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Dear Caden,
Hard to believe Christmas is here and gone. It was a good one.. but being able to talk  to you and see that handsome face and hear your voice... that was the icing on the cake, making my Christmas complete. You look good and so happy.. that made my day. I hope your Christmas was wonderful! How did the baptism go? Many appointments for this upcoming week. I know I asked you on the phone, but isn't their Chinese New Year coming up? I know it's a big deal. Are you excited to be there for that? Are you nervous to get a new comp? Let's us know how things go with that. We are thankful that you had a good and positive trainer. Let us know if there is anything we can get to ya, we plan on sending a package for valentines. Do you need tooth paste, deodorant, vitamins, etc.
Dad was able to get in some good sledding the past two days.. I don't think he told ya aunt pat might have broken her nose going off a jump yesterday. We hope her nose is ok. We are getting ready to take down Christmas, not looking forward to it. It feels like we just put it up.
So what did you think about how the phone call worked out. Kids have changed haven't they? Not much new to tell you about, everything's about the same., except kids growing and all the building going on over in Spanish fork, new theaters, Walmart, & eating places..
We get to go to our home ward today, and it is the week they say their favorite songs and we sing. I like that program...  Russell Keele got his call, he is going to Honolulu Hawaii.
Are you able to keep warm, how's the heating blanket working for you, does it help?
I love you son and I'm so proud of you and your hard and work and positive attitude. Please take good care of yourself and let us know if you need anything. We are always here for you. Let's us know if you have any questions for us.
Quote"your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form and invincible host against difficulties." Helen Keller
love you bud, keep up the great and important work. Counting down to Mother's Day for our next wonderful face to face!

Hi bro
It was awesome to see and talk with you on our Christmas night! You seem to be doing great Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes This week will be an interesting one for you with transfers and all, we pray that all goes well. Your ability to teach and make contacts is amazing, I'm shocked at how successful the work is going for you.
Our past week flew by, Monday we wrapped sub for Santa presents at our YSA family home evening. (I really enjoy wrapping Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes)  Tuesday we finished up a little shopping and wrapping of gifts for the family and Wednesday was the big Christmas Eve get together at Jensen's.. we will try and send you a few pics... They didn't do the Bethlehem thing this year so we had our own program using some of the videos off the Mormon channel and stuff, we obviously did the bells and the $5 gift stuff.. The usual were all there (except James, Erik, & Caden) good times!!
Christmas was very enjoyable the grandkids were awesome to watch with their presents, the twins with their slide and jensen with his motorized truck.. See pics.. Mom and I got season passes to Disneyland along with blinds, furniture, clothes etc.. Christmas Day was crazy busy.. but fun as always.. The best was the call with you! It was also good to have Syd come over for your call.
It snowed a ton on Christmas (almost 4 feet at the cabin) We went sledding at the cabin both Friday and Saturday.. Crazy deep stuff.. The roads were crazy getting up and back.. Dave M and Jake went Friday, Doty's went Saturday.. Both days were full of excitement.. I'll send a couple pics..
Sunday we get to go to our home ward, the YSA wards are meeting as a stake..
This next week should be good, I'm working at sunroc for a few days but will try and take a couple extra days off to continue to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the snow..
Miss you tons, but know we are all where we need to be at this time, hopefully in a few years when you get back and married etc. mom and I can go and do the same.. (Serve a mission that is...)
Thanks for your awesome example, I love you!!!!

Craig n Sue Jensen
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 On Mon, Dec 28, 2014 at 10:45 AM, CADEN JENSEN  wrote:
haha dont just count the days make the days count haha! it was awesome to see all of you! everyone has changed a ton!, but also I am pumped for a new tongban but a little anxious haha! and i am good vitamin and deodorant and junk wise:) I am so glad that Christmas was as good for you as it was for me! good week here in Banqiao as Elder Kesler is finishing out, we were blessed to have a baptism this week, and she is incredible! Li JM and she invited some of her non member friends to her baptism and her confirmation it was really cool to see an RC doing missionary work! we also had the opportunity to set our ward mission plan for 2015 and it was a very good experience to set big goals with our Ward Mission Leader and ward missionaries! we are very excited for the great plans of visiting every member every month!!! we also had an investigator who has not really been progressing introduce us to his wife, who was interested and we hope they can progress together now, the gospel is truly for families, and that is where we can grow the most! Christmas was also incredible!!! thank you very much for everything there, such a spiritual and great day! I really liked in the last training when president talked about how no drop of blood was a waste for Christ, we just have to help people realize that they can be more than they ever dreamed through him, it is such a positive gospel! which is another lesson learned from this week! we must push through everything, and as we trust the Lord and serve him while Enjoying the Journey, that is when we accomplish more and feel more accomplished! we are very blessed to have this gospel and I am reminded of that everyday! and I am actually nervous for new year because it is super hard to find people haha! good to hear dad got some sledding in haha he needed it haha and good to hear everything isn't crazy different haha! I love that program looking forward to that in two years haha! and also I am so happy that russell is going he can go see griff haha! I am taking care of myself haah hopefully haha! glad to hear all is well and positivity how true that is, great quote, sometimes I slip and get negative but I am quickly kicked out of that by my self haha! love you all and that blanket is freakin sick!!! love you all thank you for everything stay healthy and happy! see you soon! 

haha it isn't easy haha lets be real haha and a lot of it is Elder Kesler he is awesome, and just knows how to do it , which is expected hha! wrapping that sounds fun mr ZCMI hah that is fun! those videos are sick! so sweet and give us all one more and we will be back!!! sounds like a great day! haha such a happy time right! hopefully life stays that way right! and thank you for taking care of her haha! that sounds so sick, kinda sketchy but so dope! I bet you were power turning like no bodys business, boondocking in that would be literally pure joy haha!!!! sound like the next week should be pretty fun and relaxing too! love you all and you can come to Taiwan on a mission that would be sweet haha! there are two old couples here who dont speak a lick of chinese haha! haha love you all keep being happy, thank you for all your support and for the love you give everyone you da best!!!! also remember to keep patient because why not, it only causes junk if you aren't haha love you all see you soon! 


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