the Helemans army song, we sang it in our home ward songamoney meeting last week and it made us cry a little bit.. You remember the tune, "we will be the lords missionaries and bring the world his truth..." It's a cool song with a great message.. Right? We will be fasting for you and your companion. Plus as mom mentioned grandma Roden had a little surgery to fix a bowl blockage.. (Grandpa called a few minutes ago and said she was doing well Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes) let us know if there is anything or anyone in particular we should be fasting and praying for..
Thanks for being such a great example and missionary. We love you!
Have a great week

Craig Jensen
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Hey momma!  
It has been a super interesting but good week here in banqiao and now shuang 1! I love being with Elder Clark he is a very good missionary and is good at making the work fun! and our apartment and new investigators have been very welcoming to me in the Shuang 1 ward! This week was a little crazy going between both of our areas but it was successful! we were able to set a date on the street this week and find quite a few people! we also had a lot of timing miracles, where we could not have made it on time to meetings without the Lord's help, no matter how minute the detail, the Lord can do whatever He needs done! so cool! In Xinban we were able to set two more baptismal dates this week with investigators who had not really had interest in getting baptized before, and we also obtained a new investigator who we hope to set a date with this next week. The cool thing about this new investigator is that she was taught by one of our ward missionaries jian JM when she was on her mission in Gaoxiong! she is willing to help us and give us insights and help us teach her, it will be a really cool experience! the New Member Fireside was also awesome to attend, along with the temple! it is great to see Recent converts get baptized for the dead, we had the opportunity of having an RC her mom and Brother come with us it was incredible! we are in charge of two wards and I love this I didn't think it would get much better but it has at least maintained if not improved, I just feel more confident and uh!!!!! love you momma! elder clark is awesome! and I will most likely get a new companion in two and a half weeks and I freaking hope that I get to train! we will get 50 new missionaries in two weeks! and new year is feb 15-24 not excited at all for it it is going to be hard! the baptism was so sick, pei fen is the best! and all the members love her! and way to be pops on the promo that is nice and I will pray for her for sure I am so sorry! hope all gets better quick! but that cruise will be sick! jiayou dad that will be sweet though! just maybe cold too! maybe I will be skyping you in alaska haha! good quote too! hope life is well! it is freaking awesome here we are having fun and keeping it going, hopefully we keep both areas alive! I am like living in three different houses, because I have to live with the Tucheng elders on saturdays and sundays to go to church ha but it is so fun! love you all!

Pops! He is from orem went to maeser prep! and all the dudes in my apartment are geniuses, one got a 36 and is going to be a programmer and the other is in the airforce and is super cool and reminds me of patrick/owen! that is crazy that everything is already down! dont get to caden trunky haha! ill be back soon enough haah! but ride jasper all you want, just make sure you dont shame his name and get wrecked! haha! I am pumped to hear how that race goes! sledding oh man that is so sick especially after a day of shopping haha! that is a freaking sweet day haha! I hope that we have that much in two years!!! sounds like a fun new years eve and sledding that is fun been awhile for ya huh! and a solid date night way to be homie! haha! I am learning how to cook some stuff so I will make you some stuff when I come home! ha! that sounds fun that everyone went up! hope that the girls loved it! super weird! is the machine and you ok though? sorry about your back homie! i get you with the back probs, sometimes, the shoulder bags like throw me off but then I switch shoulders and all is good haha! was malificent good? oh and we had haystacks here too haha but they called it porridge haha! there are a couple people here we are trying to get baptized so they are always in our prayers haha! but thank you for your fast it is working I love it here! fast sunday was good despite the fact that I only broke my fast with two peices of bread and two donuts haha, probably the least calories I have ever eaten and still had energy haha! I love how like crazy this all is but it is so fun! six months down, weird huh! love you all see you soon! keep being the best jixu nuli!!! love you all!
Elder Jensen
haha me


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