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Elder Caden Jensen,
How was your week? I hope it was wonderful and you had some great connections with people. How was the birthday? Amazing I hope. We sure missed you but a birthday in Taiwan is pretty cool, not everyone can say they celebrated a birthday there. Question on the weather, do you want some vitamin d cause you don't see the sun that often. It helps. Do you have enough money for everything, and is food expensive there. Are you eating good and healthy and enough? Of courses we love you, more than you can imagine. We love all of you very much. We can definitely feel your prayers and love for us, hope you can feel ours for you. Glad to hear you found an effective way to talk to people by pulling over and that it is working. Glad to hear things are coming together for your investigators, and that you make good use of your study time. Good to hear you enjoyed stake conference, do you have a new bishop yet? You are right, good habits are an important thing to have all through life, it makes life better. Awesome you got to get on Mormon. Org. And to hear your testimony is growing, mine is to everyday. The Lord works in wonderful ways. Pretty cool about the Book of Mormon staying dry. We are just driving home from Disneyland, we missed ya but took a blown up pic of you. You will see you are in the pic we took. Glad you are doing what you are doing, that's the important stuff. I agree, without the gospel and atonement none of this is possible. Love you, thank you for your willingness to serve. Take care of yourself and that handsome face please. Let us know how we can help and if you need anything, really. Love you much, take care and talk( yes I mean talk soon) can't wait. Quick quote "to your enemies forgiveness, to an opponent tolerance, to a friend your heart, to a customer service, to all charity, to a child a good example, to your self respect." Love you son - momFace throwing a kissHeavy black heartPurple heartGreen heartYellow heart

What up bro
Lots of letters from us this week because we wrote you on your birthday... Hope it was great! We drove to California that Wednesday night, dead headed it, we're doing great till we hit traffic outside Anaheim, the last 50 miles took us over 3 hours, we got in a little after 2:00 AM...
yeah the YSA ward does keep us busy we had a game/sub for Santa night Monday for FHE, we missed the temple trip to SLC because of Disney this weekend, but this upcoming week we have lots of YSA stuff going on... FHE Monday, YSA dinner at our house Tuesday, dinner with bishopric at Tuchanos Thursday, and ward Party Saturday.. Well let you know how all that goes...
Hopefully the snow will fly soon, grandpa j picked up another 900 this week, green with electric start.. Seems like a great ride... Makes 6 900's for us right now.. The snow was OK the day after thanksgiving but we really didn't ride much.. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.. Of course we took the amps and subs out of your bronco, they were probably worth more than the vehicle itself... We didn't sell the bike yet.. Probably wait till spring.. Good idea you had, let's look into dirt bikes when you get back..
Disney was good times this week hopefully you'll get the pics we took.. I'll send them in a separate email.. The grandkids did awesome, having Pat, Dave and Michael along was cool too. They helped with the grandkids quite a bit.. Weather was awesome.. Mom even rode splash!!! We saw lots of people who probably speak Chinese, hopefully when you get back you can go to Disney and talk with some of them with us..
The gospel is pretty cool right? We sure love the influence it is in our family's lives.. Thanks for serving, and thanks for having such an awesome personality and testimony!!
Let us know how we should prepare for the call this Christmas time, software we need on iPad or whatever...
Take care
Love ya tons!

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sup mama! December is going to be great! many miracles this week and lots of finding! the finding went really slow this week, but the miracles kept us going! on monday we had struck out all night then the last one we found (of course) was an awesome Lin Jm who had just moved from Da An and she accepted baptism on the street! so cool! then on Tuesday we were reading the white handbook in companion study and Elder K asked if I had oil because he had run out, we got some oil and consecrated it, then right after companion study a lady called us and said that a ward member in a different ward was in a hospital in our area and wanted a blessing and her surgery was in an hour, it was the coolest thing, we went down and were the only ones that couldve made it on time with oil, and the Lord prepared us that morning! There was a miracle a day here! our  english class went so well and our student loved our party! we had them do their own rendition of romeo and juliet it was hilarious and so fun, then we shared about christmas and it was so spiritual! then thursday we got to go to the temple and do baptisms with Wang JM it was so cool to see the work all the way through!!! she was so excited and me and Elder K got the opportunity of being baptized too, feels really good! then saturday we had a baptism!!!!! Xu JM got baptized, and the following day went to her friends ward and ours, and everyone was super nice to her, she is being welcomed really well and it is so good to see! Sunday we also had our neighbor come to church after one invite while he was running up the stairs, and we have had an LA start coming back with her kids, and it is so good to see the gospel blessing their lives!!! but to be straight up the end of this week was really long haha! the b day was sick I am good without vitamin d haha and money is good and the food is pretty good too, i am eating fine haha me and Kong ZL make a lot of our own food! we still dont have a bishop haha! but glad to hear your testimony is growing, how so? I am taking care of myself haha! disneyland sounds like it was a blast, cant believe you actually took me too haha! that quote is freaking awesome and yeah we will talk soon, crazy huh! that was a pretty quick five months wasn't it! and email and prayer keep you more connected than ya think it is pretty cool huh! haha love ya mama! hows life, the kids, dad, the house, anything changed haha! love ya mom! hope you are home safe oh and thank you for all the stuff for the b day that is way to nice of all of you! they make me happy! love you all! 

Pops! that traffic is a bummer sorry homeslice, but disneyland was worth it right haha! that is a packed week, and good luck with having a whole ward at our house haha! so many sleds, but good choice on the electric start, a little easier on his back! I hope it flies for you, it has been cold here and I have loved it, I have actually used my sweaters, and been perfectly temperatured it is awesome! haha so many sleds, pumped to ride those is like two ish years haha! but thank you for saving my children haha! but yeah the scooters here, hai hao, the bikes here make me want to right something two stroke so bad, there is one that rides outside our apartment in the morning and it sounds like a nine oh man whew! disneyland looks like it was dope! and I am glad that you had doty's I love them How are they by the way? oh and I think we will use google plus it is on google chat and we will figure that out this next week time wise and stuff! so just make a google plus account and we should be able to get it done pretty easy! I am sure that I can talk to some of the asians next time we go to disneyland hah! thank you for all you guys do and for keeping me updated I love you all very much, christmas will be fun haha! remember who you are ;) haha love you homies! 

Elder Jensen

Haha that sounds so official, it is really just your goober son, caden


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