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What up bro
This week flew by for us, I guess it was because the holidays were over, and I had a significant position change at work.. Sunday evening was cool cause Syd was over visiting when we got your email, she's talking in church this sunday so mom is going to the home ward to support Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Monday I moved into a new office in the corporate area of sunroc building materials.. Nice to have a little privacy etc.. That night we had FHE with the YSA Ward, I helped with the lesson on setting goals, discussing how important is was to write them down, tell people about them, make them short and obtainable, and make them fun.. I told them about how we had a set a goal to read scriptures everyday and reading with an accent really helped... Then they asked for a sample so I gave them a couple accents.. Kinda funny Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes after FHE we went to the usual chic fila. The worker there are starting to recognize us cause we come in every monday night..
Tuesday-Thursday we hung at home, kinda nice to relax and not be super busy.. We watched a little TV and tinkered on a few things like the snowmobiles and stuff.. Friday we went shopping and went to eat at zuppas the one in Spanish fork isn't opened yet so we went to Provo they say any day now for Spanish.. Saturday grandpa and I took two guys and their dates from our YSA ward sledding up fairview.. We haven't had any fresh snow in awhile so it was safe and easy.. I think they had a really good time! the sledding hill was awesome, groomed and really fast.. It was an all day trip we heated up the cabin for lunch etc.. We didn't get home till 6:00. Then Mom and me watched guardians of the galaxy,Funny marvel flick.
Our  YSA ward has been fairly active in getting LAs to come back.. Sunday for sacrament speakers we have 3 people talking about their recent reactivation or trip to the temple to take out their endowments, it sure is cool to see people grow in the gospel, right?
Hope your companion situation is cool, sounded like you were keeping multiple areas open why you wait for new elders.. How's that going?
We sure love you" hope you have a great week, let us know if you need anything, I think mom is sending you a valentines package Face throwing a kiss
Love dad!

Howdy Caden,
How's things? Wow your last letter makes things sound crazy busy, do you have much time to even breath or eat. Is it because you are waiting for so many missionaries to get their visas? Have they given you guys a time line of when the 50 missionaries are supposed to come in? How's the living in two different places, do you just carry stuff in your back pack all the time, like a change of clothes and teeth stuff? Being that busy probably makes your days fly by. Well happy to report grandma R is doing tons better. She gets really tired but she is home and trying to get things back to normal. Things pretty calm here, not to crazy. HAY went to the temple, so that's pretty cool right. Unfortunately Sister K, tall Pat from the MTC, his mother in law in our ward has cancer. They just told people. We had a fast for her and others in our ward. She starts chemo soon. We will keep you posted and update you in how she isCrying face. On a happier note Ws are doing good, we don't see much of them cause in the winter they stay at home, but they do come to sacrament meeting and I visit teach with her so I can catch up with her. This week is a little bit more busy, we have family night, and our YSA ward is going skating. Work is great for dad, he loves his new position, we are very thankful for it. Girls, and hubbies and kids doing awesome and keeping very busy. Kt also has a new position at work and has started to work mainly from home. She goes in 1 day a week. Kar has Wednesdays off and loves the time with the girls. Sending a package this week. Hope you know you are loved and missed but we value and appreciated the time you are spending doing the lords important and amazing work. Hard to believe we are at 6 months already, crazy right! Love you sooooo much, be safe and take care of yourself. Have an incredible week and thank you for your service.Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss quick quote "Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you will find that you have more of it." Ralph Marston     You're the best!!!! Yellow heartBlue heartPurple heartGreen heartHeavy black heart️. Ps Utah is killin it, in basketball! They are ranked 9th, hope they can keep it up.
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papa is gettin big in the sunroc world eh haha!! way to be! thanks for supporting her bet she did great!!!! sounds like FHE was a blast! that is awesome that you used the accent haha that is awesome!!! haha hopefully they had fun, that is a pretty sick hook up from the YSA ward I bet their dates were so freaking impressed haha! sounds fun! and marvel making a funny movie good stuff haha! that is awesome way to be YSA people and way to be you guys for getting them going on it!
but also we still dont have new people so they are starting to move everyone, this Friday is the real transfer meeting and they said it is going to be like a missionwide transfer like at least one from every companionship is moving so we will see if they whitewash banqiao or what they do! love ya man you guys are the best! another weird week in Banqiao and Zhonghe! had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a Lu DX and also with another Lu DX who is an LA who is now inviting his girlfriend to church! it seems to be a pattern too because now they are inviting a lot of their friends to learn about the gospel and it is incredible to see! every member is truly a great part of the missionary force! we have been blessed with lots of lessons this week between our two areas and it has been incredible to see how the Lord truly softens peoples hearts so that they can let us know their real concerns and we can then address those based on the Spirit! we also saw that the Lord knows what lessons need to happen, we had a couple of random lessons fall through but their backups were other people that the Lord needed us to meet with and it was incredible to see! one of the main things I have learned this week is to roll with it! we have a lot of weird things that we get to deal with being in two areas, but we make it work and the Spirit is so strong when we make decisions strictly based on the needs of our investigators and members! the Lord guides His work! keep being the best and pushing people along while being the patient humble loving people you are! also great news, my chinese is improving and now all of the ward members ask me when I am getting a JR. Companion and they trust me, finally! the Lord is the best ya know that!!! love ya homes!

mama! haha things are great and breathe yes, eat, sometimes, and that isnt sarcasm haha! we are waiting for people yeah haha! they said hopefully the end of this month but we still have like transfers going home so we are dwindling!!! yeah I have like three changes of clothes in Zhong he and I just cycle through em haha! but yeah time is nuts! good to hear grandma is doing better! way to be hay no xiansheng (husband) yet? dang it I love the Ks I will pray for em! glad to hear the Ws are rocking it! and you are going skating?!?!!!???!! yes! jiayou! and way to be pops!!! nice for kate bate too! you guys send so many packages I feel bad haha! love you all! 1/4 of the way freaking nuts!!! love you all way to be Utah and thank you for all you do! that quote is incredible!!! love you all keep it up!!!

金  that is my character haha! love you all! 


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